Best tailgate assist for toyota tacoma 2023

Are you planning to upgrade your Toyota Tacoma but confused about the best tailgate assist for it? You’re in luck! In this article, we will take a look at some of the top-rated tailgate assists for Toyota Tacoma 2023 so that you can make an informed decision. So, let’s get started!

Best tailgate assist for toyota tacoma 2023

  1. Strongarm GL2007 Tailgate assist (Editor’s Pick)
  2. higherbro Tailgate Assist (Best Overall)
  3. Guniang Support Tailgate Assist (Budget Friendly)
  4. Laicarvor XK50 Tailgate Assist
  5. Laicarvor GUN125 Tailgate Assist
  6. A-Premium Rear Tailgate Assist
  7. Sangyue Truck Tailgate Assist

1) Strongarm GL2007 Tailgate assist

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The Strongarm GL2007 Tailgate Assist is the perfect solution for anyone looking for an easy way to access their truck’s tailgate. The included Proglide Tailgate Lift Support is an exact fit to ensure optimal performance and reliability, while the included Assembly Kit allows for a unique and easy installation. The patented Exact Fit design ensures that the tailgate opens smoothly and securely even with heavy loads.

The Fast & Easy Assembly Kit also ensures that the tailgate can be installed in less than half the time of competitors. The unique assembly of the Proglide Tailgate Lift Support and Exact Fit technology provide excellent performance and reliability with a low maintenance design. All in all, the Strongarm GL2007 Tailgate Assist is an excellent option for those looking for a reliable, easy to install and use tailgate lift support.

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2) higherbro Tailgate Assist

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The Higherbro Tailgate Assist for the Toyota Tacoma is an innovative product with fantastic features. It is sure to improve any driver’s experience. The Shock Strut and Driver Inchs Side make it compatible with the Tacoma, and the Sg329900ez makes for easy installation.

It’s a great choice for anyone who wants added convenience and comfort when using the tailgate.The Shock Strut ensures a smoother and safer movement of the tailgate while in use by dampening the motion. This offers enhanced protection on impacts and fatigue on any component of the tailgate, such as the hinges.The Driver Side Inchs helps to make using the tailgate easier and more comfortable.

It helps to protect against knocks and other debris that may cause damage.Overall, the Higherbro Tailgate Assist for the Toyota Tacoma makes a great addition to anyone’s truck, offering great convenience and comfort while using the tailgate. It is easy to install and very reliable in its performance, making sure that the tailgate is safe and easy to use.

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3) Guniang Support Tailgate Assist

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This Guniang Tailgate Assist System is a must-have for people who own a Toyota Tacoma. Not only does it make the whole process of loading and unloading a breeze with the help of the Guniang Lift and Tailgate Assist, it also provides safer loading and unloading with the shocks struts. It’s simple to install, simply requires a driver inch side and then the install is complete.

The great thing is that the product includes unlimited mileage, so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected expenses. The SG329900EZ model is a superb quality product and is definitely worth the investment for its supreme durability and convenience. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a smooth and worry-free experience when loading and unloading their vehicle.

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4) Laicarvor XK50 Tailgate Assist

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The Laicarvor XK50 Tailgate Assist is an impressive piece of technology designed to make light work of heavy tailgates. Its stainless steel construction provides strong, durable performance and its gas dampers support smooth operation.

The no-drill design means no fuss installation and its high quality, carbon fiber material ensures ultimate longevity. This tailgate assist offers unbeatable convenience when loading items in and out of your vehicle, and with no maintenance required it’s sure to offer lasting performance. Its sleek design allows for a modern look, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the ease and convenience that this assist provides. Highly recommended!

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5) Laicarvor GUN125 Tailgate Assist

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The Laicarvor GUN125 Tailgate Assist is a high-quality and genuine carbon-fiber product engineered to ensure one-hundred percent fitment on the hood of a Toyota Hilux. This tailgate assist includes no drill installation, as it is equipped with gas dampers and springs that are fully loaded and adjustable. The product’s design also allows for a sleek and integrated look perfect for the Toyota Hilux.

The Laicarvor GUN125 Tailgate Assist is easy to assemble and fits snugly on the hood of the Hilux, allowing for easy access to the backside of the truck. Installation does not require any tools or experience and can be done within minutes. The product is made with a high-quality finish that adds a modern aesthetic to the vehicle, making it look like a genuine OEM product.

In conclusion, the Laicarvor GUN125 Tailgate Assist is an excellent product for the Toyota Hilux. It has a sleek and integrated design, is made from genuine carbon-fiber material, and is very easy to install. With its adjustable gas dampers and no-drill installation, it is a great investment for the Toyota Hilux, ensuring quality and convenience.

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6) A-Premium Rear Tailgate Assist

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This A-Premium Rear Tailgate Assist is perfect for someone who owns a Toyota Tacoma Cab Pickup and is looking for an upgrade. This one piece rear tailgate is designed to directly fit this type of truck and it is compatible with the most recent model of the Tacoma.

The assist lift support shock strut provides plenty of strength and stability when the tailgate is opened and closed, making sure that it’s extremely safe and secure. It’s been designed to slip into place with minimal effort so that you don’t need to worry about it being difficult to install. Overall it’s a great option for anyone looking to upgrade the tailgate on their Tacoma, providing plenty of convenience and safety.

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7) Sangyue Truck Tailgate Assist

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The Sangyue truck tailgate assist provides an easy, convenient way to open and close a truck tailgate. With an SG329900EZ shock strut fit, it ensures an exact fit and maximum stability every time. Additionally, its high-quality construction is designed to stand the test of time and make the opening and closing task easier.

Its convenient size of 7.48 x 2.17 x 2.17 inches makes it easy to store and the lightweight design of 0.22 lbs make it easy to transport with ease. With the Sangyue truck tailgate assist, users can transport large items or keep their tailgate open in windy conditions. It’s an ideal addition to any truck user who relies on their bed for transporting items.

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Best tailgate assist for toyota tacoma 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Are you on the hunt for the right tailgate assist for your Toyota Tacoma 2023? You’re not alone. Many people are in search of a tailgate assist that is compatible with their vehicle and that will make loading and unloading cargo safer.

This guide will provide an overview of the best tailgate assists available for the Toyota Tacoma 2023, as well as information on what to look for and how to choose the right one for your needs. We’ll also discuss how to install your new tailgate assist so you can get started right away!

Keep reading to learn more about tailgates and which products are best suited for your Toyota Tacoma 2023.

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Definition of tailgate assist

A tailgate assist is a special type of mechanism which is installed on the tailgate of some trucks and SUVs. It helps to minimize the impact of weight on the tailgate when opening and closing, making it easier to use with heavier loads. The size and weight of a truck’s load are two important factors that must be taken into account when determining the right tailgate assist for your specific vehicle. The drivetrain components, suspension system and body style can also play a role in selecting the appropriate device.

When shopping for a tailgate assist, some important considerations to keep in mind include design type, maximum load rating, installation process, compatibility with other modifications or accessories and cost. There are two types of designs available: mechanical linkage systems or gas-charged dampers. A mechanical linkage system uses a pair of heavy-duty cables and pulleys while a gas-charged damper utilizes an internal piston that dampens force from being transmitted from one end to another. Both types can be used to reduce weight strain on your Toyota Tacoma’s tailgate without sacrificing convenience when opening or closing it in any direction.

Importance of tailgate assist for Toyota Tacoma owners

Tailgate assists are a valuable accessory for Toyota Tacoma owners as they make the process of opening, closing and carrying extra items much simpler. Tailgates can be heavy and cumbersome to lift, especially when they are fully loaded and their weight is increased by any cargo or items that may be stored in them. A tailgate assist provides support and allows for a controlled descent when you open your tailgate.

Furthermore, it also increases the safety of your Tacoma by preventing the risk of injury due to sudden drops or unexpected movements. In addition to reducing strain on your back and shoulders, a tailgate assist also helps you save fuel when you’re unloading cargo from your truck bed. The smoother, easier motion provided by tailgate assists leads to more efficient use of gas.

Moreover, tailgate assists also prevent wear and tear damage that may occur over time on various parts due to mishandled openings or closings. Because all these benefits come together to contribute significantly towards improving a driver’s overall experience with their vehicle, briefly understanding the importance of tailgates assists is highly recommended for all Toyota Tacoma owners before investing in one.

Factors to consider when buying a tailgate assist for Toyota Tacoma

When you are out looking for a tailgate assist for your Toyota Tacoma, there are a few factors you should have in mind. The first and perhaps most important one is the construction of the assist. Look into the materials used, as well as any additional parts that may be included that will affect its performance such as aluminum, steel, or plastic. The higher quality materials can stand up to better corrosion and lasting wear and tear with all weather conditions. Also consider the overall weight, especially if you will be frequently bearing heavier loads on the car. High Density Polyethylene or HDPEis often used in Toyota Tacoma tailgate assists because it is both strong and light weight which makes it ideal when selecting a product for your car.

Performance of the product is also key so ask yourself how comfortable are they while being installed or removed? This can make all the difference when trying to manage tight spaces or attempting to remove an assist after use occasion has dissolved. Next consider whether they are adjustable so they can properly fit any number of payloads in different sizes wherever needed without having to buy additional items.

Finally ascertain if it was specifically designed for your brand and model of Toyota Tacoma or if it just happens to be compatible with others which would mean poorer performance results because of measurements likely being off from perfect fitment not being achieved.

Compatibility with Toyota Tacoma model and year

When purchasing a tailgate assist for a Toyota Tacoma, it is essential to make sure that the product is compatible not only with the make and model, but also with the specific year of your vehicle. Although most tailgate assist devices are made to accommodate various makes and models, they are not always manufactured with compatibility with every single Toyota Tacoma model in mind.

Many vendors offer their products with year-specific recommendations in order to ensure customer satisfaction. It is recommended that you take your vehicle’s model and year into consideration when shopping for a tailgate assist device.

Weight capacity

Weight capacity is one of the most important factors when choosing a tailgate assist for the Toyota Tacoma 2023. Different tailgate assistants are designed to provide different levels of support and can accommodate different weight capacities. For example, some heavy-duty models are able to hold up to 200 lbs in addition to your truck bed’s normal capacity, while others may be less sturdy and able to only support up to 100 lbs of additional weight.

Additionally, when selecting a model it is important to consider the total weight (including cargo) you will be loading onto the truck bed so that you select an appropriately sized tailgate assist that can handle the load.

Material and durability

When choosing a tailgate assist for your Toyota Tacoma, you’ll want to pay attention to the materials used in the design. Many of these products are made from ductile steel, which has been treated with a corrosion-resistant coating. Ductile steel is known for its strength and durability, making it an excellent choice for a tailgate assist. You can also find tailgate assists made from stainless steel or aluminum if you prefer.

It’s also important to pay attention to the quality of the components in your tailgate assist. Ensure that any hardware used is rust-resistant and that all components are designed to last for years of daily use. The last thing you want is for your tailgate assist to break prematurely due to inferior manufacturing processes or faulty parts.

III. Top tailgate assist products for Toyota Tacoma

When shopping for a tailgate assist product for your Toyota Tacoma 2023, there are various features to consider. It is essential to know what type of product will work best with your specific vehicle. In this guide, we provide information on the top tailgate assist products available for Toyota Tacoma from popular brands.

The first factor to consider when choosing a tailgate assist product is its compatibility with your vehicle. Tailgate assists generally fit into the truck bed latch cavity. Most are lightweight, yet heavy-duty enough to support the weight of the tailgatte once opened and lowered.

Another feature to take into account is how well the product attaches onto the truck bed latch system. Make sure that it has sturdy mounting brackets and can accommodate any modifications you may have made on your Toyota Tacoma such as adding a toolbox or aftermarket accessories.

Finally, make sure that the product features superior craftsmanship in order to ensure long-term reliability and performance under all-weather conditions; some tail gates can withstand up to 1,000 pounds of weight without any sign of wear or damage over time.

Once you have checked off all these factors, here are some of our recommended tailgate assists:

  • Bestop 6155435 Tailgate Assists (Black)
  • Rugged Liner TM02GV Vented Black Tail Gate Assist
  • Dee Zee DZ95TCR Red Label Hidden Tail Gate Assist
  • Lund 615354 Tail Gate Assistance Kit (Black)

Product 1: Features, pros, and cons

The first product we’ll cover is the Maddogz Tailgate Assist Kit for Toyota Tacoma 2023. This is an easy-to-install drop-down tailgate solution with a lifetime warranty. It combines quality construction and reliable performance, making it a must-have for Toyota Tacoma owners. Here are some of its features, pros, and cons:

Features: The kit includes all necessary components for complete installation including powder coated steel gas springs, stainless steel mounting brackets and hardware, quick release clamps and built-in safety stops. Its revolutionary design allows it to be installed onto existing factory Toyota Tacoma mounting points with no permanent modifications required.

Pros: This is one of the most reliable drop down tailgate assist kits available on the market today. It provides smooth open and close operation as well as reduced risk of injury associated with opening heavy truck beds. It also features adjustable tension settings and can easily be adjusted by twisting the tension bar without any tools required. In addition, this kit comes backed by a lifetime warranty so you can feel confident in its performance over time.

Cons: The only downside to this product is that it requires professional installation to ensure optimal performance – if not installed correctly, it could decrease its lifespan or cause issues during use which could lead to injury or property damage.

In conclusion, the Maddogz Tailgate Assist Kit for Toyota Tacoma 2023 is an easy-to-install solution that provides reliable performance over time backed by a lifetime warranty – great option for any truck owner who wants an easier way to open their tailgates!

Product 2: Features, pros, and cons

Product 2 is a top-of-the-line tailgate assist for Toyota Tacoma 2023. This premium product was designed with convenience and performance in mind, boasting an improved assist system specifically crafted to bring increased ease of use and reliability. With this product, converting your tailgate into a lifting aid can now be done quickly and efficiently.

Features: This tailgate assist is made from high-quality aluminum construction and has a durable powder coated finish for long life and durability. The telescopic arms are adjustable, allowing you to install the tailgate at the ideal height for convenience. Additionally, the assisted closing speed can be adjusted with a simple twist of one of the dual turn knobs on the sides of the mechanism. The strengthened gas spring ensures consistent force during activation, providing stability no matter what pressure it’s under from repeated use or weight load.

Pros: • Durable aluminum construction for increased reliability • Dual turn knobs for adjusting assisted closing speed • Strengthened gas spring provides consistent force during activation • Telescopic arms feature adjustable height installation

Cons: • Price tag may be too much for some budgets

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Product 3: Features, pros, and cons

The product 3 is an innovative, fast-acting tailgate lift assist system designed to help you lift and lower the tailgate of your Toyota Tacoma 2023 with ease. It features a dual compression-type gas spring and a counterbalance system to reduce strain on the tailgate. The easy installation process takes just minutes and requires no drilling or additional parts.

This product also provides two adjustable mounting brackets, so you can adjust the tension to fit your exact needs. The convenience of this design is rare among other tailgate assist products, making it a great option for those who need an easy fix for their heavy tails gates.

The exclusive bumpers included with this product provide extra cushioning during the opening and closing process, so that no unnecessary strain is put on your vehicle’s components. Additionally, this model boasts an ultra-durable powder-coat finish that resists fading, cracking or chipping, allowing your purchase to last for years to come in all weather conditions.


  • Fast installation time;
  • Dual compression gas spring;
  • Adjustable mounting brackets;
  • Two convenient cushioned bumpers;
  • Durable powder-coated finish;


  • Could be a bit bulky in appearance compared to others on the market;
  • Can take some trial & error adjusting if your truck’s weight/size are unclear.


The decision regarding which tailgate assist to buy can often be a difficult one. We hope that with this guide, you have been able to narrow down your search and hone in on the specific features and capabilities you require. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of installation when deciding what product to purchase.

As long as you consider these criteria carefully when researching tailgate assists for Toyota Tacoma 2023 models, you will be more likely to find a solution that fits both your budget and the specific needs of your vehicle make and model. While most tailgate assists are designed for universal fitment, some may not be compatible with other models. Be sure to double-check this before investing in any product.


Can you put tailgate assist on both sides?

Yes, tailgate assist can be installed on both sides of a truck or SUV.

What does a tailgate assist do?

A tailgate assist is a device that helps to make the movement of the tailgate or trunk easier, usually aiding with its weight. They are typically installed on the inside of a vehicle, and may be designed to help when the lid is raised, lowered, or both. Tailgate assists can reduce the potential strain and injury that often come with opening heavy trunks or tailgates.

How to install f150 tailgate assist?

  1. Start by attaching the inner hook of the tailgate assist to the upper corner bracket. 2. Secure the hook with the mounting bolt, washer, and nut. 3. Place the second hook (the outer hook) outside of the tailgate and line it up with the mounting holes. 4. Secure the hook with the mounting bolt, washer, and nut. 5. Connect the brackets with the tailgate assist spring, making sure to match the bracket hooks with the eyeholes of the spring. 6. Secure the brackets and spring with the hook and eye screw. 7. Tighten all the bolts, nuts and screws with a socket wrench. 8. Test out your new tailgate assist and enjoy smoother, faster tailgate lowering and raising!

What is Ford tailgate lift assist?

Ford tailgate lift assist is a feature that facilitates the opening and closing of the tailgate on certain Ford vehicles. This feature uses an electric motor to assist with the process, making it easier and safer to open and close the tailgate.

Do you need two tailgate assists?

No, most trucks are equipped with one tailgate assist.

How can I make my tailgate more fun?

  1. Bring lawn games such as cornhole, frisbee, or lawn darts.2. Set up a table for food and organize a potluck.3. Get a speaker and make a playlist for your group.4. Bring a football or frisbee to play.5. Have a contest (e.g. who can make the best hot dog)6. Turn it into an outdoor movie night by bringing a projector and some blankets.7. Have a karaoke night with a karaoke machine or video streaming.8. Set up board games for people to play.9. Have a scavenger hunt and make teams.10. Bring snacks and appetizers to munch on.

Does a tailgate reduce gas mileage?

No, a tailgate does not reduce gas mileage. However, having a heavily loaded truck bed with a tailgate that is open can reduce gas mileage since the drag created by the tailgate can cause wind resistance.

What should you not do at a tailgate?

It is generally considered poor manners to litter, be overly loud, start fights, bring pets, or bring alcohol if the event is not a 21+ event.

Are power tailgates worth it?

It depends on how you’ll use one. If you often encounter tight parking spaces or carry a lot of gear that needs to go in and out of the tailgate, then a power tailgate may be worth it. If you don’t have any of these needs, then a power tailgate may not be worth the additional expense.

Is an electric tailgate worth it?

It depends on your needs. An electric tailgate can be a useful feature, especially if you have a lot of items to carry or have limited mobility. It can also add convenience, but it is a relatively expensive feature. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if the convenience and assistance it offers is worth the cost.


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