Must-Have Accessories for Your Ford F150 Raptor Complete Guide

Are you planning on customizing your Ford F150 Raptor? If so, you need the right accessories to get the most out of your ride.

Here’s a complete guide to the must-have accessories that will enhance your experience with your truck.

If you’re the proud owner of a Ford F150 Raptor, then you know how great these off-road rigs are! Packed with all the power you need to tackle any terrain, your Ford F150 Raptor needs some necessary accessories that are built to handle the extreme conditions.

The right aftermarket upgrades will take your ride to the next level and provide additional performance and protection.

No matter what type of off-roading you enjoy, we’ll go over everything needed for improving your F150 Raptor. From practical gear like basic sliding bed mats or interior upgrades such as A/V systems, let’s get started with the best accessories to make your flying truck soar even higher!

Performance Accessories

Performance accessories are designed to enhance your ride’s performance and maximize its potential. Whether you want to improve speed, power, handling or braking, there’s a great selection of aftermarket parts to choose from. The following is a list of the most popular must-have performance accessories for your Ford F150 Raptor:

  1. Cold Air Intakes: A cold air intake helps increase airflow into your engine, providing more power and better fuel efficiency. They typically come in sealed sizes so you can adjust the size based on where you live and what you’re driving conditions are like.
  2. Exhaust Systems: An aftermarket exhaust system can help increase your vehicle’s horsepower and torque while also providing an improved sound quality. This type of system comes in several different styles depending on your preferences and needs – from dual side pipes to turndown exhaust tips!
  3. Performance Programmers: Performance programmers provide a range of tuning options to increase engine power by adjusting Ignition Timing, Air/Fuel Ratio and other parameters based on the modifications being made to the vehicle or requirements for specific driving environments like track or off road conditions. They also allow users to access useful data such as trouble codes, spark timing maps, fuel trim levels and more-all from their vehicles’ On Board Diagnostics (OBD) port!
  4. Suspension Components: Beefing up the suspension with performance upgrades improves handling around corners as well as ride quality thanks to stiffer springs which provide better balance between body roll and resistance during turns or when accelerating from a standstill position. Higher performance brakes are also important as they will provide extra stopping power during higher speeds along with improved control over uneven terrain – something that’s essential when taking off-road adventures!
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Upgraded suspension systems

Upgrading your Ford F150 Raptor with a high-performance suspension system will open up a world of adventure. A suspension system is an essential accessory to maximize the performance and off-roading capability of your vehicle. It also increases comfort and performance, making it perfect for off-road driving needs.

The most popular upgrade for F150 Raptors is installing a lift kit, allowing you to add higher ground clearance for conquering rough terrain, such as mud ruts or rocky paths. You can find lift kits with different amounts of lift, such as 2” or 4” lifts, depending on how much height you want to gain with your suspension system. Another option is replacing the stock shocks with extended length shocks. This will provide greater damping control and better cornering stability while maintaining the height of your ride quality. Premium shock absorbers are designed specifically for off-road driving and provide improved handling on all terrains, so it’s important to select the right type for your Ford F150.

Aside from a complete lift kit or shock absorbers, other upgraded suspension systems include sway bar kits, steering stabilizers, portal axles and link arm upgrades. All these features are designed to improve handling and control when navigating through rough terrain. All in all, adding an upgraded suspension system by installing a lift kit or replacing stock shocks is sure to add capabilities and performance value to your F150 Raptor for all kinds of amazing exploration!

High-performance tires and wheels

When it comes to upgrading your Ford F150 Raptor, one of the best places to start is with high-performance tires and wheels. Tires and wheels are essential for keeping your truck firmly planted on the road and ensure that you have maximum grip and traction when you’re driving, particularly when taking corners or navigating terrain.

If you are after improved performance overall, then it’s important to choose a set of premium tires that are designed for off-roading. The good news is that there are a wide range of different options available to suit all budgets, so no matter what kind of driving style or performance goal you have in mind, there will be something that’s suitable for you.

When selecting wheels for your Raptor, look out for models that emphasize both style and performance – after all, form does not always have to take precedence over function when it comes to choosing the perfect accessories. There is variety in terms of material type – from steel rims through to forged aluminum varieties – as well as design; with beadlock rims being popular for road-based models soaring offroad trails. You can also add some extra styling features such as powder coating or ceramic coating if desired. Whatever combination you choose in terms of tires and wheels; make sure they are compatible with your specific model so you can make sure they unlock their full potential!

Exterior Accessories

Outfitting your vehicle with quality exterior accessories is a great way to personalize your style and boost the value of your Ford F150 Raptor. Here, we’ll discuss some of the best exterior accessories to outfit your ride.

  1. Side Steps: Side steps are a must-have accessory for anyone with a lifted truck or SUV. Not only do they add an aesthetically-pleasing rugged look; they also make it easier for you and other passengers to get into and out of the vehicle, especially if it’s lifted significantly higher than stock level. Some side steps feature extended mounting points for superior rocker panel protection as well as built in LED lighting for added visibility at night.
  2. Light Bars: Light bars are one of the most popular off-road accessories on the market today, available in many different sizes and styles – from LED to halogen light bars – allowing you to choose one that perfectly suits your preferences and budget. Light bars create enormous amounts of light output, ideal for seeing on dark off-road paths or mountaintops late at night; making them a valuable tool whether you’re wheeling around tight trails or hauling through rainy climates late at night.
  3. Bed Liners: Whether you ride street surfaces daily or traverse terrain more extreme than what most follow suit tearing up through various types of muck, investing in a bed liner will save you plenty of cash in cracks (sand etc) over time – not to mention its washer resistance qualities are second to none! The benefits far outweigh the cost associated with this investment when considering long term use/tear incrementally shown through regular wear/patterns found on seemingly newer models/etc models; taking into account that quite often pot holes damper whatever smooth ride comfort’d likely have been had without them! Protecting from corrosion begins with an extra layer throughout is merely icing icing on the cake!

Off-road lights and light bars

Off-road lights and light bars are a great choice for adding improved visibility to your Ford F150 Raptor, especially in off-roading or night driving scenarios.

Off-road lights come in a variety of sizes, shapes and types, including halogen, LED and HID (high intensity discharge) bulbs. Each type of lighting has its own benefits and drawbacks. Halogen lamps are the most common, have lower power requirements than other types of lighting solutions and require less installation time. LEDs provide a more consistent beam pattern with longer life but require a higher initial cost. HIDs are the brightest of all light sources with limited overhead costs but require more diligent installation techniques to ensure proper performance.

There is no “best” off-road light for every situation: it’s important to decide on your lighting needs before you start shopping so you get the right gear for your unique needs.

Fender flares and mud flaps

Fender flares and mud flaps are an essential accessory for any Ford F150 Raptor, as they provide protection from gravel, dirt and other road debris. Fender flares are attachable extensions of the wheel well that protect the truck’s body and paint job from damage as a result of flying objects. Mud flaps help to keep rocks, mud and other materials from throwing up onto the body of your vehicle when driving at higher speeds.

When it comes to finding the perfect fender flares and mud flaps for your Ford F150 Raptor, it is important to consider size, material and fitment.

For size, you need to make sure that the fender flares will sufficiently cover your wheel wells. For material it is important to consider rubber or thermoplastic construction – rubber mudflaps will provide better performance than standard thermoplastics but can be more expensive; but have a longer lifespan in extreme conditions like driving in off-road areas with lots of dirt flying around. Lastly for fitment you need to ensure that both fenders flare and mudflaps measure up correctly with your vehicle: you may require mounting brackets or holes depending on which type of trim level you have equipped with your truck.

Bed liners and covers

Bed liners and covers are essential accessories for the Ford F150 Raptor, as they provide extra protection of the vehicle’s external parts. Bed liners are designed to protect your truck’s bed from wear and tear, while allowing you to keep your cargo secure. They can also help increase fuel efficiency by reducing drag on the truck before and while in motion.

Bed covers, on the other hand, provide an air-tight fit on top of the bed’s surface and can help improve fuel efficiency by decreasing wind resistance at high speeds.

When shopping for bed liners or covers for a Ford F150 Raptor, there is a wide range of options available, from all-weather molded rubber mats to heavy-duty steel covers. It is important to research your options and select the accessories that are best suited for your needs and budget.

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Interior Accessories

Interior accessories are just as important to keep your Ford F150 Raptor running in peak condition. As with exterior accessories, interior ones can both boost the performance of the vehicle, but also add a customized feel to it.

Dash kits can give your vehicle the finished look and fit better than stock components – like door handles, window cranks and armrests that have been replaced over time and have gotten worn-out looking. Dash kits also come in a wide array of colors and materials, so you can create an interior look that truly stands out.

Additionally, performance parts such as intake kits, exhaust manifolds and racing seats help you get the most out of your truck’s engine while upgrading inside style and comfort. And don’t forget steering wheel customization – replace the existing wheel with one that has integrated gauges or a high-tech display screen for improved control over your Ford F150 Raptor.

To maximize your truck’s sound performance while driving around town or on a road trip, there is no need to go without quality audio systems. There are several solutions available for Ford F150 Raptor owners, from added speakers which don’t take up much space in the cab to subwoofers which offer powerful bass sounds when going off-road or taking on rougher terrain. Advanced audio systems provide quality sound for vehicle enthusiasts who want to enjoy their music even when away from home.


Custom seat covers and floor mats

When it comes to taking care of your Ford F150 Raptor, one of the most important investments you can make is custom seat covers and floor mats. Quality floor mats and seat covers can help keep your truck clean and safe from wear and tear, while also allowing you to express your personal style.

Floor Mats
Floor mats are essential for keeping dirt, mud, and other debris contained within the front cab area. A quality car mat will be made from durable materials such as vinyl or rubber that won’t fade or crack over time. The right mat should also be non-slip and easy to clean so that you can keep your carpet looking like new. Additional features such as heel pads, cargo liners, or even odor eliminators can make all the difference in maintaining a comfortable interior cabin space.

Seat Covers
Custom seat covers come in a variety of styles ranging from formfitting fabrics to luxury leathers and suedes. Look for water-resistant scratch protection fabrics if you plan on spending time off-roading with your Raptor particularly during wetter conditions. If covering up an existing stain or tear isn’t an option for you then consider customizing one of the many sleek designs available that offer extra cushioning for comfort along with added side pocket storage options.

GPS navigation systems

For any serious off-roading enthusiast, a GPS navigation system for your Ford F150 Raptor is an absolute must. Taking on rugged and uncharted trails off-road can be daunting, no matter how experienced you are and GPS navigation systems can be an invaluable tool in helping you find your way out of the backcountry.

GPS navigation systems for the Ford F150 Raptor are available from aftermarket providers and include features such as a touchscreen display, built-in maps, Bluetooth connectivity, real-time navigation guidance providing detailed street views and more. These systems provide an easy to use interface that allows you to look up points of interest close by or plan multi-stop trips with ease. With a GPS navigation system installed in your F150 Raptor you will always have a reliable source of directional information while adventuring off-road.

Entertainment systems and monitors

For those looking to make their Ford F150 Raptor truly their own, entertainment systems and monitors can be an ideal enhancement. Driving in a truck of this size you’ll want to stay connected and entertained on the road, so why not set yourself up with your very own built-in system?

Depending on what you need out of your entertainment system, there are many options for audio playing devices and television monitors. Bluetooth enabled radios allow for streaming music and audio from your smartphone, as well as onboard navigation. If you want a more cinematic experience, installing a television monitor in the dash will give you limitless viewing options. Small portable DVD players can be mounted on the back of headrests so passengers can watch movies and shows from the comfort of their seats.

Other useful accessories that come with these systems include rearview cameras and parking sensors, allowing for easier maneuvering in tight spots. If you really want to get creative, some businesses offer custom-built configurations where they will build exactly what you’re looking for right in the cab; it all depends on your budget and what type of entertainment experience that you’re interested in providing while out on the road!

Storage solutions and organizers

Storage solutions and organizers for the Ford F-150 Raptor are designed to help keep your truck interior more organized, allowing you to make the most of your available space. From underseat storage bins and seat-back organizers, to cargo boxes and hardshell storage options, we’ve compiled a complete guide to some of the most popular storage solutions and organizers available for your F-150 Raptor.

Underseat Storage Bin: This handy bin fits snugly beneath the driver or passenger seat, providing concealed storage that helps you maximize your vehicle’s interior organization. The deep basket with wire walls holds all your gear in place, while compartments on each side allow for quick access items like a phone or sunglasses.

Seat-Back Organizer: For larger items like car seat organizers or laptops, this heavy-duty organizer gives you an extra row of adjustable shelving behind your rear seats. It easily attaches with two straps that wrap around the backrests beneath each seat so you can quickly access whatever gear you need from back there.

Cargo Box: Perfect for storing light gear items like camping gear and tools, these cargo boxes provide additional space for organization. They come in different sizes that fit underneath both front and rear seats so you can find just the right fit for whatever it is you’re stowing away.

Hardshell Storage: When it comes to security, a lockable hardshell storage container is an important accessory for any pickup truck owner looking to keep their valuables safe from thieves or wild animals while out adventuring off road. These durable plastic containers make use of existing factory rails or cleats in order to secure them firmly into place without having to drill any holes into vital parts of the vehicle structure itself.

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For any Ford F150 Raptor owner, having the right accessories can be the difference between a challenging and memorable off-road journey or a frustrating one. The key is to get the accessories that will best fit your vehicle and provide you with the capabilities that you need. Whether it’s protection for your vehicle or increased performance, having the right accessories for your F150 Raptor will make all the difference in terms of safety and performance.

Make sure to carefully consider what will fit your specific needs before choosing any accessories. With that in mind, following this comprehensive guide should set you up to make an educated decisionl when it comes time to choose accessories for your Ford F150 Raptor.


What should I upgrade on my Raptor?

It depends on your personal preferences and needs. Some popular upgrades include suspension, tires, exhaust, and performance tuning.

Do F-150 Raptors hold their value?

Yes, F-150 Raptors tend to hold their value well due to their popularity and limited production.

What is the best year for Ford F150 Raptor?

Many people consider the 2017 model year to be the best due to its updated features and improved performance.

How to make F-150 perform like Raptor?

Some ways to make an F-150 perform like a Raptor include upgrading the suspension, adding larger tires, and installing a performance exhaust system.

Which is better Raptor or RAM?

This is subjective and depends on individual preferences. The Raptor is known for its off-road capabilities and performance, while the RAM is known for its towing capacity and interior features.

What makes the Ford Raptor so special?

The Ford Raptor is special due to its off-road capabilities, high-performance engine, and unique design features.

Is Raptor faster than F-150?

Yes, the Raptor is faster than the standard F-150 due to its high-performance engine and specialized suspension.

What is Ford’s fastest truck?

The Ford F-150 Raptor is currently the fastest truck produced by Ford.

What is the fastest F-150 model?

The Ford F-150 Raptor is currently the fastest F-150 model.

Is Raptor a luxury car?

While the Raptor has many high-end features, it is not typically considered a luxury car. It is designed for off-road performance and rugged use.

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