The Pros and Cons of Installing a Leveling Kit for Nissan Titan Complete Guide

Looking to increase the off-roading performance of your Nissan Titan but unsure if a leveling kit is the right decision? You’re not alone.

Installing a leveling kit can have big advantages while also presenting some drawbacks. Read this article to understand the full risks and rewards associated with equipping your Titan with a leveling kit.

As one of the most popular mid-size trucks on the road today, the Nissan Titan offers excellent functionality, good fuel economy and has a comfortable ride. While it does provide excellent performance for its category of vehicle, you may be looking for ways to personalize it or improve its capabilities. Installing a leveling kit is one way to both customize your Nissan Titan and also make driving experience more enjoyable by increasing ground clearance, towing/hauling capabilities, and improved comfort while off-roading.

In this guide, we’ll look at the pros and cons of installing a leveling kit on your Nissan Titan so you can decide if it’s right for your lifestyle and budget. We’ll also discuss key installation tips to help you get the job done quickly and easily.

How Leveling Kit Works

A leveling kit is a simple and cost-effective way to lift the front of your vehicle, allowing you to fit larger wheels and tires. The idea behind it is quite straightforward: the kit raises or “levels” the truck’s suspension so that the height of your bumper matches up with that of its rear. It does this by raising the front struts or springs slightly higher than stock, making them level with the rear-end.

Leveling kits offer an easy way to modify your truck without making extreme changes. In terms of installation, most kits involve bolt-on components that simply replace factory struts or shocks. Kits can be applied quickly and are relatively easy to install without access to a garage unless longer shocks are required in some cases. Popular options include:

  • Strut spacers; these lift only the front struts by bolting on top of them in order to provide additional space for clearance
  • Torsion bar keys; these attach directly onto factory torsion bars and increase vehicle height
  • Coil springs; these raise both front and rear suspensions while allowing retention of factory ride quality

Installing a leveling kits requires physical labor and tools such as jack stands, ramps (on lifted vehicles), wrenches, sockets, Torx wrenches or Allen wrenches depending on model year. If you are new to automotive modification, we suggest bringing it up with an experienced mechanic who can offer advice and assistance on installation as well as any potential pitfalls associated with proper vehicle maintenance after modification has been completed.

Comparison with Stock Suspension System

The stock Nissan Titan suspension system is designed to provide great on and off-road performance, as well as maximum passenger comfort. However, when equipped with a leveling kit, the overall stability and capability of the truck is enhanced.

A leveling kit alters the suspension system by lifting the front end of the vehicle to match the height of the rear end. This causes both ends of the truck to be closer to level, resulting in improved body control by maintaining an even center of gravity. Additionally, it provides more ground clearance and allows for bigger tires for improved traction on rough terrain.

The stock Titan suspension system boasts good road stability and feeling, but when combined with a leveling kit there is an even greater sense of sure-footedness due to its enhanced ride height. The factory shocks are adequate but tend to wear out quickly if used on excessive off-road trails or other rugged terrains; however, they can be upgraded when installing a leveling kit in order to improve longevity and performance. Additionally, larger tires can give further terrain performance while still maintain highway comfort due to its stiffer sidewalls which help reduce unwanted bouncing or swaying.

Benefits of Leveling Kit

Leveling kits are a great way to improve the overall look and performance of your Nissan Titan. By raising the front of the vehicle, it increases the ground clearance and limits body roll, making it easier to take on any terrain. In addition, by providing a more uniform surface height, it results in improved fuel economy and an improved ride quality. With a leveling kit installed, your Nissan Titan is ready to tackle any off-road challenges and looks great doing it!

Apart from its many aesthetic benefits, installing a leveling kit for your Nissan Titan also provides enhanced performance features. It allows for larger tires to be fitted which can increase off-road capability without compromising ride quality or overall performance rating. You can also expect a decrease in back-end squatting when you’re carrying heavier loads such as camping gear and large speakers meaning you’ll have more control over your truck at all times.

Moreover, if you enjoy frequent off-roading activity than installing this item will also be beneficial as leveling kits are designed to withstand extreme conditions such as uneven terrain and harsh driving conditions. This can extend the life of all suspension components involved – including axle joints – while protecting the bodywork at the same time too!

Components of Leveling Kit

A Nissan Titan leveling kit typically includes the following components: a pair of heavy-duty fabricated steel brackets, polyspacers, and grade 8 bolts. Each component of a leveling kit plays an important role in the installation process.

The brackets are designed to provide increased ground clearance or “leveling” when mounted on top of stock suspension components. They are typically sold as a set and can be adjusted to fit the exact specifications of your vehicle.

Polyspacers act as an upper shock mount by providing accurate alignment between the truck’s suspension and frame. These items provide an additional 1-3 inches of leveling height based on your desired result. Grade 8 bolts must always be used with these components in order to ensure that joints don’t come loose during extreme acceleration or lifting events. By snugly installing each component, you can count on the joints staying tight and not slipping during use.

 Pros of Installing a Leveling Kit for Nissan Titan

At the most basic level, leveling kits are a great investment for anyone looking to give their Nissan Titan a more leveled stance. A leveled stance not only looks great, but it can also provide a better riding experience, as it improves the ground clearance and helps the truck handle better in rougher terrain. Leveling kits have many other benefits that offer convenience and support to owners of Nissan Titans.

The main advantage of installing a leveling kit for your Nissan Titan is that it prevents sagging on one side of the vehicle and instead creates an even look across both sides of the truck. This simple alteration in your Nissan Titan’s suspension system will not only help you maintain its overall appearance but will also ensure an improved visual appeal when viewed from any angle. Additionally, installing a leveling kit will provide improved performance as it reduces body roll when cornering and encourages better handling on rough roads or off-road conditions.

Installing a leveling kit can also improve your tires’ overall contact with the road surface; this results in increased durability for your tires and more control over them when driving in challenging conditions such as snow or ice. In addition to this advantage, it should be noted that companies who manufacture suspension products have put forth significant efforts to reduce shake and vibration experienced by vehicles after installation of their products. This ensures that drivers who choose to install a leveling kit experience very little disruption due to any potential change in ride quality after installation is complete.

Improved Appearance

When installing a leveling kit for your Nissan Titan, you can improve its overall appearance substantially. This is because the truck can be lifted about 2”, allowing for larger tires and off-road-inspired fender flares. As a result, there will be noticeable visual changes to the truck’s stance that are sure to draw attention—an upgrade from the stock look of your Nissan Titan.

The improved appearance from a leveling kit is one of the most appealing benefits among car enthusiasts who want to stand out with their vehicles.

Increased Ground Clearance

Installing a leveling kit for your Nissan Titan is one way to improve its off-road capabilities. It raises the truck’s ground clearance, allowing it to clear taller obstacles more easily while also improving its performance in deep mud or sand. The increased preventative clearance also means there is less risk of bottoming out on uneven terrain when the truck is heavily loaded.

With additional clearance, you are more likely to successfully navigate trails and less likely to become stuck as you take on off-road adventures. Vehicle customization can be an appealing factor when installing a leveling kit as well; it often gives the vehicle a meaner, more aggressive look which many drivers appreciate.

Better Handling and Stability

A leveling kit for a Nissan Titan will help to improve your truck’s handling and stability. By lifting the front of the vehicle with a spring strut or coil spring, it increases the truck’s camber. This helps in keeping the truck square, giving it more stability when cornering. It also improves your steering response and helps reduce body roll when cornering.

Additionally, increased suspension travel and better articulation on various terrain provides improved off-road capability and performance.

Cons of Installing a Leveling Kit for Nissan Titan

Aside from the advantages of installing a leveling kit for your Nissan Titan, there are also some potential drawbacks to take into account. These include:

  • Potential Loss of Warranty: Installing a leveling kit on your Nissan Titan may void certain warranties, including those that cover factory air ride suspension components. Be sure to check with your dealership or warranty provider prior to making any modifications.
  • Increased Risk of Damage: Levels and kits designed specifically for the Nissan Titan can be difficult to install correctly, especially if they are not accompanied by detailed instructions. Improper installation can result in damage to components or misalignment that could put additional stress on other parts—both leading to decreased performance and potential safety issues.
  • Potential Increased Wear Tear & Fuel Consumption: Installing a lifting or leveling kit onto your Nissan Titan increases strain, friction and wear-and-tear on suspension, steering column, transmission and clutch components due to increased weight load or an inappropriate load alignment. This can lead to premature failure of these parts and higher fuel consumption as compomnents have to work harder than normal in order to keep up with the demands of driving at higher speeds with the added weight.
  • Costly Repairs & Maintenance: Although adding a lifting or leveling kit may save you money initially when compared with other lifted truck options, it may end up costing you more over time due to higher repair and maintenance bills associated with additional strain caused by the added weight of the suspension modification.

Compromised Ride Quality

Installing a leveling kit for Nissan Titan can have some definite pros, such as improved suspension geometry and increased ground clearance. However, there are also some cons to consider. One of the main downsides to installing a leveling kit is that it can compromise your ride quality by decreasing the amount of compliance between your tire and the road as well as affect handling performance.

It can also reduce wheel travel which decreases the articulation of your suspension and makes it more difficult for your vehicle to adapt to changes in terrain or road conditions. Additionally, depending on the components used in the install, you may experience increased vibration or noise from increased wear on shocks and/or other components due to greater stress during turns or acceleration.

Ultimately, you should weigh all these factors when deciding if a leveling kit is right for you and make sure that installation is done by a professional.

Increased Wear and Tear on Suspension Components

Adding a leveling kit to a Nissan Titan can put added strain on the truck’s suspension components. Installing the kit can cause movement in the entire system, including the ball joints, tie rods, control arms, and even shock absorbers.

As these parts move with the new kit in place, more wear and tear is added to them over time that would normally not be there. Furthermore, because of the increased height of the truck from the leveling kit, more stress is put on them when traveling across bumps and uneven surfaces.

In order to reduce wear and tear over time due to a Nissan Titan leveling kit installation it is always recommended that all components are regularly checked in order to ensure they are performing adequately.

Potential Safety Issues

Installing a leveling kit for Nissan Titan may come with certain safety issues due to the way it changes the geometry of the vehicle. It changes the center of gravity, affecting the balance and cornering stability. It also increases the distance between the ground and bumpers, which may cause issues off-roading.

Additionally, increased strain on suspension components can lead to component failure over time due to excess wear and fatigue. Level kits for Nissan Titans usually require additional modifications and adjustments to other components, such as steering stabilizers or brake boosters, which can be costly and further complicate an already complex installation process.


In conclusion, a leveling kit is an excellent way to further customize your Nissan Titan and make it your own. Installing a leveling kit will improve the stance of your vehicle and provide a more aggressive look without spending too much money. It also increases ground clearance for off-roading adventures or deep snow accumulations, resulting in added protection for the underside of the vehicle.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider before hitting the shop. Installing leveling kits may compromise ride comfort and produce additional wear-and-tear due to increased suspension torque. Additionally, long-term use can reduce wheel durability, meaning more frequent replacement of wheels and tires due to increased stresses on the suspension system.

Nevertheless, with enough research into installation procedures, application compatibility and proper setup & alignment it is possible to gain all of the benefits that a leveled truck offers while avoiding potential issues down the road.


What is the disadvantage of leveling kit?

 One disadvantage of a leveling kit is that it can negatively impact the ride quality of the vehicle, especially if the kit is not installed properly.

Is it a good idea to put a leveling kit on a truck?

 It depends on the individual’s needs and preferences. A leveling kit can improve the appearance and increase ground clearance, but it may also have some drawbacks.

What are the pros and cons of a leveling kit?

Pros of a leveling kit include improved appearance, increased ground clearance, and better off-road capability. Cons may include a negative impact on ride quality, potential strain on suspension components, and potential warranty issues.

Does a leveling kit affect anything?

A leveling kit can affect several aspects of a vehicle, including ride quality, suspension components, and alignment.

Is leveling better than lifting?

 Leveling and lifting serve different purposes, so it depends on the individual’s needs. Leveling is generally used to improve the appearance and increase ground clearance, while lifting is used for off-road performance.

Does a leveling kit throw off alignment?

A leveling kit can throw off the alignment of a vehicle, so it’s important to have the alignment checked and adjusted after installation.

Do leveling kits affect ride quality?

A leveling kit can negatively impact ride quality if not installed properly or if the kit is not suited for the specific vehicle.

Does a leveling kit affect resale value?

 A leveling kit may or may not affect resale value, depending on the buyer’s preferences and the overall condition of the vehicle.

Will leveling kit void warranty?

 A leveling kit may void the warranty if it causes damage to the vehicle or if it is not installed properly.

Does a lift kit void Nissan Titan warranty?

Modifications such as a lift kit can potentially void the warranty on a Nissan Titan, so it’s important to check with the manufacturer and/or dealership before making any modifications.

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