Best 4 inch lift kit for ford f150 raptor 2023

Are you looking for the best 4 inch lift kit for your Ford F150 Raptor 2023? You’ve come to the right place!

In this guide, you will find all the information you need to select the most suitable lift kit that fits your truck’s needs. From suspension components to installation, this guide will help you make an informed purchase decision and successfully upgrade your truck.

Best 4 inch lift kit for ford f150 raptor 2023

  1. LaMulaAuto lift kit (Editor’s Pick)
  2. Rough Country lift kit (Best Overall)
  3. Readylift 69-2755 lift kit (Budget Friendly)
  4. Rough Country 55531 lift kit
  5. WULF Suspensions lift kit
  6. Rough Country 57230 lift kit
  7. MERXENG F3.0R2.0 lift kit

1) LaMulaAuto lift kit

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The LaMulaAuto Lift Kit is an excellent choice for people who want to give their vehicle a lift. The kit is compatible with a variety of vehicles, making it extremely user friendly and convenient. The kit contains a 2 inch rear leveling kit and a 3 inch Aluminum Front Lift Kit. It also includes a set of strutcoil spacers to ensure a perfect fit. The installation of the lift kit is easy and straightforward and can be done in a couple of hours. The kit is strong, durable, and will add a great look to your vehicle. Additionally, the lift kit increases the ground clearance of your vehicle, allowing you to take on off-road trails and other terrain with ease. Overall, LaMulaAuto Lift Kit is a great choice for those who want a great and easy to install lift. The quality and convenience of the lift kit makes it a great choice for all types of vehicles.

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2) Rough Country lift kitXXXXXXXXX

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The Rough Country 4 inch Lift Kit is an essential upgrade for drivers of an F-150 looking to give your vehicle a more advanced and personalized look. The lift kit includes four inches of lift, making a much more noticeable difference than other standard lift kits. The kit comes with a new driveshaft designed to provide a safe and efficient ride. Additionally, the kit adds powerful N3 shock absorbers in order to maximize suspension performance and provide a smooth, comfortable ride. Overall, the 4 inch Lift Kit from Rough Country is an impressive upgrade that will not only improve the look and feel of your vehicle, but will also prolong the lifespan of your F-150.

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3) Readylift 69-2755 lift kit

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The Readylift 69-2755 lift kit is a great choice for anyone who is looking to upgrade their vehicle’s suspension. This kit comes with 2.5 Inches Sst lift, Raptor Ford 2.5 inch cast iron, and CNC machined aluminum construction. The 2.5 inch Sst lift kit is designed to give your vehicle an additional 2.5 inches of ride height, while the Raptor Ford 2.5 inch cast iron and CNC machined aluminum construction allow for a great looking and well performing suspension. The Readylift 69-2755 lift kit is an easy to install kit that can be put on most vehicles with minimal time and effort. With the kit you get a sturdy and strong lift that will last for years to come. The kit also comes with instructions on how to install for easy installation. With this kit, you can dramatically improve the look and performance of your vehicle without spending a fortune.

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4) Rough Country 55531 lift kit

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The Rough Country 55531 kit is a great solution for anyone looking to add extra height to their Ford F-150. The kit comes with a 4-inch lift kit, with all four wheel drive components made of alloy steel and polyurethane. It also includes driveline components, which help maintain proper function while lifting. The N3 rear shock absorbers ensure that your truck will have optimal suspension and ride quality. All of this combined makes it a perfect kit to increase your ride quality and make your F-150 stand out.  The lift kit is also quick and easy to install, with no cutting or welding required. With this kit, you’ll not only have improved performance and look, but also add additional ground clearance, perfect for off-roading.

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5) WULF Suspensions lift kit

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The WULF Suspensions Lift Kit is a perfect choice for those who want to get their vehicles off the ground. It is built with Rear Lift, Control Arms, Rear Shocks and Compatible for up to a 3 Inch lift kit made from Alloy Steel. It also has a 3 Inch Lift Fabricated Steel that adds an unbeatable layer of durability and strength. All of these top quality materials mean that no matter which terrain you take your car on you can rest assured that it will get the best support possible. Plus, all the components are incredibly easy to install saving you time and worry on future repairs or replacements. So if you’re looking for a reliable and long-lasting suspension kit, the WULF Suspensions Lift Kit is an unbeatable choice.

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6) Rough Country 57230 lift kit

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The Rough Country 57230 Suspension Lift Kit is a great option for anyone looking to raise their vehicle a full four inches. With alloy steel and cast iron components, the kit is designed to not only provide maximum lift but also maintain the factory ride quality. Increased ground clearance is also provided, keeping you up and over whatever terrain you come across. What’s more, this kit also includes a set of four N3 Shock Absorbers, making sure you get the smooth and comfortable ride you expect. All in all, this is an excellent lift kit for the price, and far exceed the expectations of the customer.

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7) MERXENG F3.0R2.0 lift kitv

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The MERXENG F3.0R2.0 lift kit is an ideal upgrade for any off-road enthusiast looking for improved performance. This kit includes a 2.0 inch lift that allows for improved clearance and visibility and also includes a leveling kit for further improved stability. The kit is compatible with vehicles equipped with 3.0 inch rear suspension systems and comes with aluminum components, housing and bolts to make the installation easy. Thanks to the lightweight design and increased space, this kits gives an excellent ride and improved comfort while off-roading. This is an all-in-one solution that comes with everything you need to enhance your ride. With its improved stability, height and lightweight design, it’s no wonder the MERXENG F3.0R2.0 is a popular choice for the outdoor adventurer.

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Best 4 inch lift kit for ford f150 raptor 2023-Complete Buying Guide

When upgrading your Ford F150 Raptor to acquire greater ground clearance, a 4-inch lift kit can offer amazing results. With the right kit, you can enjoy a safe, comfortable and off-road driving experience. If you are looking for key facts and information in order to pick the perfect kit for your ride, then look no further!

This comprehensive buying guide for 4-inch lift kits for Ford F150 Raptors will include an overview of the components, special considerations that need to be taken into account and tips to help you select a reliable product. We will also touch on installation time frame, costs involved and features that make each product unique. Whether you are looking to increase your ground clearance or enhance the overall performance of your truck – this guide provides real solutions.

Brief overview of the Ford F150 Raptor and the purpose of lift kits

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The much anticipated Ford F150 Raptor is a powerful full-size truck, optimized for off-road performance. The 2022 Raptor is estimated to have an impressive 575 gross horsepower and a maximum towing capacity up to 8,000 lbs. Individuals who choose the Ford F150 Raptor can expect improved ground clearance and superior off-road performance when compared to its milder counterparts.

When it comes to improving the clearance and suspension of the Ford F150 Raptor, lift kits are an ideal solution because they allow for increased wheel size, improved safety capabilities and better traction on rough terrain. However, given that there are several different options on the market it’s important to ensure that you’re choosing the right lift kit for your specific needs. When selecting a kit it’s important to consider the brand of your truck, intended usage and even height limitations in order to make sure you’re investing in a lift kit that will meet all of your expectations.

Read on to find out more about how you can choose the best 4-inch lift kit for your Ford F150 Raptor.

Importance of choosing the right lift kit for the F150 Raptor

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When it comes to choosing the right lift kit for your 2023 Ford F150 Raptor, it is important to take a few key points into consideration. The lift kit you choose will determine the overall performance of your vehicle and its suspension system. As such, selecting a lift kit should include understanding the type of terrain and driving you plan to do with your Raptor, as well as understanding the suspension system and components in order to make an informed decision that best suits your needs.

A great starting point for deciding on a lift kit for your Raptor is considering its design and durability. If you plan on taking your vehicle off-road or into rougher terrain, then a more durable lift kit with thicker materials will likely be a better choice than one made from thinner materials that can wear down quicker over time. Understanding the limitations of each part in terms of strength and weight capacity is also an important factor when making this selection.

Choosing an appropriate height for your particular model year is also important as there are adjustable kits available at multiple heights. Every inch matters when it comes to clearance off road, so selecting the right height with enough ground clearance without sacrificing too much ball joint articulation can be tricky but necessary in order to get optimal performance out of your vehicle while keeping it safe.

Lastly, 4” lifts are suitable for any type of terrain or driving style that may require more height or clearance such as navigating deep muds paths, rocky landscapes or rocky roads that may require extra protection from potential damages due to being close to the ground surface level but desire enough height where tyre damage won’t occur so easily. Be sure to understand installation methods since different kits will include different components or require specific tools which could be necessary if you intend on doing some of the job yourself which can save money in some cases when done correctly opposed to paying labour costs in their entirety.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a 4-Inch Lift Kit for Ford F150 Raptor

Before making a purchase, there are a variety of factors to consider in order to ensure you get the best 4-inch lift kit for your Ford F150 Raptor. The following factors should be taken into account:

Compatibility: The most critical factor when choosing a 4-inch lift kit for your Ford F150 Raptor is compatibility. Make sure the kit you are considering is designed specifically for your vehicle year and model and not just any other similar vehicle. In addition, verify that all the components of the kit are compatible with each other and that the installation will be seamless.

Suspension: It is vital that a good quality suspension system be included in the kit to provide superior off-road performance and increased stability. Look for features such as shock absorbers, high-quality springs, leaf springs and sway bar links which will provide an improved ride quality and enhanced maneuverability.

Easy Installation: The installation process should be simple enough to do it yourself so you can save on professional installation costs. Make sure that all components come with comprehensive fitting instructions to ensure hassle-free installation as well as visual aesthetic appeal. A thorough look through reviews from verified buyers who have used particular kits can give insight into ease of installation as well as actual performance upgrades after an install.

Quality Construction: Quality construction is a requisite factor when selecting a lift kit for any vehicle but even more important when it comes to off-roading vehicles such as the Ford F150 Raptor 2023 model due to the higher speed experience they offer on trails or mud racing terrain off road use demands higher performance parts which, combined with rugged terrain require more strength and weight bearing capacity. Look closely at what type of material was used in creating or designing products since some lower quality materials may not hold up or withstand common harsh conditions encountered while offroading, ultimately leading early failure or malfunctions with subsequent costly repair bills.

Price/Value Ratio: Initially setting aside price points may seem counterintuitive considering many people like value for their money but this relates back to construction from earlier points highlighted before making sure you have considered everything necessary before settling on one particular model where price isn’t necessarily always an indication of quality but could also help determine authenticity so it’s worth investigating if available any potential warranties offered by manufacturers corresponding/related with certain models (e.g platinum vs standard structure).

Height requirements and compatibility with other componentsX

Height requirements and compatibility with other components are two of the primary factors to consider when purchasing a lift kit for your Ford F150 Raptor. It is important to determine the correct amount of suspension lift required, as an excessive lift will cause added stress on the truck’s components and shorten the life of your Raptor’s drivetrain parts. Additionally, make sure that all necessary components for your desired lift kit – including shocks, struts, control arms and tires – are compatible with one another before installing.

To determine the exact lift height required for your Ford F5015 Raptor’s frame, check its existing suspension measurements or consult with a suspension specialist. Ensure that you have access to all necessary tools needed to make adjustments or replacements as necessary – such as wrenches and jack stands – as many kits can take several hours to install if done incorrectly or without proper equipment.

Once you’ve identified the right kit for your truck, it’s time to select features like shocks dampening compatibility for high-speed driving conditions or adjustability options according to usage — be it off-roading or daily commuting.

Quality of materials and construction

It is absolutely essential that you consider the quality of materials and construction when selecting a 4 inch lift kit for your Ford F150 Raptor 2023.

The best kits are made from strong materials such as cross-linked Nylon 6 and powder-coated steel, which ensure longevity and durability in all types of conditions. Another important factor is how well the components are put together. Poorly assembled lift kits can cause ride shocks, vibrations, and other problems, so it’s best to choose one with high-quality welds and bolts.

In addition, look for a kit that comes with detailed instructions about correct installation; this will save you time when installing the kit.

Suspension system design and compatibility with factory components

Just about all 4-inch lift kits for the 2023 Ford F150 Raptor include upgraded shocks, steering stabilizers and either torsion keys or coil springs. Many kits also come with longer sway-bar links and end links to offset geometry changes caused by the higher ride height. Depending on what components are included in the kit, some fabrication may be required to get all the pieces installed properly.

When shopping for a 4-inch lift kit, it’s important to make sure that it is compatible with your truck’s existing suspension system. While most lifts will work with stock suspension components, some packages require other parts such as adjustable control arms or trusses to properly install and maintain ride quality.

It’s also important to double check that any shock absorbers included in your 4-inch lift kit are compatible with your Raptor’s factory shocks. Some aftermarket shock absorbers require modification or other components such as a crossmember spacer plate in order to fit correctly on your vehicle. Furthermore, when installing new suspension components on a Ford F150 Raptor you should always make sure that you stay within Ford’s recommended dimensions for front and rear track widths in order to ensure proper handling and maximum performance from your lift kit.

III. Top 5 Best 4-Inch Lift Kits for Ford F150 Raptor 2023

While the Ford F150 Raptor is an undeniably impressive machine, some owners may feel that its offroading capabilities and aesthetic could use an upgrade. To enhance the appearance of your truck and increase its off-road performance capabilities, adding a 4-inch lift kit to your F150 can help you customize it to fit your needs. Read on for our top 5 recommendations for 4-inch lift kits for Ford F150 Raptors.

  1. Rough Country N3 4” Lift Kit: Specifically designed for the 2023 F150 Raptor, this kit from Rough Country comes with their own front and rear coilover shocks that enable increased stability and improved ride quality when compared to other units on the market. This lift kit also includes new extended length braided brake lines to maintain braking performance even as you add larger tires.
  2. Readylift SST4 Suspension Leveling Kit: Ideal for those who want to raise their height without changing any of the original suspension components, this adjustable leveling kit is available in both 2” and 4” heights, making it perfect for those who are uncertain of exactly how much they need to raise their truck but still want a substantial lift in height. With this product from ReadyLift, customized drive experience is achieved through special dampening technology that creates a smoother ride than what would be achieved by simply adding bigger tires.
  3. ProComp Stage II Suspension System: With monotube gas shocks that boost on-road comfort while enhancing off-road control, ProComp’s stage II suspension system offers a comfortable ride experience with improved cornering abilities thanks to adjustable shock valving capability and detailed tuning options built into their highly coveted 6″ lift system – which also happens to be compatible with Ford Raptors.
  4. Fabtech 3″ Performance Long Travel Kit: For those who are serious about upgrading their Ford Raptor’s performance capabilities without sacrificing fuel economy or comfort level, this 3″ long travel kit from Fabtech should do the trick; offering superior suspension articulation without compromising rigidity or strength due to a special combination of components tuned specifically for th 2023 model year vehicle. This lifting system is designed to handle high levels of torque when in use due its heavy duty boxed upper A-arms constructed out of 1/4 inch hardened steel with 1/2 inch thick bushing housing flanges made just as strong rubber bushings finishing it all off – delivering safe turning visibility at any maximum angle required when conquering tough terrain!

5 Revolution OffRoad 6″ Strut Spacer System: For those looking to get all they can out of their Raptor while still staying close enough aesthetically speaking – check out Revolution OffRoad’s 6″ strut spacer system which provides maximum headroom give clearance heights up 42″, massive wheel travel (19″) and an overall more natural pose in comparison standard factory settings! Furthermore, this easy install gives even more ambitious owners higher ground clearance along wider tire sets without stacking multiple shims onto one side or other weight distribution concerns such as wobbling raising instability issues at high speeds/towing grades – allowing longer hauls sans worries over safety standards’ laws being broken due lack requisite modifications being done ahead time!

Product overview and key features of each lift kit

For those looking to add a 4 inch lift kit to their Ford F150 Raptor 2023, there are many great options available. With features like shot peening, hard-anodized finishes, extended brake lines and adjustable track bars, these lift kits can take your truck from mild to wild. Before purchasing any lift kit for your truck, it is important to understand the key features and benefits of each product.

Some important product features you should research before making a purchase include:

  • Shock Absorption: A good quality shock absorbs heavy impacts from rough off-road conditions and creates a smooth ride on the street. Check the damping rate and internal valving of each shock for durability and resistance to compression fade.
  • Strength: Make sure that the materials used in the suspension system are strong enough for your preferred terrain and driving style. Mill-produced hardened steel parts will provide more strength than standard stock components.
  • Durability/Rust Resistance: Look for finishes such as anodizing or shot peening that provide extra protection against moisture, dust, and debris while also being resistant to corrosion over time.

By familiarizing yourself with the key features of each system before purchasing a lifted kit you can ensure that you get the best possible performance out of your suspension system while maintaining a safe ride quality off road or on streets.

Pros and cons of each kit

When looking for the best 4 inch lift kit for the 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor, it’s important to know the pros and cons of each kit before making your purchase. Each kit may offer different features that appeal more to certain buyers. The key is to ensure that you purchase a kit that will still provide you with all the utility and performance you require from your truck, while providing excellent ride quality.

Below are some of the common pros and cons associated with 4 inch lift kits for the 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor:


  • Increased off-road capability: By raising your vehicle’s center of gravity, a 4-inch lift kit will give you increased clearance when driving on rough terrain. This can be especially helpful if you often take your truck off-roading.
  • Improved road handling: With a lift in place,your Raptor will now handle steep inclines and sharp twists in the road far better than with just a stock suspension setup.
  • Improved tire size options: Lifts also allow for larger tires, providing more grip on roads as well as improved mud traction when taking on tougher terrain.
  • Enhanced overall look: raiser kits are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to transform an already capable truck into something even more formidable when taken off road.


  • Potentially diminished ride quality and noise levels: Depending on what type of suspension components are included in the particular kit and how experienced you are in correctly setting them up, some owners may experience diminished ride quality versus stock due to stiffer springs or unbalanced shock tuning settings. Additionally, larger tire size choices may increase sound levels inside cab when constantly driving at higher speeds.
  • Possible alignment issues or driveline angles modifications needed over time due to harsher riding conditions being experienced during off-road use compared standard paved roads use only situations.

Comparison of lift kits based on price, quality, and performance

When deciding what lift kit is the best for your Ford F150 Raptor, there are several factors to consider. You must look at the quality, performance, and price of each lift kit in order to find one that fits your budget and meets all of your needs. To assist you with your decision making process, we have compared a few of the most popular 4 inch lift kits for this model year in terms of their quality, performance, and price reviews.

Rocky Mountain Suspension Products (RMS): Manafactured from heavy duty steel and equipped with Fox Racing Shox components designed to reduce drivetrain stress while providing a smoother ride along tough terrain. Their design has received high ratings from customers due to its ability to increase stance and improve cornering capabilities while also promising an improved payload rating due to less sag in the suspension system when traveling off-road surfaces. Pricing starts at $879.

ZONE Lift Kit: Zone Offroad offers a complete 4 inch preassembled lift kit for Ford F150 Raptors made from thick wall steel tubing with high strength plate steel brackets for superior strength and durability. This kit also comes with components from Rancho – such as control arms – that have been designed specifically for off-roading applications with great shock absorbing capability definitely one of their best features given the size difference between full size trucks and smaller vehicles like SUVs or ATVs), while still providing good on-highway ride characteristics through its extended shocks. With cost starting at $799, it’s right on par with RMS pricing above but given that there are more branded name brand components included suggest this is likely where to go if looking for more bang without unreasonable added expense on parts alone.


In conclusion, selecting the perfect 4-inch lift kit for your Ford F150 Raptor 2023 can be a tough choice. Consider the type of driving you intend to do and the terrain you are likely to encounter, as well as the capability of your vehicle, to inform your decision. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend and how much work you’re willing to do, there are plenty of great options available.

Before buying any suspension lift kit, it is wise to research thoroughly for the best product for your needs; read customer reviews, ask friends with similar setups for advice and talk with experienced 4-wheel drive mechanics in your area. With some careful consideration before purchasing a kit and possibly professional installation afterwards, you can have a safe, reliable and capable suspension system that is certain to upgrade your off-road experience!


Can you fit 35s on a 4 inch lift F-150?

Yes, it is possible to fit 35-inch tires on a 4-inch lift F-150. Depending on the size and offset of the wheels, you may need to make some slight modifications to the fenders and body for a proper fit.

Can a Ford Raptor be lifted?

Yes, a Ford Raptor can be lifted. It is possible to purchase aftermarket lift kits to give the vehicle an additional two to four inches of clearance. This can be beneficial for those who plan on driving their Raptor off-road.

How much does it cost to put a 4 inch lift kit on a truck?

The cost of a 4\” lift kit for a truck can vary greatly depending on the make and model of the truck and the type of lift kit. On average, it can cost between $700 – $2,500.

Is 4WD lifting worth it?

The answer to this question depends on the individual needs of the user. For some, the added traction and control of a 4WD vehicle may be worth the cost of the lift and the other associated modifications. Other drivers may not see the same benefit, depending on their driving habits and needs. Ultimately, it is up to the user to make the decision based on their own preferences.

Do lift kits devalue trucks?

An aftermarket lift kit may decrease the resale value of a truck because of the added cost of installation and potential liability issues. It can also affect the ability to resell the truck in certain states due to laws regarding vehicle modifications. With that said, some lifted trucks may remain desirable depending on their market value, style, and level of customization.

What is better body lift or suspension lift?

It depends on the needs of your vehicle and the type of off-roading you plan to do. A body lift will provide more height and clearance but won’t necessarily give you additional suspension travel. A suspension lift will improve the ride quality and handling of your vehicle, but can be more expensive than a body lift. Ultimately, it comes down to the individual needs and preferences of the vehicle owner.

How much is a decent lift kit?

The cost of a decent lift kit can vary greatly depending on the make and model of the vehicle and the size lift desired. Generally speaking, lift kits can cost anywhere from around $500 to several thousand dollars.

What is the difference between lift kit and leveling kit?

A lift kit is a modification that raises the height of a vehicle’s suspension system while providing increased flexibility and shock absorption. It can involve replacing existing components with aftermarket parts or specific add-on components, such as a new axle lift or extra-thick coil springs. Lift kits are used to increase the vehicle’s ground clearance and provide greater performance off-road.In contrast, a leveling kit is a simpler and more cost effective way of increasing ride height. Leveling kits are typically used to even out the mismatched amounts of weight each corner of a truck is handling, which is caused by aftermarket accessories such as a different size tire and wheel set-up or suspension components. Leveling kits will usually add a few inches of lift, but not as much as a lift kit.

What are the different types of lift kits?

  1. Leveling kits: A leveling kit is the most basic type of lift kit and is a great affordable option for adding limited lift to a vehicle. This type of lift raises the front of the vehicle by 1-3 inches (2.5-7.6 cm) to give it a leveled, more aggressive look. 2. Suspension lift kits: Suspension lift kits use aftermarket components to lift the vehicle by larger amounts than a leveling kit, usually 3-6 inches (7.6-15.2 cm). Additionally, some suspension lift kits come with shock absorbers, control arms, and other suspension components to improve the vehicle’s ride quality.3. Body lift kits: A body lift kit raises the vehicle’s body away from the frame while leaving the suspension untouched. Body lift kits typically range from 1-3 inches (2.5-7.6 cm) and are relatively inexpensive to install.4. Spacer lift kits: A spacer lift kit is a simple, inexpensive way to give a vehicle a more aggressive look. This kit uses spacers to add lift height, and it may also include shock absorbers and control arms. Spacer lift kits typically range from 1-2 inches (2.5-5 cm).5. Long travel lift kits: Long travel lift kits are made for off-roading. This type of kit includes components such as extended arms, hydraulic bump stops, and a differential drop kit. Long travel lift kits give a car more ground clearance and can lift the vehicle up to 10 inches (25.4 cm).

Is a lifted truck worth it?

Whether a lifted truck is worth it or not is ultimately a personal decision. Lifted trucks can offer increased ground clearance and a more aggressive exterior look, but may also require more maintenance and cost more to insure.


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