Best tailgate assist for toyota tundra 2023

Do you need a safe and reliable tailgate assist to upgrade your Toyota Tundra?

Well, this guide is full of essential details that will help you select the best tailgate assist for your 2023 Toyota Tundra. Discover the features, price points and more so that you can purchase a tailgate assist with confidence.

Best tailgate assist for toyota tundra 2023

  1. Winunite Compatible Tailgate Assist (Editor’s Pick)
  2. Laicarvor Tailgate Assist (Best Overall)
  3. Stabilus Support Tailgate Lift (Budget Friendly)
  4. IAQWE Tailgate Assist
  5. LETAOSK Rear Tailgate Assist
  6. Bishop Tate Rear Boot Tailgate
  7. KitsPro Tailgate Assist

1) Winunite Compatible Tailgate Assist

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The Winunite Compatible Tailgate Assist is an innovative solution designed to improve the performance of your vehicle’s tailgate. The product comes with durable and sturdy brackets that ensure a secure and stable installation, preventing any unnecessary movements or wobbling while opening or closing the tailgate. The Winunite Compatible Tailgate Assist is specifically designed to work with various truck models, making it a versatile and practical option for truck owners.

In addition, the hardware that comes with the product is of high quality, ensuring that the tailgate assist will last for a long time. The installation process is simple and convenient, taking only a few minutes to complete, with clear instructions included in the package. Once installed, the Winunite Compatible Tailgate Assist ensures a smooth and effortless operation of your tailgate, constantly improving your overall driving experience.

Overall, the Winunite Compatible Tailgate Assist is a reliable and effective solution that provides great value for money, making it an excellent investment for truck owners looking to improve the functionality and convenience of their vehicle.

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2) Laicarvor Tailgate Assist

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The Laicarvor Tailgate Assist is an essential accessory for any truck owner. Its specially designed mechanism helps to ease the opening and closing of the tailgate, reducing the risk of injury and making it more convenient for daily use. The product is genuine and built with durability in mind, making it capable of withstanding wear and tear over time.

One of the most impressive features of the Laicarvor Tailgate Assist is its ability to support heavy loads. This ensures that the tailgate remains stable and secure even when carrying bulky items. The product is easy to install and requires no special tools, which makes it a hassle-free addition to your vehicle.

Overall, the Laicarvor Tailgate Assist is an excellent investment for truck owners who want to enhance the functionality of their vehicles. It is a genuine, durable, and reliable accessory that can significantly improve the tailgate experience.

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3) Stabilus Support Tailgate Lift

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The Stabilus Support Tailgate Lift is a reliable and high-performing replacement component that measures 16.85 inches in length. It is designed to provide optimal support to the tailgate of a vehicle, ensuring smooth and effortless lifting and lowering.

This product boasts exceptional specifications, including durable construction that can withstand the weight of the tailgate and resist wear and tear over time. The Stabilus Support Tailgate Lift is also easy to install, making it a hassle-free replacement for a worn-out or broken tailgate support.

In terms of performance, the Stabilus Support Tailgate Lift delivers outstanding results, providing consistent and stable support to the tailgate, regardless of the load it carries. This feature helps prevent damage to the vehicle and ensures safe and secure transportation of goods.

Overall, the Stabilus Support Tailgate Lift is a top-notch replacement part that is highly recommended for anyone seeking a reliable and durable solution for tailgate support.

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4) IAQWE Tailgate Assist

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The IAQWE Tailgate Assist is a remarkable product that makes it easier and safer to open and close your truck’s tailgate. One of its key features is its compatibility with most truck models and tailgate types, making it a versatile and practical accessory for any truck owner.

Another important feature is the treatment of its components, which ensures a high level of durability and resistance to wear and tear. This treatment also helps prevent corrosion, rust, and other damages that can affect the tailgate assist’s performance over time.

The IAQWE Tailgate Assist also comes with additional mounting hardware that makes installation quick and easy, without requiring any specialized tools or expertise. This feature allows you to replace your tailgate assist easily, even if you’re not particularly handy with tools or mechanics.

Overall, the IAQWE Tailgate Assist is a reliable and effective product that delivers superior performance and durability, making it a smart investment for any truck owner.

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5) LETAOSK Rear Tailgate Assist

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The LETAOSK Rear Tailgate Assist is an effective solution for Toyota owners who struggle with controlling their tailgate when loading and unloading items. This product is specifically designed to make tailgate operation easier by reducing the strain on shoulders and providing more control over the movement of the tailgate.

The LETAOSK Rear Tailgate Assist functions by attaching to the tailgate and utilizing a hydraulic dampening system to regulate the opening and closing motion of the tailgate. This dampening system effectively reduces the impact and force associated with tailgate operation, making it a safer and more comfortable experience.

Overall, the LETAOSK Rear Tailgate Assist is a valuable addition to any Toyota truck, as it improves tailgate control and reduces the risk of injury while loading and unloading cargo. This product is easy to install and use, making it a cost-effective and practical solution for anyone looking to improve their tailgate experience.

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6) Bishop Tate Rear Boot Tailgate

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The Bishop Tate Rear Boot Tailgate is an innovative solution for easy access to the cargo area of your vehicle. The product boasts a sturdy construction and has been designed with performance in mind, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of regular use. Installation is straightforward and requires minimal effort, thanks to the included hardware and instructions.

One of the key features of this product is its unique opening mechanism, which allows for easy and convenient access to the cargo area. The Bishop Tate Rear Boot Tailgate also includes a range of accessories, such as a cargo net and storage bags, to help you make the most of the extra space created by the tailgate.

Overall, the Bishop Tate Rear Boot Tailgate is a well-designed and functional product that can make a big difference to the usability of your vehicle. If you’re looking for a high-quality tailgate that is easy to install and offers great performance, this product is definitely worth considering.

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7) KitsPro Tailgate Assist

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The KitsPro Tailgate Assist is a reliable solution for individuals looking for a compatible and efficient tailgate accessory. Designed to work with most trucks, the KitsPro Tailgate Assist is easy to install and ensures a smooth and controlled lowering of the tailgate. The product comes with all the necessary components required for installation, making it convenient for users.

Furthermore, the KitsPro Tailgate Assist is guaranteed to provide long-lasting performance, as it is made with high-quality materials that are resistant to corrosion. This feature ensures that the tailgate will operate smoothly and efficiently, even in harsh weather conditions.

Overall, the KitsPro Tailgate Assist is a practical and reliable accessory for anyone looking to upgrade their truck. It provides an easy and safe way to access the truck bed while also improving the overall functionality of the vehicle.

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Best tailgate assist for toyota tundra 2023-Complete Buying Guide

The Toyota Tundra is an all-purpose pickup truck built for work and play. Toyotas legendary body-on-frame construction and V8 engine options make the Tundra a great choice for any hauling or towing needs. The newest model year brings some exciting updates and features to the Tundra, as well as a range of options for customization.

One of the most popular items on many truck owners’ wish lists is a tailgate assist, which aids in lifting and lowering the tailgate with ease. When shopping for your new Toyota Tundra, be sure to consider what type of tailgate assist is best suited to your needs. In this guide, we provide information on vehicle compatibility, various types and brands of assistance devices available, installation tips, and more to help you find the right tailgate assist solution for your Toyota Tundra.

We also review our top picks in tailgate assists for those who are looking for an extra helping hand with their heavy cargo loads!

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Definition of tailgate assist

Tailgate assist is an adjustable lift support rod that helps to open or close the tailgate of a pickup truck. It is designed to reduce effort and stress when opening or closing tailgates, while preventing any sudden slams to the truck’s body. This can be especially helpful when it comes to heavier tailgates, such as those found on larger pickup trucks like the Toyota Tundra.

The adjustable design allows for easy installation and ensures compatibility with a variety of different trucks without having to worry about an oversized tailgate support rod.

The tailgate assist consists of two distinct parts – a gas filled steel support rod and a custom-designed mounting bracket. The gas-filled steel support rod absorbs both the weight of your tailgate and any bouncing motion that occurs while you close it, while the bracket provides secure mounting and easy installation.

With its adjustable design, the steel support rod can be adjusted to fit various bed depths between 7″ and 10″. This makes it ideal for Toyota Tundras with varying bed sizes so that you can get full compatibility with your specific model year and desired level of stability.

Importance of choosing the best tailgate assist for Toyota Tundra 2023

Choosing the best tailgate assist for Toyota Tundra 2023 can make a big difference for your truck. It is an easy way to upgrade your vehicle’s performance, increase comfort and convenience, and extend the life of your truck. This makes selecting the right product to go with your Toyota Tundra all the more important. When selecting a tailgate assist, consider features like:

-Durability: The best tailgate assists are designed to withstand years of wear and tear with minimal maintenance. Look for products that have rust-proofing properties, corrosion resistance, and materials like aluminum or stainless steel that resist wear very well.

-Ease-of-Use: The tailgate assists should be able to raise and lower with one hand easily. They should also be able to automatically latch into place securely when not in use.

-Installation: Tailgate assists come as either model specific or universal products which fit any make or model truck so you’ll need to take into account installation considerations as well as compatibility when choosing the right products for your needs.

Overall, selecting the best tailgate assist for Toyota Tundra 2023 is an important decision that will provide you with lasting benefits during ownership of your vehicle. Make sure to factor in all of these considerations along with price into your selection process in order make sure you get the most value out of this upgrade!

Considerations When Choosing a Tailgate Assist for Toyota Tundra 2023

Before deciding on a tailgate assist for your Toyota Tundra 2023, there are several factors you need to consider. Some of these include:

  1. Mounting Options: Depending on the model of your vehicle, certain mounting options may be preferred or needed. If the tailgate is easily installed with the existing latch and bolts, then no additional mounting mechanism will be necessary. However, if the existing mount holes are not sufficient enough to hold a tailgate assistance system, you may need to purchase additional brackets or clips designed specifically for your Toyota Tundra 2023.
  2. Weight Capacity: Ensure that the tailgate assist you purchase is strong enough to handle the weight of whatever you’re hauling in your truck bed. Also consider what type of materials will be hauled in your bed from time-to-time so that you can choose a product that can accommodate those weights as well.
  3. Adjustability: Many brands offer different levels of adjustability for their products so that you can tailor it to meet your exacting needs. Additionally, it’s important to look for adjustable gas shock pistons if you want to make sure all sides of the gate open and close evenly and with ease–even when loaded up with heavy materials or cargo items.
  4. Installation Process: Pay attention to how long and complex it is going to take to install a particular model onto your Tundra 2023 before settling on which one is right for you. Simplified instructions are usually provided along with installation video tutorials so that even novice owners can successfully install their own kit without any headaches or hassles involved in learning how it’s done properly.

Compatibility with Toyota Tundra 2023

Before you purchase a tailgate assist, it is important to check the compatibility of your vehicle. Different tailgate assist models are intentionally designed for certain models and year of the Toyota Tundra 2023. Choosing an incompatible model can result in poor performance or complete non-functionality, so make sure to look up the tailgate assist part number in your manual or online before ordering.

It is also important to remember that although some components may fit with newer Toyota models, there are subtle design differences between Tundra years that can affect installation and performance. Installing a model from a different year of the Tundra may cause problems with alignment or require further modifications before you can use it properly.

Weight capacity of the tailgate assist

The weight capacity of the tailgate assist you choose should match the weight of your tailgate. Generally speaking, most tailgate assists are rated to support 250-400 pounds, but they can vary widely in terms of their specific ratings. Be sure to check the upper limit before purchasing a tailgate assist.

In addition to this, the size and shape of your truck’s bed will also determine what type of tailgate assist you’ll need; many manufacturers make tailgate assists that are designed for specific models, so double check before committing to buy.

Type of tailgate assist

The type of tailgate assist you choose will depend on the make and model of your vehicle. If you’ve got a Toyota Tundra, you’ll be looking for a specific type of tailgate assist that works with the Toyota Tundra. As there are many different makes and models of vehicles out there, some tailgate assists might not work with certain models.

When you’re shopping for a tailgate assist, make sure you buy one that’s compatible with your Toyota Tundra model year 2023 specifically. This will ensure it fits perfectly and performs optimally without any compatibility issues or sudden mechanical breakdowns after use.

Here are some types of tailgate assists tailored for your Toyota Tundra model year 2023:

-Linear gate lifts- These gate lifts are designed to fit Toyota Tundras specifically, making installation easy and trouble free. They provide an even linear force throughout the swing range to make opening the gate less strenuous on your arms and back while increasing efficiency significantly compared to standard mechanisms. These require minimal energy to operate, allowing them to be powered via several sources such as electric or hydraulic power units or manual hand cranks.

-Power up/power down lift- This kind of tailgate lift prevents motor strains by using powerful electric motor technology paired with reliable chains and gears to effortlessly support simultaneous open/close operation of your gate door automatically in seconds without any physical exertion from users! It’s also designed for specific applications like those found on the 2023 Toyota Tundra in order to maintain consistent power during operation without drastic fluctuations due to weather changes or heavier loads applied over time like other regular traditional lifts may have issues with.

III. Types of Tailgate Assist for Toyota Tundra 2023

Choosing the right tailgate assist for your Toyota Tundra 2023 can be difficult due to a variety of factors, including fitment, installation difficulty, and overall features. For this reason, it’s important to understand the various types of tailgate assits available on the market and which style is best for your specific truck.

Gas Tailgate Assists: Gas-powered tailgate assists are generally more expensive than other styles but feature easier one-handed use. These types of assistance come in two main varieties—damper-style and counter-balanced assists—each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Damper tailgate assists are powered by a cylinder that propels the tailgate smoothly up and down, whereas counter-balanced units utilize a series of coils or cables that are designed to hold the weight of the tailgate as you operate it.

Electric Assist Tailgates: Electric assist tailgates use an electric motor that is powered by either a battery or onboard power source to lift and lower your truck’s tailgate with ease. These types provide quite reliable operation and do not require you to place any physical effort into lifting or lowering your vehicle’s cargo compartment lid. However, installation can be more complex than with other models since wiring must be connected properly in order to ensure proper functionality.

Manual Assists: Manual assist Tailgates are often used when budget restrictions prevent installation of electric or gas assist models but manual lifts do not offer automated operation; instead, they require you to manually lift and lower your truck’s cargo compartment lid yourself. Manual assists can be beneficial if you prefer a no frills approach that requires no power or fuel sources because they never need replacing over time like electric or gas powered models can sometimes do after prolonged use.

Hydraulic Tailgate Assist

A hydraulic tailgate assist is an easy to install upgrade for your Toyota Tundra. It makes opening and closing the tailgate much easier, allowing the gate to move with just one hand.

This type of tailgate assist uses a combination of a hydraulic cylinder and brackets that mount to the frame of the truck. Hydraulic tailgate assists may also have a dampening system that helps control the speed at which the gate moves and reduces clanging when it slams shut. They also typically include mounting points for an LED cargo lighting system, designed specifically for your vehicle make and model.

Installing a hydraulic tailgate assist is a relatively straightforward process; however, some drilling may be required depending on which product you purchase. It is always advised to use an experienced auto specialist for proper installation.

Pneumatic Tailgate Assist

Pneumatic tailgate assist is another popular option to help you open and close your truck’s tailgate more easily. These systems use activated gas cylinders to reduce the pressure and weight of your tailgate, which makes it easier to open and close. This type of system uses sealed cylinders filled with nitrogen, sometimes referred to as “high-pressure springs.” They provide a consistent amount of force as well as an even weight reduction across the range of motion for your truck’s tailgate.

The pneumatic system also reduces vibration when it comes to operating heavier tailgates, making it much easier for you to handle them without worrying about too much stress on your back or shoulders. If you have a heavy truck with a substantial tailgate, then this system is likely the best option for you because it does very well in dampening the motion from a very large cargo area gate opening and closing movements. Additionally, this system is designed for extreme temperatures outdoors and can be used in any weather conditions – making it perfect for those who live in locations where they may experience all four seasons.

Manual Tailgate Assist

Manual tailgate assists make tailgates easier to open with less effort and strain. This type of assist involves using a pulldown arm that carries the weight of the tailgate so you don’t have to do it manually. The way it works is you simply lift up the arm that’s attached to your tailgate and it carries the weight down for you. This makes for smooth and easy tailgating, especially on heavier vehicles such as Toyota Tundra 2023, where manual opens and closes can be difficult.

When shopping for a manual tailgate assist, look for one with a large range of adjustment to fit any vehicle size perfectly. Most models come in both universal fits and those specifically designed for certain makes and models such as Toyota Tundra 2023. Additionally, check the construction materials to ensure that your choice is strong enough for carrying heavier weights like when you are hauling large cargo boxes or bags into your truck bed. Consider also choosing a model that has additional features such as integrated dampers which help reduce jarring or rattles every time you open or close the gate. Finally, make sure that it has an easy-to-install design with no special tools needed so that you can acquire your own quickly and effectively without any hassle or complications.

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No matter which tailgate assist you choose for your Toyota Tundra, it’s important to remember that installation is key to properly utilizing the product. Consult your vehicle’s user manual or a professional installation professional to ensure you get the perfect fit for your truck. You should also keep in mind that most tailgate assists for Toyota Tundra come with warranties and customer support, so it’s worth researching different manufacturers thoroughly in order to determine which one has the best warranty for your truck and style of driving.

The best type of tailgate assist for Toyota Tundra depends on factors including cost, ease of install, type of use, and personal preference. Ultimately, the most important aspect of purchasing a tailgate assist is finding one that will fit your car’s make and model properly, so be sure to take all necessary measurements and read reviews thoroughly before making a purchase.


Can you put tailgate assist on both sides?

It depends on the type of tailgate assist system and the specific vehicle. Some tailgate assist systems are designed to be installed on one side only, while others can be installed on both sides. It is best to consult the manufacturer or a professional installer to determine whether a specific tailgate assist system can be installed on both sides of a vehicle.

Does the Tundra tailgate lock?

Yes, the Toyota Tundra’s tailgate can be locked with a key or a remote keyless entry fob. When locked, the tailgate cannot be opened from the outside, providing additional security for the cargo in the truck bed.

What does a tailgate assist do?

A tailgate assist is a device that helps to reduce the weight and effort required to open and close a tailgate on a pickup truck or other vehicle. It typically consists of a shock absorber or hydraulic cylinder that helps to support the weight of the tailgate and slow its descent when closing, making it easier and safer to operate.

How do you open the trunk on a Toyota Tundra?

The Toyota Tundra does not have a traditional trunk, as it is a pickup truck with a cargo bed instead. To access the cargo bed, simply unlock the tailgate with the key or remote keyless entry fob, then lift the tailgate upward.

Does Tundra Tailgate lock with remote?

Yes, the Toyota Tundra’s tailgate can be locked and unlocked using the remote keyless entry fob. The tailgate lock is integrated into the vehicle’s central locking system, which allows it to be locked and unlocked along with the doors and other locks.

How to replace a tailgate handle on a Toyota Tundra?

The process for replacing a tailgate handle on a Toyota Tundra may vary depending on the specific model year and type of handle. In general, it involves removing the tailgate trim panel, disconnecting the handle from the tailgate mechanism, and installing the new handle in its place. It is recommended to consult the vehicle’s owner’s manual or a professional mechanic for detailed instructions and guidance.

How much does it cost to replace a MultiPro tailgate?

The cost to replace a MultiPro tailgate will depend on several factors, including the specific model and year of the vehicle, the extent of the damage or wear to the tailgate, and the cost of the replacement parts and labor. As such, it is difficult to provide a specific cost estimate without more information.

How much does it cost to replace a tailgate handle?

The cost to replace a tailgate handle will depend on the specific vehicle, the type of handle, and the cost of the replacement parts and labor. In general, replacing a tailgate handle is a relatively straightforward repair that may cost a few hundred dollars, but the cost can vary widely depending on the specific circumstances.

How much does it cost to replace a tailgate latch?

The cost to replace a tailgate latch will depend on the specific vehicle, the type of latch, and the cost of the replacement parts and labor. In general, replacing a tailgate latch is a relatively simple repair that may cost a few hundred dollars, but the cost can vary widely depending on the specific circumstances.

Does removing your tailgate save gas?

There is some debate over whether removing a tailgate can improve a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. While some studies have suggested that removing the tailgate can reduce drag and improve airflow, others have found that it can disrupt the air flow around the vehicle and actually decrease efficiency. Additionally, removing the tailgate can also affect the vehicle’s stability and handling, making it a potentially unsafe modification.

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