Best leveling kit for jeep gladiator 2023

Are you looking for the best leveling kit to boost the look and performance of your Jeep Gladiator 2023? With so many options, you may feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry!

This guide will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. You’ll find everything from detailed reviews to helpful tips on how to get the best from a leveling kit for your Gladiator 2023.

Best leveling kit for jeep gladiator 2023

  1. ARU 1155300 Leveling Kit (Editor’s Pick)
  2. Dynofit Leveling Kit (Best Overall)
  3. TeraFlex 115530 Leveling Kit (Budget Friendly)
  4. Rough Country 63400 Leveling Kit
  5. Usvehj 1155300 Leveling Kit
  6. KSP PERFORMANCE Leveling Kit
  7. Superlift | 40051 Leveling Kit

1) ARU 1155300 Leveling Kit

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This ARU 1155300 Leveling Kit is a great choice for Jeep JT Gladiator owners looking for a 1.5 inch lift. The kit contains two front spacers that allow for a full 1.5 inch of leveling height. The spacer leveling system evens out the truck from front to back, creating a more even-looking lift. It is compatible with factory shocks and does not require any additional shocks.

Installation of the ARU 1155300 Leveling Kit also requires no cutting or drilling. It provides a uniform and simple installation process that will not take a lot of time. The kit also provides some protection for the drivetrain components, as it reduces the chances of the lift dropping too low. With its 1.5 inch leveling height, the ARU 1155300 Leveling Kit is an ideal solution for those looking to lift their Jeep JT Gladiator without spending a fortune or hours on complex installation.

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2) Dynofit Leveling Kit

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The Dynofit Leveling Kit is a great addition to any vehicle looking for a lift. With a 1.5 inch front lift and 0.75 inch rear lift, your vehicle will look the way you want it to. It also comes with a 0.75 inch rear strut and alloy steel polyurethane to help make the lift look seamless and professional.

Additionally, the kit comes with 1.5 inch front shocks that are ideal for driving over uneven surfaces. The kit is perfect for any Gladiator JT user as it fits perfectly on the model. The durability of the Dynofit Leveling Kit is unmatched as the material is high-grade and built to last. All in all, the Dynofit Leveling Kit is a great way to give your vehicle some style and lift without compromising on quality.

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3) TeraFlex 115530 Leveling Kit

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The TeraFlex 115530 Leveling Kit is a performance-boosting component made for off-roading. It features a 1.5-inch spacer that fits between the axle and the frame to level out your vehicle and increase off-road clearance. The kit requires no shock absorbers and provides an additional 1.5 inches of ride height.

Additionally, the kit suggests using wheels with less backspacing and tires with a larger diameter to maximize the leveling capabilities. As a result of the kit, you can fit up to 35” tires under the fenders of your vehicle. In summary, the TeraFlex 115530 Leveling Kit offers an easy and comprehensive way to lift your vehicle, suitable even for off-roading.

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4) Rough Country 63400 Leveling Kit

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Rough Country 63400 Leveling Kit is a great product for those who want to enjoy the experience of off-road driving. This kit provides 2.5 inches of lift to maintain a smooth drive even when confronted with off-road obstacles, allowing you to conquer anything on the trail. It is an unmatched product from Rough Country allowing to have an enhanced ground clearance with greater flexibility of motion.

The 63400 is also equipped with a lifetime replacement and allows you to have an installation time of only 2 hours. The shocks and circuitry system is optimized for performance, increasing the load bearing capacity and providing an improved ride quality. It perfectly fits for your Jeep, SUV, and truck and is an ideal option for those who want the perfect off-road experience.

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5) Usvehj 1155300 Leveling Kit

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The Usvehj 1155300 Leveling Kit is an ideal product for those looking to improve the performance of their Jeep Jt Gladiator. This 1.5” high performance leveling kit allows owners to enhance their ground clearance and stability without involving any shock absorbers. The performance spacers provided with this kit can easily increase the vehicle’s ride height by 1.5 inches. This improves the aesthetics of the off-road vehicle and gives a sense of enhanced performance.

The assembly and installation process of this kit is relatively easy, so you don’t need to worry about any major issues. All the necessary components, including the high-grade bolts, spacers, and nuts, are included in the package. It is imperative to note here that this leveling kit does not include shock absorbers, so keep this in mind while installing it. All in all, the Usvehj 1155300 Leveling Kit is a great product and should prove to be beneficial for all those looking to enjoy improved performance from their Gladiator.

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The KSP Performance Leveling Kit is a great way to give your vehicle a lift and improve the stance. With this kit, you get a full suspension with coil springs and a carbon steel Jt Leveling Lift Kit, so you can safely and comfortably go up to 1.5 inches high. And you get better corrosion resistance with the hardened steel parts. It’s also perfect for those who have a Rubicon Fender with 35\” tires as the kit will get you great clearance.

Additionally, the leveling kit also includes bolders, nuts, and washers to make installation easier. With the KSP Performance Leveling Kit, you get great performance and a more comfortable ride with your lifted vehicle.

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7) Superlift | 40051 Leveling Kit

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The Superlift Leveling Kit | 40051 is the perfect pick if you want to slightly lift your vehicle. It comes with 2.5 Inches of lift, hardware and instructions and is designed for a stirghtforward, bolt-on installation with no trimming or cutting required. Plus, with Cambar up to 1 degree, you’ll get a great balance and improved handling. This is an ideal pick if you want to level out the look of your vehicle while maintaining a stock ride.

As far as installation goes, the process can often be completed within a few hours and the instructions are easy to follow and understand. All in all, a great solution to improve the look and overall performance of your vehicle.

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Best leveling kit for jeep gladiator 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Welcome to the guide on finding the best leveling kit for your Jeep Gladiator 2023. Here, you’ll learn what a leveling kit is and why it can be beneficial for your off-road vehicle. We will also discuss the different types of such kits available, as well as provide helpful tips on selecting the right one that suits your needs and budget.

Whether you’re an avid off-roader or a first-time buyer looking to enhance your car’s performance, this guide is designed to help you make an informed buying decision when it comes to finding the best leveling kit for your Jeep Gladiator 2023.

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Explanation of Jeep Gladiator 2023

The Jeep Gladiator (JT) is the all-new mid-size pickup truck introduced by Jeep for the 2023 model year. It is the first pickup truck from Jeep since the 1992 Comanche and shares many design elements with its body-on-frame SUV counterparts, including four-door crew cab models and 2+2 convertible models. The Gladiator is offered in multiple engine configurations, including gasoline and diesel options.

The Jeep Gladiator requires a leveling kit to ensure all four tires can remain at the same height, providing even weight distribution on uneven roads and terrain. A leveling kit or lift kit will raise or lower the suspension of your vehicle, usually removing any rake that may have developed over time. This makes sure all four tires sit evenly on uneven ground and ensures maximum performance under various circumstances.

Explanation of leveling kit for Jeep Gladiator 2023

A leveling kit is a type of aftermarket accessory that adjusts the height of your vehicle to sit level with the front and back wheels. It allows you to increase the ground clearance and offers an improved off-roading experience. Many Jeep Gladiator 2023 owners choose to invest in leveling kits because they can make your Jeep look better, improve performance, and allow for bigger tires.

Before choosing a kit for your Jeep Gladiator 2023, it’s important to take a few factors into account. Types of kits on the market vary widely, so it’s important to understand what type works best with your design and what features each kit offers. In general, suspension maneuverability and ride quality are two primary considerations when selecting a leveling kit.

For example, spacer kits are usually quite affordable but can decrease stability if not used correctly. On the other hand, strut extensions offer extra flexibility due to their ability to adjust spring preload but tend to cost more than other options on the market. Each type has its own set of pros and cons which should be taken into consideration before making a purchase.

Importance of a leveling kit for Jeep Gladiator 2023

For Jeep Gladiator 2023 owners looking to raise the front of their truck to give it a more impressive style, improve performance and add enjoyment, installing a leveling kit is the perfect solution.

With this simple upgrade, your vehicle will be at the right height and look taller, more aggressive and meaner. Furthermore, your car can enjoy better handling performance through improved cornering capabilities due to the added stability afforded by a leveled stance.

Additionally, you get an increase in tire clearance which allows you to ride on larger tires for an off-road journey or urban commute. Finally, leveling kits for Jeep Gladiator 2023 also provide improved payload capacity and weight distribution for better hauling performance.

All of these are reasons why you should consider investing in a leveling kit for your Jeep Gladiator 2023.

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Types of leveling kits for Jeep Gladiator 2023

Leveling kits are suspension accessories that are typically used to improved a Jeep Gladiator’s off-road performance. The kit enhances the jeep’s ground clearance, making it easier and more comfortable to drive.

When choosing the right leveling kit for your Jeep Gladiator 2023, there are two main types of systems available: body lifts and spacer lift kits.

Body lift kits consist of two metal spacers that are installed between the frame and body of the vehicle, creating a gap between them. These kinds of kits can increase ground clearance but also reduce performance due to added weight and flex in the suspension. Spacer lifts also raise your vehicle higher than its OE height but use space as opposed to lifting pieces. With no metal components, these lightweight units don’t add any extra strain on your system or add excess weight like body lifts do. Additionally, they require minimal installation time and no extra parts making them easy to install.

There is another type of leveling kit which is not as popular due to its complexity called coil conversion or coilover lift kits which involve replacing multiple components in a vehicle’s suspension system in order for it to gain additional height above its OE position without adding too much stress on other parts. However, this is an expensive way compared to other leveling kits available and thus not recommended unless you want extreme looks on your ride.

Coil spring spacers

A coil spring spacer is a simple and very effective way to add an extra lift to your Jeep Gladiator. When installed, these spacers use the height of the existing suspension springs, thereby providing extra clearance for larger all-terrain tires. Most kits on the market come with front and rear spacers so you can be sure to get both lifted evenly.

Since they’re designed to match your stock Jeep setup, they install easily and have no effect on your vehicle’s ride or handling. They also come in various sizes, so make sure you read up on measurements before buying so you can find the right fit for your setup.

If a coil spring spacer is compatible with your Gladiator and the lift kit has all other components needed for a complete job then this is an excellent way to go about lifting without having any adverse effects on performance or reliability.

Suspension lift kits

Suspension lift kits are the most complex and comprehensive type of lift kit. Unlike body lifts or leveling kits, suspension lifts both raise the body and modify your Jeep’s suspension. The kit materials vary depending on lift size and application, though it typically includes springs, control arms, shocks, sway bar links, trackbar drop brackets, and brake lines. Depending on kit options that you choose during installation there might be more materials needed.

Installation will frequently require special tools such as a spring compressor and strut spring compressor to assemble shocks in some cases. It may also require drilling depending on your particular vehicle application. Suspension lift kits provide you with an increased ride quality when four-wheeling by providing several inches of ground clearance along with a smoother ride for you and your passengers. They help to ensure that the larger tires fit properly onto your vehicles’ wheels without rubbing against the body or fenders on the Jeep Gladiator 2023 model year.

III. Factors to consider before buying a leveling kit for Jeep Gladiator 2023

When shopping for a leveling kit for your Jeep Gladiator 2023, it is important to consider a few key factors to ensure that you make the best choice for your vehicle. These factors can include:

  1. Lift height: The Jeep Gladiator 2023 can lift up to about 2 inches in the front and 1 inch in the rear by installing a lift kit. You want to decide how much height you would like for your vehicle before considering different levels.
  2. Installation method: Each type of levelling or suspension kit will have a different installation method, so consider how much time and effort it may take before selecting one. Most kits come with detailed instructions on how to install them easily and safely.
  3. Type of material used: Make sure you know what type of material is used in the construction of each leveling kit, as this will determine its durability and reliability over time. Some common materials used are aluminum, steel, polyurethane foam and composite nylon bushings.
  4. Ride quality: One major factor when considering a leveling kit is ride quality; look for one that will provide comfortable rides without sacrificing performance off-road or on uneven terrain such as dirt roads. Some kits are adjustable and allow you to adjust the firmness of the suspension, so opt for these if possible!
  5. Warranty: Check any product’s warranty coverage before purchasing it as this may provide peace of mind in case anything were to go wrong with installation or after extended use over time.
  6. Tire size
  7. Tire size

Choosing the right tires for your Jeep Gladiator is an important step in getting the most out of your leveling kit. While there are generally fewer restrictions on tire sizes with a 4-inch lift than with a 3-inch lift, it’s important to make sure you have enough clearance before installing larger tires. Most factory 33-inch tires will provide enough clearance, while 35-inch tires can be fitted with more extensive trimming and/or relocation of parts. Additionally, keep in mind that the lighter weight construction of some aftermarket rims can help reduce unsprung weight and potentially make room for larger tire sizes.

Desired lift height

When it comes to purchasing a leveling kit, the desired lift height is an important factor. The typical leveling kit will add 1-3 inches of lift to the Jeep Gladiator’s suspension. It is important that you select a leveling kit that allows you to achieve your desired lift height. This will determine the overall look, off-roading performance, and level of ride stability.

Before purchasing or installing a leveling kit, it is best to research the maximum lift your chosen model can accommodate without any additional modifications being required.


When considering the purchase of a leveling kit, it’s important to factor in the budget you have allocated for the product. Options range from inexpensive kits that use air shock spacers to more expensive designs that include multiple components. When looking at budget-friendly models, be sure to consider their remaining components which may require additional investment without providing any extra benefit or safety.

An important area to consider when discussing budget is installation costs. Unless you have experience working on cars and are equipped with a few specialized tools, installation should be performed by a professional garage or mechanic. Be sure to factor any associated labor costs into your overall budget for purchasing a leveling kit for your Jeep Gladiator 2023.


Choosing the right leveling kit for your Jeep Gladiator 2023 can be overwhelming. Whether you prefer an affordable budget choice, a comprehensive kit that covers all your needs, or a blend of features and style — there is an option out there that’s perfect for you.

Once you take the time to find the best quality kit for your Jeep Gladiator 2023, make sure to also invest in high-quality installation professionals for the safest and most reliable results. With all the considerations mentioned above in mind, you are now ready to make an informed decision. Happy shopping!


Is a Jeep leveling kit worth it?

That depends on what you’re looking to get out of a leveling kit. If you just want to level the ride and increase ground clearance, it might be worth it. However, if you’re hoping to add large tires or enhance performance, then it probably won’t be worth it.

Should I lift or level my Jeep?

It depends on what you intend to use it for. Leveling is typically reserved for vehicles that are more for show and style, whereas lifting is best for vehicles that plan to do more off-roading. If you plan on using it for both then you might have to do both. It’s ultimately up to you and what you’d prefer.

What does a leveling kit do for your Jeep?

A leveling kit for your Jeep can help improve the aesthetic of the vehicle and allow for larger wheel and tire combinations. It is designed to raise the front of the Jeep to level the height with the rear. This allows for better performance and handling, gives the vehicle a lifted look, and will reduce wear and tear on the suspension components by better distributing the weight of the vehicle.

How tall is a lifted Jeep Gladiator?

A lifted Jeep Gladiator can be up to 8.9 inches taller than a stock Jeep Gladiator due to suspension modifications, although the exact height varies depending on the specific lift kit and other modifications being made.

Do leveling kits cause problems?

Leveling kits don’t necessarily cause problems, however they can increase stress on certain parts of your vehicle’s suspension and steering system and increase tire wear. It is important to be aware of the limits of your vehicle and only install a kit that is appropriate for your vehicle. It is also important to have your suspension and drivetrain professionally inspected after installing the kit to ensure everything is working as intended.

What is the best lift for a Jeep?

There is no one \”best\” lift for a Jeep as it depends on your specific needs and preferences. However, a few popular options include coil springs, steel coilovers, and adjustable shocks. Additionally, any good lift for a Jeep should include components such as driveshafts, sway bars, control arms, and other suspension components.

Will leveling kit improve ride quality?

No, a leveling kit does not usually improve ride quality as it usually raises the height of the vehicle and stiffens the suspension, which can lead to a rougher ride.

What are the pros and cons of a leveling kit?

Pros:1. Improves ground clearance so you can fit bigger tires and go off roading. 2. Improves the overall look of the vehicle, making it appear more aggressive. 3. Helps reduce body roll when cornering and improves stability.4. Leveling kits are generally relatively inexpensive compared to a full lift kit. Cons:1. Can affect the factory ride quality of your vehicle as it will be raised up higher. 2. It can negatively affect your steering angle, as the vehicle will lean more forward. 3. It can also reduce your vehicle’s ability to stabilize itself when traveling at higher speeds, as your center of gravity will be shifted higher up. 4. It can cause your front suspension and shocks to wear out faster as they will be compensating for the increased height of the vehicle.

What is better a leveling kit or lift kit?

The answer depends on your specific needs and preferences. A leveling kit will usually lift the front of your vehicle to bring it level with the rear, while a lift kit will raise your vehicle higher while adding additional ground clearance. If you’re looking to achieve a more aggressive stance or increase off-road capability, a lift kit may be a better option. However, if you’re trying to even out the look of your vehicle, a leveling kit may be the better choice.

Should I do a leveling kit or lift kit?

It depends on your intended use, budget, and specific vehicle. A leveling kit typically involves raising one end of the vehicle (usually the front) to make the overall height more level, while a lift kit typically involves raising both ends of the vehicle for more ground clearance. Generally, lift kits are more expensive, more labor intensive, and require replacement of more components than a leveling kit.

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