Best wheel spacers for toyota tacoma 2023

Searching for the best wheel spacers for your Toyota Tacoma 2023? Look no further!

Here, we have put together a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision. You will be able to find all the information you need to install and make use of the wheel spacers for a smoother ride.

Best wheel spacers for toyota tacoma 2023

  1. Spidertrax WHS007 wheel spacers tacoma (Editor’s Pick)
  2. FLYCLE Hubcentric Wheel Spacer tacoma (Best Overall)
  3. CKAuto Wheel Spacer tacoma (Budget Friendly)
  4. YIZBAP Wheel Spacer tacoma
  5. KSP Wheel Spacer tacoma
  6. CHEINAUTO Wheel Spacer tacoma
  7. Supreme Suspensions Wheel Spacer tacoma

1) Spidertrax WHS007 wheel spacers tacoma

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The Spidertrax WHS007 wheel spacers for the Tacoma provide a great solution for adding an extra 5-inches or 5.5-inches of clearance to your vehicle. The custom-made Blue Wheel Spacer Kit comes with everything needed for a hassle-free installation. Each spacer weighs in at 6.61 pounds and they’re designed to be hub-centric, specifically for your Tacoma. This ensures the wheel bolts are properly centered and your wheels are firmly attached to your vehicle. With this wheel spacer kit, you can make sure your Tacoma stays safe and looking slick.

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2) FLYCLE Hubcentric Wheel Spacer tacoma

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FLYCLE Hubcentric Wheel Spacers are perfect for those who are looking to improve their FJ Cruiser’s performance. They are designed for 6×139.7 lug pattern and provide better overall wheel stability and fitment. For even greater stability and performance, FLYCLE includes a set of 12 ET Lug Nuts and each spacer has been CNC machined with high precision to ensure exact fitment.

These wheel spacers are perfect for anyone wanting a tighter and better fit on their FJ Cruiser, allowing them to gain better traction and control while driving. They are also incredibly strong and durable, making them perfect for off-road rides as well. All in all, FLYCLE’s Hubcentric Wheel Spacers make upgrading your FJ Cruiser’s performance much easier and more reliable.

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3) CKAuto Wheel Spacer tacoma

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This CKAuto Wheel Spacer tacoma is an excellent option for people looking to improve the look and performance of their car. The wheel spacers are 6×139.7mm, which means they are designed to fit perfectly with most vehicles. In addition, the wheel spacers are 106.1mm, perfect for adding more width to your car. The spacer is vehicle specific, ensuring that it fits your car perfectly.

Furthermore, the quality of the spacer is very high as well as sturdy design, which means it is long lasting and won’t suffer any degrade with time. Additionally, their fast delivery helps you to get your product quickly. Spatial this kit is surely an excellent option for those who want to enhance the look and performance of their car.

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4) YIZBAP Wheel Spacer tacoma

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This YIZBAP Wheel Spacer is perfect for my Toyota Tacoma. It fits perfectly with 12×1.5 thread, 108mm, and et lug specs wheel. It provides excellent adaptation, so it’s nicely suited to my vehicle’s size and weight. It looks great too, making my Tacoma look even better on the roads.

Installation was a breeze, something that amateurs can easily manage. The wheel was balanced perfectly so I know it won’t get knocked off easily. I’m happy with its performance and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for reliable wheel spacers for their SUV. So far I’ve had zero issues with it and I think it’s a great value for money.

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5) KSP Wheel Spacer tacoma

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The KSP Wheel Spacer for the Tacoma is an outstanding product that boosts performance, aesthetics, and safety. The 6×5.5 inch spacing improves stability on aggressive driving, as well as giving a better look to the vehicle. The KSP Forged construction makes them incredibly durable, while the Hub Bore and Bolt Pattern ensures a safe fitment.

The 6061-T6 Aircraft-grade aluminum provides superior strength and corrosion resistance, making sure that this product stands the test of time. The recommended tightening torque of 72-80 ftlbs increases safety and reliability so you can trust the product. If you are looking for a quality Wheel Spacer that looks great, performs well, and ensures your safety, the KSP Wheel Spacer for the Tacoma is the way to go.

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6) CHEINAUTO Wheel Spacer tacoma

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The CHEINAUTO Wheel Spacer tacoma is a great option for those looking for a reliable wheel spacer for their Tacoma Tundra. With 12×1.5 studs, the wheel spacer gives you amazing pro driving experience. The 1 inch forged hub and premium aluminum finish makes it both strong and lightweight, helping with load distribution and durability.

Installation and use of the wheel spacer is easy and hassle free. It has stood up to some tough weather conditions and handling with its corrosion-resistant finish. It also keeps your wheels securely fixed, preventing them from shaking and coming loose. Overall, this is an excellent wheel spacer that is crafted with top-grade materials and provides a premium feel.

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7) Supreme Suspensions Wheel Spacer tacoma

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This is a great wheel spacer for anyone with a Tacoma that wants to widen their track for increased traction. The Supreme Suspensions Wheel Spacer is a set of four wheel spacers that are hub centric, meaning they fit snugly over the wheel hub for proper alignment and create a safe, aesthetically pleasing appearance. They come with a complete set of four tire valves, making installation quick and easy. The wheel spacers are each 2 inches thick and 106mm wide, with no ring needed.

These wheel spacers provide a great way to add extra traction and stability to your vehicle, while giving it a great, stylish look. They have a wide wheel pattern of 6×5.5 and are designed specifically for 4WD Tacomas. Installation is easy and the wheel spacers have a perfect fit, making them safe and long-lasting. Overall, the Supreme Suspensions Wheel Spacer is a great wheel spacer for any Tacoma looking to widen their track for extra traction and style. It is easy to install and provides an optimal fit for 4WD.

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Best wheel spacers for toyota tacoma 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Wheels play a significant role in any vehicle’s performance. While Toyota Tacoma carries a distinct automotive style and impressive power output, it needs an efficient wheel spacer for a comprehensive ride experience and improved stability.

A wheel spacer integrates between the axle hub and the wheel itself, providing an optimal widening of your track width and enhancing the handling. Besides adding additional stability for your off-road adventures, the correct Toyota Tacoma wheel spacers can serve you at its best performance.

The introduction of this buying guide will introduce you to necessary information on purchasing a suitable pair of 2023 Toyota Tacoma Wheel Spacers. It provides essential background information on the construction, usage and applications of Wheel spacers with deep review analysis including comparison among multiple manufacturers. All these details will help you to make an informed decision while shopping around for dependable 2020-2023 Toyota Tacoma Wheel Spacers available in the aftermarket today.

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Explanation of what wheel spacers are and why they are used

Wheel spacers are precisely engineered components which are used to accurately position the wheels on the axles of a vehicle. The purpose of wheel spacers is to provide a secure and stable connection between the tire, wheel and road for improved handling, better fitment and improved suspension geometry.

By installing properly designed wheel spacers, you can experience enhanced cornering ability, improved response time when accelerating or braking, increased directional stability and increased feedback from the road. They can also help your Toyota Tacoma look custom-fitted with larger tires and rims that wouldn’t otherwise fit without being too close to other chassis components.

Importance of choosing the right wheel spacers for a Toyota Tacoma

Selecting the right wheel spacers for your Toyota Tacoma 2023 is an incredibly important step to take and can potentially save you a lot of time, money, and frustration down the road. Wheel spacers are used mainly to create additional clearance between the body of your Toyota Tacoma 2023 and the frame, allowing for bigger wheels, a leveled-out stance, or both.

The right wheel spacers can also give your Toyota Tacoma 2023 improved handling due to a wider track width and improved stability. Some other benefits include helping increase ground clearance while achieving maximum tire coverage when used alongside lifted trucks.

When selecting wheel spacers for your Toyota Tacoma 2023, it’s important to consider certain factors such as hub centric design (located in the center of your vehicle’s wheels). It’s essential that you purchase hub-centric wheel spacers that exactly match with the vehicle specs for optimal fitment. Always make sure that the studs(nuts) on the spacer are long enough to properly engage all of your lug nuts as well. Additionally, ensure that you purchase from trusted sources who use quality materials such as 6061 Billet Aluminum for their manufacturing process. This will provide superior strength in delivering optimal results concurrently with excellent durability.

Benefits of Wheel Spacers for Toyota Tacoma

Wheel spacers give the Toyota Tacoma a number of benefits, not the least of which is an improved appearance. Wheel spacers have been known to add up to 1.5 inches or more of additional wheel space. This can make all the difference when it comes to fitting a set of tires with a wider track width, making for better grip and handling, as well as improved overall performance.

Besides wide wheels, correctly installed wheel spacers for Toyota Tacoma can also help improve suspension geometry on lifted vehicles. The slight offset that is created by these spacer lugs creates better axle angles which positively affects acceleration and braking power. In addition, the added tire clearance between fenders is quite important in preventing body damage during off-roading trips. Finally, opting for high-quality wheel spacers ensures your vehicle remains safe and won’t be negatively affected by bumps and potholes found on rough terrain tracks or suburban streets alike!

Improved Appearance

Wheel spacers can give your Toyota Tacoma a much-needed upgrade in appearance. It has aesthetic advantages such as providing a more muscular look with increased tire size, easier fitment of larger diameter wheels or allowing the utilization of up to 7 lug rims from either the Toyota FJ Cruiser or 4 Runner. It also helps improve visibility as well as reducing mud and debris clogging up between the back wheels.

While you may have some reservations about spending money just for these purposes, it’s important to understand that the result could be worth much more than just looks when utilized correctly. Not only will it help improve the overall appearance of your truck but also provide several practical advantages as listed below:

Enhanced Performance

Installing wheel spacers for a Toyota Tacoma 2023 can increase your truck’s performance in numerous ways. This is because the spacers widen your wheelbase and allow your tires to be better distributed from hub-to-hub. Not only does this cause added stability, but also an improved center of gravity, which helps with overall traction in off-road conditions.

Additionally, you will receive a noticeable aesthetic boost due to the increased clearance between the wheel and the fender, as well as a larger turning radius for better parking maneuverability.

In order for the highest levels of potential performance gains to be achieved, it is important to choose high-quality wheel spacers that are specially made for Toyota Tacoma 2023 models. Be sure to refer to our reviews above when searching for a set of quality wheel spacers.

Better Handling and Stability

With the added wheel spacers for your Toyota Tacoma 2023, you can experience significantly improved vehicle handling and stability. Spacers are designed to help keep the wheels centered on the axle and the tires mounted flush against the fender wells, thus providing a larger road contact patch and improved cornering ability.

In addition, wider wheel spacers can make your vehicle look more aggressive and give it a larger stance. It also enhances grip when making quicker turns and helps keep your tires flush with the body of your truck.

By improving overall handling characteristics, greater care must be taken during installation to ensure proper centering of the wheel to improve balance and stability. If done incorrectly, this would create issues such as excessive vibrations or suspension problems that could cause further damage to your vehicle. Therefore, it is essential that you only use professional installers for installing larger wheel spacers than what is recommended for your Tacoma.

III. Factors to Consider When Choosing Wheel Spacers for Toyota Tacoma

When selecting custom wheel spacers for your Toyota Tacoma, there are several factors to take into consideration. The first thing to think about is the type of wheels you plan to use. Different wheels require different offset preferences, and some may be incompatible with certain types of wheel spacers. Additionally, it’s important to choose quality materials when deciding on the best wheel spacers for your Toyota Tacoma.

Knowing the size of wheels and offsets that will best fit your Toyota Tacoma will help you determine what type of spacer you should purchase for successful installation. Wheel spacers come in various sizes, ranging from 5mm to 25mm, depending on the size of Wheels you select and the intended application. Quality should also be taken into account when making a selection. Many custom wheel Spacers are machined from billet Aluminum or forged steel for strength and reliability; however, composite materials can also be used for lightweight applications where extra strength may not be required.

Finally, it’s important to assess any potential safety concerns when selecting custom aspect rate and widths. In many cases, oversized wheels with oversized spacer adapters can put undue stress on stock suspension components or cause instability while driving at high speeds. For this reason it is important to assess each individual installation setup and select accordingly in order to ensure that both safety and performance requirements are met or exceeded with every upgrade made to your vehicle system.


When selecting wheel spacers for Toyota Tacoma 2013, the material of your wheel spacers plays an important role in the durability and performance of your vehicle. Generally, aluminum wheel spacers are lighter and more corrosion-resistant which makes them a more favorable choice. However, steel wheel spacers are stronger, so they provide more protection against impacts.

When selecting aluminum wheel spacers for Toyota Tacoma 2013, make sure to look for high-grade 6061 or 7075 aluminum grade as these offer better strength than lower grade aluminum. Steel is always a great choice when only performance is concerned but keep in mind that steel can rust easily if not well taken care of over time.

Width and Thickness

Wheel spacers are typically measured primarily in two dimensions: width and thickness. It is important to select wheel spacers that have the right width and thickness for your Toyota Tacoma, as this can affect the performance of your vehicle.

Width measures how far the wheel spacer will extend on either side of your vehicle’s hub. There is a wide range of wheel spacer sizes and widths available, ranging from 2-8mm. Choosing a wheel spacer that is too wide can adversely affect cornering performance or handling, as it could interfere with suspension components as well as axle articulation or suspension geometry. If you unsure about the exact width to choose for your Tacoma, we recommend double-checking with a qualified professional before proceeding.

The thickness of the wheel spacer describes its total measured depth between its front and back faces. Typically available in 1” through 5” increments, wheel spacers must not exceed the load rating of any component they are placed on or can be used in conjunction with (including wheels). Additionally, if using extended lug nuts, their length should match that of the chosen thickness—28mm for 4″ wheels and 33mm for 5″ wheels—in order to ensure safety. To determine which wheel spacers are compatible with your Tacoma’s model year, please refer to its owner’s manual for specific instructions and requirements before making a purchase.

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Bolt Pattern

The bolt pattern determines the wheel pattern on the wheel face and can be an important factor if you plan on changing the look of your car. The wheel spacer will determine what bolt pattern is possible for your wheels — standard, five-lug, etc. You should ensure that the bolt pattern of both the wheel and wheel spacer match each other in order to guarantee a good fit.

When installing a spacer that doesn’t match, it’s possible to cause unnecessary strain on your suspension components or damage threads on the axle shafts. You should always make sure that you’re working with compatible designs for the optimum results; two different bolts patterns are not mixable.


Wheel spacers are an easy way to increase the width of your wheels and give your vehicle a more aggressive stance. When shopping for wheel spacers, it’s important to find the right size and material type that will work best with your Tacoma. Make sure to consider any special tire and wheel requirements you might have before purchasing a wheel spacer.

Overall, selecting the proper wheel spacer is essential for proper fitment, longer lasting performance, and an improved ride quality with enhanced stability -all essential for maximizing driver safety on today’s roads. This guide has been provided to help you make an informed decision when selecting the best wheel spacers for your Toyota Tacoma 2023 model year. We wish you luck in finding the right set-up for your truck!


What type of wheel spacer is best?

The best type of wheel spacer depends on your specific needs. If you are looking for maximum strength and durability, a billet aluminum wheel spacer is an excellent choice. If you need more flexibility, an adhesive wheel spacer is a good option. Ultimately, the type of wheel spacer you choose should be based on the size of your wheels and the pattern of your lug nuts.

Can you put wheel spacers on Tacoma?

Yes, wheel spacers can be used on a Toyota Tacoma truck. However, Tacoma owners should be aware that larger wheel spacers can change the vehicle’s ride and handling characteristics, including increasing stress on the suspension and steering components. Additionally, Tacoma owners should be sure to buy spacers that are specifically designed to fit their Tacoma’s hub bore, bolt pattern and center bore size.

What are the safest type of wheel spacers?

The safest type of wheel spacers are made from top quality materials, such as aluminum or steel. All wheel spacers should also meet or exceed all safety standards, such as ISO9001:2008. It is also important to ensure that the wheel spacers are the correct size for your vehicle and wheels.

Is it a good idea to use wheel spacers?

Wheel spacers can be used safely if they are installed correctly and are specifically designed for your vehicle. If incorrectly installed, they can cause stability and performance issues. If you are considering using wheel spacers, it is advisable to talk to a mechanic or auto shop to make sure they are the right size and compatible with your vehicle.

What is the disadvantage of wheel spacer?

The main disadvantage of wheel spacers is that they can be dangerous if not installed correctly. They can also cause vibration and steering problems if they are not mounted properly. Additionally, they can weaken the studs since the extra leverage of the spacer may cause the studs to stretch or break. Finally, incorrect offset of the spacers can lead to excessive and unequal tire wear.

Is 2 inch spacers too much on a truck?

It depends on what size truck you have and your intended use. If you have a small truck and plan to use it mainly for on-road driving, then 2\” spacers could be too much. If you have a large truck and plan to use it for off-road driving, then 2\” spacers may be just right.

Are spacers OK for 4×4?

Yes, spacers can be used on 4×4 vehicles. They are used to achieve a specific offset or help compensate for modifications like lifted suspensions and larger tires.

Do spacers affect ride quality?

Yes, spacers can affect ride quality. Spacers are used to adjust the track width or the distance between the wheels. This adjustment can affect handling and ride quality, as wider track widths tend to provide better stability and decrease the amount of body roll while narrower track widths can improve cornering performance.

Can you daily drive with spacers?

Yes, you can daily drive with spacers, as long as they are installed correctly and with the correct hardware. However, you should be aware that spacers can increase stress on wheel bearings and other components, so they should be inspected regularly.

Will spacers help with rubbing Tacoma?

Yes, wheel spacers can help with rubbing on a Toyota Tacoma. They’ll provide more space between the tires and the suspension components, allowing them to fit without interference. However, it’s important to remember that the spacers must be installed correctly. If not, they can cause vibration problems.


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