Best exhaust for GMC Sierra 2023

Are you looking for the best exhaust system for your GMC Sierra 2023? You have come to the right place. In this comprehensive buying guide, we are going to help you get the perfect fit for your vehicle and make sure your money is well spent.

Let’s get into it!

Best exhaust for GMC Sierra 2023

  1. Flowmaster 717869 (Editor’s Pick)
  2. Flowmaster 717857 (Best Overall)
  3. Rough Country Dual Cat (Budget Friendly)
  4. Borla Chevrolet Silverado
  5. BORLA 140550 Cat-Back
  6. COLT EXHAUST Single Chamber 
  7. Truck Exhaust Kits

1) Flowmaster 717869

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The Flowmaster 717869 is a Cat-Back exhaust system that comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit a wide range of vehicles. The exhaust is painted to provide a sleek and durable finish that adds to the overall look of the vehicle. Weighing in at 48 pounds, the exhaust system is built with quality materials and designed to last for years. One of the standout features of this exhaust is the variety of options available.

It can be purchased in different shapes and sizes, making it a versatile choice for car enthusiasts who want to customize their vehicle’s exhaust system. With its reliable construction and sleek appearance, the Flowmaster 717869 is a great option for anyone looking to upgrade their car’s exhaust system.

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2) Flowmaster 717857

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The Flowmaster 717857 is a high-performance exhaust system that is designed to provide an optimal balance between power and sound for truck enthusiasts. The system weighs 42.6 pounds, making it a lightweight option for Extended Cab trucks with a longer Wheelbase. The Black Ceramic finish not only provides a sleek look to the exhaust system, but also offers corrosion resistance, making it a durable and long-lasting choice.

The Tubing used in the construction of this system is made from high-quality stainless steel, providing improved airflow and reducing backpressure. The mandrel-bent design ensures smooth exhaust flow and enhances overall performance. This system is engineered to deliver a deep and aggressive exhaust tone, enhancing the driving experience for those who enjoy a sporty exhaust note.

Overall, the Flowmaster 717857 is a well-designed exhaust system with excellent features. It is an ideal choice for truck enthusiasts who are looking for a high-performance and durable exhaust system.

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3) Rough Country Dual Cat

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The Rough Country Dual Cat is an impressive addition to any vehicle, thanks to its high-quality features. First and foremost, the dual wall and stainless steel construction of the cat ensure durability and longevity. This is further enhanced by its corrosion-resistant properties, which provide reliable protection against rust and other forms of damage. Additionally, the design of the Rough Country Dual Cat eliminates the need for welding during installation, making the process easier and faster.
One of the most noteworthy features of the Rough Country Dual Cat is its warranty. The company stands behind its product and offers a comprehensive warranty, giving customers peace of mind and confidence in their purchase.
Another great feature of this dual cat is that it is specifically designed for rear installation, making it a perfect fit for a range of vehicles. Overall, the Rough Country Dual Cat is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, reliable, and long-lasting cat for their vehicle.

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4) Borla Chevrolet Silverado

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The Borla Chevrolet Silverado Cat-Back Exhaust with S-Type Outlet is a high-quality auto part that can enhance the performance of your Chevy truck. With a weight of 62 pounds, this exhaust system is designed to improve the sound and increase the horsepower and torque of your vehicle.
The S-Type Outlet produces a deep, aggressive sound that will turn heads and provide a satisfying driving experience. Made from high-quality materials, this exhaust system is built to last and can withstand extreme conditions.

Installation is straightforward and can be completed in a reasonable amount of time, with no need for welding or cutting. The overall design is aesthetically pleasing and provides a clean, polished look that complements the styling of the Silverado.

Overall, the Borla Chevrolet Silverado Cat-Back Exhaust with S-Type Outlet is a high-performance auto part that can improve the driving experience of your Silverado. With its durable construction and impressive sound, this exhaust system is a great addition to any Chevy truck enthusiast’s arsenal.

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5) BORLA 140550 Cat-Back

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The BORLA 140550 Cat-Back exhaust system is an excellent addition to any car enthusiast’s vehicle. Weighing in at 60.0lbs, it is a well-crafted auto part that has been designed for performance and durability. This exhaust system is painted and weighs only 5 pounds, giving it a sleek and stylish appearance while maintaining its lightweight and efficient design.

The Cat-Back feature of the BORLA 140550 exhaust system enhances the car’s performance by providing a more efficient and unrestricted flow of exhaust gases. It allows the engine to breathe more freely, producing a deeper and more aggressive exhaust note that car enthusiasts crave.

Overall, the BORLA 140550 Cat-Back exhaust system is a great investment for anyone looking to improve their car’s performance and sound. Its quality construction, lightweight design, and excellent performance make it an excellent choice for any car enthusiast.

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6) COLT EXHAUST Single Chamber

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The COLT EXHAUST Single Chamber is a high-quality performance exhaust system that is designed to provide an enhanced driving experience for car enthusiasts. The product is equipped with several impressive features that make it stand out in the market. One of the most notable features of this exhaust system is the FREE CLAMPS and HANGERS that come with it, which provide a hassle-free installation experience.
Another impressive feature of the COLT EXHAUST Single Chamber is the Dual Exhaust, which allows for a smoother and more efficient flow of exhaust gases, resulting in improved engine performance and increased power output. The exhaust system is also manufactured by COLT, a well-known brand in the automotive industry that is known for producing high-quality performance products.

However, it is worth noting that the product does not come with any installation instructions, which may make the installation process challenging for some users. Overall, the COLT EXHAUST Single Chamber is an excellent choice for car enthusiasts who want to improve the performance of their vehicle and enjoy a more satisfying driving experience.

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7) Truck Exhaust Kits

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The Truck Exhaust Kits with Bolt-On installation, dual exhaust, and Flowmaster technology are a great choice for truck enthusiasts looking for an easy and high-performance exhaust upgrade. The 2.5 AL pipes provide excellent exhaust flow, and the dual exhaust design ensures a balanced and powerful sound. The Bolt-On installation also makes it easy to install the kit without the need for welding or cutting. The Flowmaster technology further improves the performance and sound quality, ensuring that the exhaust system delivers an enhanced driving experience.

The kit is specifically designed for trucks and is available in different models to fit different truck makes and models. The Truck Exhaust Kits are a reliable and cost-effective way to upgrade your truck’s exhaust system without compromising on performance or sound quality. Overall, this kit is a great investment for truck enthusiasts looking for a bolt-on exhaust upgrade that delivers great results.

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Best exhaust for GMC Sierra 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Are you looking to upgrade your GMC Sierra’s exhaust system? If so, this guide will cover all the essential information you need to know. The GMC Sierra is an iconic pickup truck known for its robust power and performance. Upgrading the truck’s exhaust system from stock to an aftermarket system is one of the most common modifications people do to increase their vehicle’s horsepower and driving experience.

Top 3 Exhaust System for GMC Sierra Review: Top-Selling Models 2023

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In this guide, we provide essential information about: 1)what type of exhaust is best for the GMC Sierra 2023; 2)the benefits of installing an optimized exhaust kit; 3)how much does it cost buy and install a GMC Sierra 2023 exhaust system; 4)the different types of aftermarket systems available, including single Exhaust vs Dual Exhaust and straight pipe vs grand bogs muffler etc.

Top 3 Exhaust System for GMC Sierra Review: Top-Selling Models 2023

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Along with these topics we also recommend some excellent products across different price points, which can be used as a reference while browsing for an optimal kit that suits your needs best. We also included some basic installation steps and tips to help you get started on your upgrade process and get back on the roads faster in no time!

Brief overview of the topic

When looking for the best exhaust system for a GMC Sierra 2023, there are several factors to consider. The most important factor is to make sure that the exhaust system fits your truck correctly and meets all safety standards and regulations. Additionally, it’s important to consider how loud or quiet the exhaust will be and whether or not your truck may require additional modifications for installation.

Finally, consider the materials being used as well as how durable an exhaust system is before making a purchase. With these tips in mind, this guide will provide all of the necessary information and advice needed when purchasing an aftermarket exhaust system for a GMC Sierra 2023.

Importance of having the best exhaust system for GMC Sierra 2023

The exhaust system of a vehicle is essential in ensuring that the combustion process runs efficiently and safely, while also keeping noise levels to a minimum. The types of exhaust systems available differ depending on the vehicle make and model, but are broadly categorized into two main types: the factory-installed OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) systems, or aftermarket exhausts.

The GMC Sierra 2023 employs an OEM exhaust system which is designed specifically for accurate and efficient operation when used in conjunction with its other allocated engine components. Choosing an aftermarket exhaust system can greatly improve performance while offering a more distinct sound and more customization options.

Before deciding on the optimal aftermarket exhaust solution for the GMC Sierra 2023, it is important to understand some features that are typically included in such systems:

  1. Header: Consisting of a series of tubes running from each individual cylinder port to a collector outlet just downstream, headers are used for optimal scavenging effect at the lower RPM ranges as well as useful high-RPM gains. This allows better engine output over a wider range of operational speeds, increasing performance overall and also providing improved fuel economy;
  2. Muffler: The muffler functions as both an acoustic tuning device for modifying sound waves exiting the exhaust pipe and controlling emissions;
  3. Catalytic Converter: A catalytic converter further metabolizes harmful pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) during vehicle operation providing additional environmental benefits; and
  4. Piping Design: Pipe shapes can vary greatly by design, but mandrel bent tubing should always be used in order to avoid any degree of flow restriction caused by sharp angles or bends while still allowing flexibility and simple installation if needed down the line;
  5. Heat Shielding/Insulating Materials: Heat shields can be purchased separately if desired to reduce temperatures around any parts susceptible to heat damage near high heat sources such as catalysts or engines, ensuring an extra layer of protection when needed;
  6. Lastly, certain accessories such as air filters with washable elements or remote controls for adjusting sound levels may also be included depending on specific models chosen by customers. Such features are often attractive options when selecting an ideal aftermarket exhaust system solution for vehicles like the GMC Sierra 2023.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

When searching for the best exhaust system for your GMC Sierra 2023, there are several factors you should consider before making a purchase.

Firstly, it is important to determine what type of exhaust system suits your needs and the power requirements of your specific vehicle. Secondly, you will need to decide which material you would like to use for the system, as different materials are used depending on whether sound is a priority or performance gains are desired. Lastly, you need to take into account the overall price since higher-quality systems generally cost more.

These factors should all be taken into consideration before selecting an exhaust system that suits your needs and budget. This guide will cover each factor in detail, providing an overview of some of the most important specifications and features of potential replacement systems available on the market today. It will also discuss some general tips and suggestions to help guide you through the process of choosing a new exhaust system for your vehicle.


GMC Sierra 2023 has an impressive range of engines, but what about the exhausts? To get maximum performance from your vehicle, you need to find an exhaust that is designed specifically for the Sierra. It should be one that is designed to increase power, torque, and fuel economy while elevating the sound of your GMC’s distinctive engine note. In this guide, we’ll go over what makes a great performance exhaust for GMC Sierra 2023, and offer some examples of some great options on the market today.

Some things to look out for when choosing a performance exhaust include:

  • Construction materials: Look for an exhaust made with stainless steel or high-grade aluminum to ensure it can stand up to tough conditions and last longer.
  • Welding process: Make sure any welds are done properly and securely with no gaps in construction. This will affect how much power your engine gets and how long your exhaust system lasts.
  • Design: Look for an exhaust system that is designed specifically for your GMC model; it should fit tightly into place without modification or provide extra attachments so modifications are not required.
  • Sound output: A performance exhaust should be able to buffer sound output so that volume levels remain within legal limits while still giving you a loud rumble when you want it.


Sound is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a quality exhaust for your GMC Sierra. Different styles of mufflers produce different sounds, so it’s important to take the time to find one that suits your taste.

A single inlet/ dual outlet muffler will provide more power and sound than a traditional overlap style muffler. Louder mufflers will produce a powerful and aggressive sound, while quieter varieties are best if you’re looking for a more subdued tone.

Consider how often you use your Sierra and what type of sound you want to accompany it before selecting a muffler. If you want something truly unique, look into customized exhaust systems that are tailored specifically for your vehicles performance needs.

Material and Build Quality

When selecting the best exhaust system for your GMC Sierra 2023, take into consideration not only the design and performance of the exhaust but also the build quality and materials used. The most important factor to consider is the material. Different materials have different advantages, such as providing a greater level of corrosion resistance or better heat tempering qualities. Consider these materials when shopping for an exhaust system:

-Stainless Steel: This material is one of the most resistant materials in terms of rust and corrosion. It provides better heat tempering than aluminized steel as it can handle higher temperatures more efficiently.

-Aluminized Steel: While not quite as corrosion resistant as stainless steel, aluminized steel still provides some protection against rust and oxidation and requires less maintenance over time. It is more affordable than stainless steel but does not offer as much heat tempering capabilities.

-Titanium: This lightweight material has great resistance to corrosion, is extremely strong and offers superior heat management capabilities in comparison to other materials used for exhaust systems. Titanium is also very lightweight which reduces suspension strain on your vehicle when driving over rough terrain due to its light weight design. However, titanium comes at a cost that can be somewhat expensive in comparison to other materials on the market when purchasing a new exhaust system for your GMC Sierra 2023.

III. Types of Exhaust Systems

An exhaust system is one of the most important parts of a vehicle’s engine performance. It helps to reduce the emission levels and maximize engine power by controlling the flow of exhaust gases. A properly built exhaust system can also help to improve fuel economy as well as engine power.

GMC Sierra 2023 offers three types of exhaust systems that meet different needs:

1) Cat-Back Exhaust System – This type of system replaces the entire stock piping from the catalytic converter back, which includes mufflers, pipes, and tailpipes. These systems are great for those who want an easily installed upgrade with improved sound and performance.

2) Header-Back Exhaust – This type of system replaces everything after the header, which typically includes a mid-pipe, mufflers, tailpipes and tips. They are designed for maximum performance without sacrificing sound quality.

3) Off-Road Pipe Kit – This kit is perfect for those who want to upgrade their GMC Sierra 2023 off-road vehicle with extreme performance gains while keeping their emissions within legal limits. It includes high-flow pipes that ensure optimal air flow in your engine’s cylinder heads for increased horsepower and torque.

Cat-back Exhaust

A cat-back exhaust system is made up of two primary components- the catalytic converter and the muffler. It is usually comprised of metal piping, including a Y-pipe, resonator, and tailpipe. It is designed to push the exhaust away from the engine and cab of the truck. This type of exhaust system can increase horsepower and torque in your GMC Sierra by improving engine airflow and reducing back pressure. It also provides a smoother, deeper sound than other types of exhaust systems, so you can show off your pickup’s true power.

Cat-back systems are available for different Cab configurations for both 5.3L & 6.2L engines as well as for different model years (2023 – 2028). No matter what type of ride or style you have in mind, there is a cat-back exhaust system out there that will fit your needs and give you exceptional performance power without sacrificing fuel economy or sound quality.

Axle-back Exhaust

Axle-back exhausts are an excellent choice for GMC Sierra owners who want an easy and cost-effective solution to upgrade their truck’s exhaust system. An axle-back system replaces your stock muffler and tailpipes with new components that are designed to increase performance. The improved exhaust efficiency of the axle-back can offer a boost in power by improving the outflow of exhaust gasses, allowing for more efficient burning of fuel. It can also help create a smoother sound out of the tailpipes, making it easier on the ears.

There are several types of axle-back kits available, so it is important to ensure that you choose one that fits your specific model year and make/model GMC Sierra 2023 vehicle. Luckily, there are plenty of options out there:

– Stainless steel/aluminum alloy axle/exhaust systems: These are typically the more popular option due to their corrosion resistance and performance benefits compared to other types of material. These kits usually come complete with all necessary components such as clamps, hangers and gaskets for convenient installation.

– Catalytic converter back systems: For those looking for a way to improve their truck’s efficiency even further, these kits include a high-flow cat converter which helps reduce emissions and further increase power output from the engine.

– Muffler delete systems: For those looking to get rid of their muffler altogether without compromising on sound quality, this is an ideal solution as it eliminates backpressure while still providing an aggressive sound that many enthusiasts love. It is important to note that this setup may not be legal in some areas due to its drastic change in noise output levels; check local laws before purchasing one!

Header-back Exhaust

Header-back exhaust systems are ideal for those who wish for their vehicle to have the most efficient and powerful exhaust system available. The header-back exhaust system is designed to replace all components of the stock exhaust from the truck’s header, from the manifold to the end of the tailpipe and is usually considered an upgrade from the factory equipment.

This improved design features larger pipes and optimized bends, allowing for a smoother flow with increased strength and power. However, it also requires welding during installation, making it a bit more time consuming than other types of upgrades, but well worth it in general. The GMC Sierra 2023 generally works best with cold air intakes and tuning made specifically to pair with a header-back exhaust system if you plan on fully upgrading your vehicle’s performance capabilities.


In summary, choosing the right exhaust system for your GMC Sierra 2023 is no small task. Consider the size and shape of your engine — four-cylinder or V6 — before browsing through various systems available to you. Look for brands that have a reputation for quality construction, durability and performance. Make sure it fits properly prior to installation and make sure that you understand how to install it properly — preferably with professional help in case of any challenges.

Most importantly, enjoy your newly-installed exhaust system!


What type of exhaust is best for performance?

A performance exhaust system typically consists of larger diameter tubing and high-flow mufflers to improve the engine’s breathing ability. The best type of exhaust for performance depends on the vehicle and the specific performance goals. Generally, a cat-back or header-back exhaust system is recommended as they replace the restrictive stock components and provide a freer-flowing exhaust.

What type of exhaust sounds the best?

The “best” sounding exhaust is subjective and depends on personal preference. However, many people find that performance exhausts with a deeper, throatier tone sound the best. This can be achieved with larger diameter pipes and less restrictive mufflers.

What exhaust gives most horsepower?

A high-performance exhaust system can give a noticeable boost in horsepower, but the amount varies depending on the vehicle and specific exhaust setup. Typically, a full header-back exhaust system can provide the most horsepower gains.

How much HP does a better exhaust add?

The amount of horsepower gained from a better exhaust depends on many factors, including the vehicle, the specific exhaust system, and other modifications. In general, a well-designed performance exhaust can provide a gain of 5-10 horsepower, but gains of up to 20 or more horsepower are possible in some cases.

How to increase horsepower in GMC Sierra?

There are several ways to increase horsepower in a GMC Sierra, including upgrading the exhaust system, installing a cold air intake, tuning the engine, and adding forced induction (turbo or supercharger). Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, and the best choice depends on the vehicle and the owner’s specific goals.

Is exhaust worth upgrading?

Upgrading the exhaust system can provide noticeable improvements in performance, sound, and aesthetics. However, the benefits vary depending on the vehicle and specific exhaust setup, and the cost of the upgrade can be significant. Ultimately, the decision to upgrade the exhaust depends on the owner’s goals and budget.

Does changing exhaust reduce mileage?

Changing the exhaust system can potentially reduce fuel economy, especially if the new system is designed for improved performance and sound. However, the impact on mileage is usually minimal, and the improved performance may offset any loss in efficiency.

What are the disadvantages of aftermarket exhaust?

Aftermarket exhaust systems can have several disadvantages, including increased cost, increased noise, and reduced ground clearance. In some cases, aftermarket exhausts can also cause issues with emissions testing and may void the vehicle’s warranty.

Does changing exhaust increase BHP?

Changing the exhaust system can increase horsepower (BHP) by improving the engine’s breathing ability and reducing backpressure. However, the amount of horsepower gained depends on the vehicle and specific exhaust setup. A well-designed performance exhaust system can provide a significant increase in BHP.


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