Best tailgate assist for GMC Sierra 2023

Are you looking for an easy way to open and close your tailgate on your GMC Sierra 2023? You’re in luck!

In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to finding the best tailgate assist for your vehicle. With our help, opening and closing the tailgate of your Sierra won’t be a hassle anymore!

Best tailgate assist for GMC Sierra 2023

  1. Orion Motor Tech Tailgate Assist (Editor’s pick)
  2. KitsPro Truck Tailgate  GMC Sierra  (Best Overall)
  3. Orion Motor Tech  2007 Classic Models (Budget Friendly)
  4. ARANA Store 3500HD GMC Sierra
  5. ARANA 2500 HD Classic
  6. Orion Motor Tech Lift Assist Tailgate
  7. AEagle Chevy Silverado

1) Orion Motor Tech Tailgate Assist

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The Orion Motor Tech Tailgate Assist is an efficient solution for those looking to eliminate the shock when opening or closing their truck’s tailgate. This device ensures a smooth and controlled movement, preventing any potential damage to the tailgate or vehicle. Its simple assembly process is an added bonus, allowing for easy installation without the need for any specialized tools or equipment. The Orion Motor Tech Tailgate Assist also provides an added benefit of lifting the tailgate, making it effortless to open and close, even for heavier loads.

With dimensions of 10.98 x 3.07 x 1.42 inches, this tailgate assist is compact and easy to install, making it an excellent choice for any truck owner looking to upgrade their vehicle’s tailgate. Overall, the Orion Motor Tech Tailgate Assist is a highly recommended accessory for anyone seeking a smooth, hassle-free tailgate experience.

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2) KitsPro Truck Tailgate  GMC Sierra

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The KitsPro Truck Tailgate for the GMC Sierra 1500 is an impressive addition to any truck owner’s arsenal. One of its standout features is the cable clip 1, which allows for easy installation and removal of the tailgate without the need for additional tools. This is particularly useful for those who frequently need to remove their tailgate for loading and unloading cargo.Another notable feature is the removable piston, which provides a smooth and controlled opening and closing of the tailgate. This feature ensures that the tailgate won’t slam shut and cause damage, making it safer for users and their cargo.

Finally, the thickened layer of the KitsPro Truck Tailgate adds an extra layer of durability and protection against scratches, dents, and other types of damage. This is particularly useful for those who frequently use their truck for heavy-duty work.Overall, the KitsPro Truck Tailgate for the GMC Sierra 1500 is a solid choice for anyone looking for a reliable and durable tailgate with useful features that make it easy to use and maintain.

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3) Orion Motor Tech  2007 Classic Models

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The Orion Motor Tech 2007 Classic Models is a reliable and durable option for car enthusiasts. The electrophoresis feature ensures that the parts are coated with a protective layer, making them resistant to corrosion and rust. This guarantees that the parts remain in excellent condition even in harsh environments.The use of AISI 1045 steel, a high-quality steel material, ensures that the parts are strong and can withstand extreme pressure and impact. The forged steel construction enhances the durability and longevity of the parts.The 13 mm wrench included in the package makes installation easy and convenient, allowing for a hassle-free and secure fit.

Overall, the Orion Motor Tech 2007 Classic Models is a great choice for those who value quality and reliability in their car parts. The combination of electrophoresis, AISI 1045 steel, forged steel construction, and a 13 mm wrench makes for a dependable and long-lasting product.

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4) ARANA Store 3500HD GMC Sierra

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The ARANA Store offers an excellent 3500HD GMC Sierra car cover that boasts of a locking glue feature, ensuring that the cover stays in place and secure at all times. The thick cylinder design enhances durability, ensuring that the car cover can withstand harsh weather elements, scratches, and dings, protecting your vehicle from damage. The cover’s snug fit is ideal for the 3500HD GMC Sierra model, providing full coverage and protection from UV rays, rain, and snow, prolonging the vehicle’s lifespan.

The automotive grade materials used to manufacture the car cover are long-lasting, breathable, and prevent condensation, keeping the car dry and clean at all times. The car cover also comes with an easy-to-follow installation manual, making it effortless to install and remove, ensuring that you can use it at your convenience. Overall, the ARANA Store 3500HD GMC Sierra car cover is an excellent investment that provides value for money, ensuring that your vehicle stays in pristine condition for longer.

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5) ARANA 2500 HD Classic

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The ARANA 2500 HD Classic is a heavy-duty machine equipped with impressive features. Its shield cover provides protection against external damage, ensuring durability and longevity. The 2 x Lager Washer is an added advantage that enhances the machine’s stability and minimizes vibration during operation. The anti-dust feature helps to keep the machine’s internal components clean, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring smooth operation. The wearproof feature is also a significant advantage, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacement of parts.

Overall, the ARANA 2500 HD Classic is a reliable and robust machine designed for heavy-duty tasks. Its shield cover, 2 x Lager Washer, anti-dust, and wearproof features make it an ideal choice for those seeking a durable and efficient machine for their work needs. The machine is easy to operate and maintain, making it a practical and valuable investment for individuals and businesses alike.

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6) Orion Motor Tech Lift Assist Tailgate

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The Orion Motor lift AssistTailgate is a well-built and durable tailgate designed for pickup trucks. The tailgate is made of galvanized steel, which provides superior rust resistance and durability. The galvanized coating also ensures that the tailgate can withstand harsh weather conditions, making it an excellent choice for truck owners who need a reliable tailgate for heavy-duty use.The tailgate also features a piston rod, which allows for easy opening and closing of the tailgate. The piston rod ensures that the tailgate opens and closes smoothly, without any jerks or sudden movements. This feature adds to the convenience of the tailgate, making it easy to use even for those who are not accustomed to handling heavy truck tailgates.

Overall, the Orion Motor lift Assist Tailgate is a great choice for truck owners who need a sturdy and reliable tailgate. With its galvanized construction and piston rod feature, this tailgate is sure to provide years of dependable service.

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7) AEagle Chevy Silverado

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The AEagle Chevy Silverado is an impressive pickup truck that is designed to provide robust performance and exceptional handling. One of the standout features of this vehicle is its hydraulic cylinder, which helps to improve its stability and control on the road. This feature is particularly useful when driving on uneven terrain, as it allows the vehicle to maintain a smooth ride, regardless of the conditions.

Another notable feature of the AEagle Chevy Silverado is its GMC C1500 engine, which provides impressive power and acceleration. This engine is designed to deliver excellent fuel efficiency, making it an excellent choice for drivers who want to reduce their environmental footprint while still enjoying a powerful and reliable vehicle.Overall, the AEagle Chevy Silverado is an excellent pickup truck that is well-suited for a wide range of applications.

Whether you need a vehicle for work or play, this truck is sure to exceed your expectations with its impressive performance and exceptional handling.

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Best tailgate assist for GMC Sierra 2023-Complete Buying Guide

The GMC Sierra 2023 is a truck engineered for demanding daily workloads and tough terrain, but you’ll want the best tailgate assist available to make loading the bed of your truck easier. Tailgate assists help take the strain of heavy lifting off by supporting the weight of your tailgate while you raise or lower it manually – allowing for smooth, effortless operation. KitsPro Truck Tailgate Assist Accessories for Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 LTD Limited from 2019 to 2022, Original Rod, Pack of 1 : Automotive

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Finding the perfect tailgate assist can be daunting, so we’ve put together this comprehensive buying guide to help you decide which option fits your needs. We cover topics like selecting a quality assist with an adjustable latch, adding convenience with power-assist lift system motors and choosing from mechanical and pneumatic options. After reading this guide and considering our recommended features, you should be able to make an educated decision when picking out your new tailgate assist. Let’s get started!

Truck Tailgate Assist Shock Lift Support For Silverado 1500 2500 HD 3500 HD GMC Sierra

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Explain what a tailgate assist is and why it’s important for GMC Sierra 2023 trucks

A tailgate assist is a device that can be installed on a GMC Sierra 2023 truck to make it easier to open and close the tailgate. It helps reduce the effort needed to lift the heavy tailgate, as well as reducing chances of physical injury when trying to close or open the tailgate manually. It uses a spring-loaded system to smoothly and slowly lower and raise the tailgate while also providing an additional safety measure in case of an unexpected release or sudden closure.

This type of device is essential for GMC Sierra 2023 trucks that don’t come with an electric or power-assisted tailgate feature. The extra weight added by aftermarket accessories such as a tonneau cover, toolbox, ladder rack, etc., will quickly make opening and closing your truck’s heavy tailgate much more difficult than it already is. Installing a tailgate assist will not only help you easily raise and lower your tailgate but also provide additional safety from any unexpected release or closure issues due to added weight.

Discuss the benefits of a tailgate assist

Tailgate assists offer tremendous benefits, including increased safety and convenience. With a tailgate assist, lifting and lowering the tailgate on a heavy pick-up truck is easier, as the weight of the gate is directed back to the cab. This reduces the strain on your arms and back while making it easier to access cargo space.

In addition to reducing strain from manual lifting, tailgate assists can also greatly improve safety. Virtually all of GMC Sierra 2023 trucks feature an advanced tailgate assist system that ensures that the weight of your heavy tailgate is countered when you lower it down. This prevents sudden drops or shocks that can cause serious injury to fingers or toes if not careful.

A tailgate assist can also save time when loading and unloading cargo in tight spaces because you won’t need to manually lift or lower the gate each time. This increases productivity in multiple ways since you won’t have to stop what you’re doing to adjust the gate before each maneuver; rather, continue carrying what it was you were supposed to carry while working at a faster rate with less effort.

Preview the content of the buying guide

Before making your purchase for a tailgate assist for your GMC Sierra 2023, it is important to be aware of the functionality, features, benefits and limitations of potential products. This buying guide will provide an overview of what to look for in a tailgate assist and will explain why they are beneficial additions to your truck.

This guide also provides an evaluation of various tailgate assist options available with their respective pros and cons so you can make an informed purchase decision that is tailored to fit your needs. The aim is to help you understand what specifications matter when selecting a suitable product.

In addition, this buying guide includes useful tips on installation, maintenance and troubleshooting so you can get the best performance out of your tailgate assist. By the end of this guide, you should have a clearer idea of which product fits best into your budget, lifestyle and use case scenarios.

Types of Tailgate Assists

Choosing a tailgate assist for your GMC Sierra 2023 depends on the type of tailgate you have and your personal preferences. There are two main types of tailgate assists that can be used on the GMC Sierra 2023.

One is a power-assist, which uses an electric motor to help lift and lower heavy tailgates. These are usually the most expensive option, but they provide an unparalleled level of convenience. Power-assists typically come with two sets of protocols: one to slowly open the tailgate and another to slowly close it. This helps to reduce potential damage due to sudden or excessive pressure being applied by the user, ensuring maximum safety.

The other type is a mechanical arm, which is typically much less expensive than a power-assist version. Mechanical arms are activated via a small lever or button under the bed rail that releases tension off the strut bar in order to reduce resistance while lifting or lowering heavy loads. This type of tailgate assist is ideal for users who don’t need all the extra features associated with a power-assist option and simply want something affordable and reliable to help manage their heavy loads.

Hydraulic assist

Hydraulic assist tailgate lifts use a hydraulic system to help raise and lower the tailgate of your GMC Sierra truck. Hydraulic systems are energy-dense, so they require much less effort to open and close doors and hatches than mechanical systems do. Furthermore, due to the low amount of friction between a hydraulic system’s moving components, they experience very little wear-and-tear over their lifespan. An easy-to-use keypad or button allow you to control the strength of your lift’s support, so you can decide how light or heavy you prefer the tailgate lift to be.

When it comes to choosing between different models of hydraulically assisted tailgates for your GMC sierra Truck, there are two main types to consider: direct actuation lifts and powered-assisted lifts. Direct actuation lifts use a basic lever configuration with an internal electromagnet that engages when activated—as gravity pulls down on the hatch when opening or keeps it shut when closing. Powered assisted lifts use DC motors that provide higher amounts of torque and force for more powerful opening/closing action. The tradeoff is more expensive price tag compared with traditional hydraulic systems.

Finally, many modern hydraulic assist options come equipped with additional features such as auto release/lock mechanisms or automatic gap fillers—so check out what suits you best before making your final decision!

Spring assist

When lifting the tailgate of a GMC Sierra 2023, some people may struggle with lack of control and getting pinched in the process. This is where spring assist tailgate hinges come into play.

Spring Assist is a convenient, economical aid to easily and safely lift your heavy tailgate. It supports up to 75 pounds so even fully loaded tailgates are balanced for easy use and slowing descent as it closes.

With spring assist hinges, you can also open the tailgate one handed without any effort making them great for people with knee or back joint problems that prevent them from controlling heavy loads. These hinges are made from high quality stainless steel with phosphate finish for added protection against rust and deterioration. The haves a wide angle range of up to 90 degrees which allows for greater flexibility when opening the tailgate in tight spaces or difficult angles.

All installation is simple without extra tools and no special adjustments are needed after installation, meaning you’ll be ready to go fast!

Discuss the pros and cons of each type and which would be the best fit for GMC Sierra 2023 trucks

Whether you’re a regular off-roader or only hit the roads occasionally, having a tailgate assist makes life much easier. Tailgate assistants are widely available in different sizes, styles and price points – they are simply an accessory that allows you to open and close your tailgate with minimal effort. Depending on how you use your truck, there are different types of tailgates which can best suit your needs.

Soft-Close Tailgates: A soft-close tailgate is convenient, as it closes the door automatically with one simple push of a button. It’s great if you need to open and close the door often; however, it can be expensive. The downside is that it may not be strong enough to handle offroad conditions that require additional contact force such as rocky terrains or extreme temperatures.

Electric Tailgates: An electric tailgate is ideal for those who prioritize convenience over strength as pushing one power button is all you need to get the job done. Plus, electric gate actuators come with additional features such as adjustable speed settings and overload protection – perfect for GMC Sierra 2023 trucks that endure wear-and-tear from heavy loads on a regular basis.

Manual Tailgates: Manual gates are usually strong enough for basic needs but have no extra features like those found in electric tailgates. Generally inexpensive and easy to install, manual gates depend solely on physical strength as opposed to technology or convenience features; but they still provide ample support when closing or opening heavy truck doors.

From a durability standpoint, we recommend manual gates for GMC Sierra 2023 trucks because they tend to be more robust than electric and soft-close models while still providing an improved user experience over stock models; making them an optimal fit for both occasional off-roading purposes and everyday use alike -all while being quite affordable too!

III. Compatibility

One of the most important aspects to consider when selecting a tailgate assist for your GMC Sierra is compatibility. While most tailgate assist systems are designed to fit on various makes and models, it’s essential to confirm that the product you’re looking at is compatible with your truck.

You’ll want to check closely for compatibility details, such as make, model year and LB weight or tonnage ratings. Additionally, some tailgate assists are easy enough for DIY installation; others may require professional installation or special tools for the setup process. Be sure that you have the necessary tools or services available before you purchase a particular system.

Taking into account these factors will help you find the best tailgate assist system for your GMC Sierra that fits perfectly with detailed specifications and makes your experience as seamless as possible.

Discuss how to determine the compatibility of a tailgate assist with your GMC Sierra 2023 truck

When you’re shopping for a tailgate assist for your GMC Sierra 2023 truck, it’s important to make sure the model you choose is compatible with your vehicle. There are several factors that determine compatibility, including the year, make and model of the truck. As such, it’s important to research the specs of both your truck and the tailgate assist model before you purchase.

To start, be sure you have an accurate understanding of your vehicle’s year, make and model. That information will help you determine which tailgate assists are suitable for your GMC Sierra 2023 pickup truck. Typically, vendors provide a list of compatible vehicles on product specifications or additional information pages. If a specific model isn’t listed as compatible with a certain make and model, it might still work but could cause installation issues or won’t provide optimal performance (e.g., adjustable settings may not properly fit).

While researching compatibility is one way to ensure a tailgate assist is suitable for your GMC Sierra 2023 pickup truck, another option is to look at customer reviews and ratings from individuals who have purchased and installed the product. Generally speaking, these reviews include firsthand accounts from other drivers who have experience in installing either specific brands or models in various trucks like yours – giving insight on what issues might arise when installing – so be sure to read these carefully before making any purchasing decisions.

Ultimately, finding the right tailgate assist for your GMC Sierra 2023 pickup truck entails taking some time to research available options that are not only compatible but can also handle the load capacity needed for safe operation—check out our recommendations here! After settling on an appropriate choice based on this research price comparison shopping can help put an otherwise functional choice within budget – also take into consideration any warranties or labor charges associated with installation that might add up over time if not taken care of upfront by a vendor/manufacturer’s promotions

Explain the importance of choosing a tailgate assist that fits properly

When purchasing a tailgate assist for your GMC Sierra, it is essential to ensure that the tailgate fits properly. This is important because having an improperly fitted tailgate can pose a safety hazard and interfere with the operation of your GMC Sierra’s tailgate. Therefore, it is important to check the size measurements of your tailgate before selecting a tailgate assist.

The standard way to measure a truck’s tailgate is from the inside of the bottom left corner to the inside of the top right corner, giving two numbers representing length and height respectively. Knowing these numbers will help you in finding out whether or not a particular brand’s tailgate assist fits perfectly. Additionally, make sure that you get an exact measurement instead of rounding off figures as this might cause an incorrect fitting. Furthermore, some brands also design their size ranges based on ‘standard’ measurements which are actually quite different in comparison to specific vehicle models like GMC Sierra. Thus reading reviews and thorough research will help you make an informed decision regarding which brand offers accurate sizes for your vehicle’s specified measurements.

Properly measuring and selecting a compatible size for your GMC Sierra’s tailgate will ensure that you experience augmented safety, convenience and dependability in using your desired materialized product free from any possible risks or hazards.


The GMC Sierra 2023 is the perfect pick up truck for those in need of a capable and strong vehicle. When it comes to tailgate assist, there is no shortage of reliable options available. Our top pick for this model year is the Raptor Series Lowering Hassle-Free Tailgate Assist 2009-2018. It enables faster, easier, and safer opening and closing of your tailgate with fewer moving parts that are corrosion resistant.

It’s important to consider your own specific needs before making a tailgate assist decision. Tailgates can be complicated and each model has different characteristics that may require more or less support from an aftermarket product. Weigh all the pros and cons when evaluating which product could provide you with exactly what you’re looking for in a tailgate controller!


What is the name of the upgraded tailgate GMC offers?

The upgraded tailgate offered by GMC is called the MultiPro Tailgate.

Does GMC Sierra have power tailgate?

Yes, some models of the GMC Sierra have a power tailgate as an optional feature.

How much does a MultiPro tailgate cost?

The cost of a MultiPro tailgate varies depending on the specific model of the GMC Sierra and the dealership, but it generally ranges from around $700 to $1000.

Can you put tailgate assist on both sides?

Yes, it is possible to install tailgate assist on both sides of the tailgate, but you would need to purchase and install two separate tailgate assist kits.

How many tailgate assists do you need?

Typically, one tailgate assist kit is enough for most trucks, as it helps to reduce the weight and strain of lifting and lowering the tailgate. However, if you have a larger or heavier tailgate, you may need to install two tailgate assist kits for optimal support.

Does lowering tailgate improve gas mileage?

Lowering the tailgate can actually decrease gas mileage, as it disrupts the airflow around the truck and creates more drag. To improve gas mileage, it is recommended to keep the tailgate closed while driving.

Is an electric tailgate worth it?

Whether or not an electric tailgate is worth it depends on personal preference and usage. Electric tailgates can be convenient and easier to operate, but they also tend to be more expensive and may require more maintenance than a traditional manual tailgate.

Can a power liftgate be added?

Yes, a power liftgate can be added to some models of the GMC Sierra as an optional feature.

What are the 6 positions of the GMC tailgate?

The six positions of the GMC MultiPro Tailgate are primary gate load stop, primary gate full open, primary gate half open, easy access, step, and inner gate load stop.

What is EZ lift tailgate package?

The EZ Lift Tailgate package is an optional feature for some models of the GMC Sierra that includes a power lock and release tailgate, as well as a lift assist feature to make it easier to open and close the tailgate.

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