How Wheel Spacers Can Improve Your Ford Maverick’s Performance Complete Guide

Are you looking to give your Ford Maverick a performance boost? Wheel spacers can be the ultimate solution to that!

With this comprehensive guide, you’ll get the knowledge and confidence to make the best decision for your vehicle. Get ready for improved performance and style – let’s explore how wheel spacers can help you realize these goals.

If you have a Ford Maverick and are looking for ways to improve its performance, one component you may want to consider adding is wheel spacers. Wheel spacers are an aftermarket product that’s installed between your vehicle’s wheel hub and wheel, providing more clearance and making it possible for the wheels to fit further out from the body of the car. This increased clearance can help reduce body roll and improve overall handling performance on the roadways. Additionally, installing wheel spacers can create a more aggressive look for your Maverick by giving it a wider stance.

Wheel spacers offer several other benefits as well. By increasing offset and wheel track width, they make it easier to load tires onto your factory wheels which allows you to use wider tires than what came with your car from the factory. Installing wheel spacers can also provide extra clearance between your vehicle’s brake calipers and wheels enabling some owners to upgrade their brakes without brakes hitting the wheel rims or tires when turning sharply.

Before purchasing and installing wheel spacers, there are some factors that need to be taken into consideration such as size, bolt pattern & spacing width, hubcentricity & lug compatibility, quality & materials used, etc., which will be discussed in detail within this guide.

Brief overview of the Ford Maverick and the concept of wheel spacers

The Ford Maverick is a classic car that was first introduced in the late ’60s and continued through to the early ’90s. The small, front-wheel drive sedan gave drivers great fuel economy, affordability and maneuverability.

For those who want to upgrade their Maverick for better performance, wheel spacers are an excellent choice. Wheel spacers allow you to adjust the distance between your wheels to optimize handling and cornering for improved performance. They are also beneficial for some aesthetic reasons as well – giving your car a more aggressive look by moving your wheels further out from the body.

Let’s take a closer look at what wheel spacers can do for a Ford Maverick and how they should be installed correctly for optimal performance results.

Importance of wheel spacers in enhancing a vehicle’s performance

Wheel spacers are essential components of a vehicle, as they ensure optimal performance and a range of other benefits. Wheel spacers increase the distance between the wheel’s hub face and wheel flange. This creates additional space, which allows for different levels of positioning per wheel so that tires do not collide due to suspended or jolting movement when the vehicle is in motion. It also helps distribute weight evenly to any wheels that are subject to overloading stress or imbalance due to uneven terrain.

Furthermore, wheel spacers can help reduce speed wobble when cornering on roads with uneven surfaces. They also provide improved handling characteristics in vehicles with large tires and wider wheels such as the Ford Maverick. In addition, it increases clearance from suspension components and brake calipers thus reducing rubbing or tire slippage during tight turns or off-road terrains.

With properly installed wheel spacers, you can give your Ford Maverick enhanced aesthetics – as they act like rims extensions without having to change out costly rims – while simultaneously improving its performance at the same time!

What are Wheel Spacers?

Wheel spacers are accessories which are placed on either side between the rims and the hub of your Ford Maverick. These spacers act as a buffer between the two surfaces and can be used to adjust the gap between the suspension components, allowing you to better control alignment, stiffness and track width, while also providing extra clearance or adding weight to increase grip.

For instance, in vehicles where all four wheels are separated by 8-10mm, wheel spacers can help further reduce any unwanted alignment issues, such as tire scrubbing. This can be beneficial for performance cars with heavy engines and suspensions which require more clearance than usual. Wheel Spacers also provide additional stability during cornering and can improve braking stability by adding extra weight to aid in stronger traction. They’re especially useful if you need to upgrade your tires and rims without affecting ride height or overall handling. On a Ford Maverick, wheel spacers help eliminate vibrations due to misalignment of the hub or suspension components as well as increase handling potential by widening track widths for improved stance on cornering maneuverability.

Definition of wheel spacers

Wheel spacers are special adapters that space out the wheel from the hub of a vehicle, thus widening the stance and improving the look. They typically come in sizes ranging from 1/2″ to 2″ and are made of aluminum, polyurethane and steel.

Generally, wheel spacers are used to change the offset of a wheel or to help clear suspension components such as brakes, calipers or struts. Many Ford Maverick owners use wheel spacers for just this purpose – helping them achieve a more aggressive look by giving their Maverick a custom look as well as increased performance since they can now fit wider tires and wheels.

Advantages and disadvantages of using wheel spacers

Wheel spacers provide an assortment of benefits and drawbacks depending on individual preferences. They can improve your Ford Maverick’s performance by increasing the wheelbase and allowing for broader range of motion. Additionally, wheel spacers can perform other useful functions such as improved suspension and a lower center of gravity to better the vehicle’s handling. On the flip side, wheel spacers can produce issues such as those related to bearing wear, lug nut fatigue, and issues with driveline vibration that could lead to wheel failure under certain circumstances.

Here are some advantages to using wheel spacers:

  • Increase tire clearance while providing more suspension articulation.
  • Improve off-road traction by widening your vehicle’s stance.
  • Allow larger tires for better cornering grip thus improving performance.
  • Better drag races acceleration due to wider tire size thus creating more surface area and contact with the road which increases grip when accelerating from a dead stop.

Here are some disadvantages associated with using wheel spacers:

  • Increased risk of excessive heat build up in brake assemblies due to additional space between the tire surface and calipers during hard braking situations resulting in reduced response time from brakes when driving at high speeds or on wet surfaces.
  • Increased likelihood of bearing wear due to increased space between hubs and studs due to the installation of a spacer all essentially reducing load capacity when installing larger tires & wheels, leading to a longer brake response time during severe braking operations or emergencies due to extra space between hub & axle components.
  • Vibration caused by uneven load balance along with lug nut fatigue due to heavier torque clamping force required when employing heavily weighted items such as large wheels & tires on vehicles outfitted with aftermarket parts; Excessive vibration can cause premature wear & tear on both car parts themselves as well as lug nuts over time causing loosening at high speeds leading potentially leading accidents when control is lost on vehicles outfitted with aftermarket performance modifications such as wide rims & low profile tires specifically installed using wheel spacers.

III. Benefits of Wheel Spacers for Ford Maverick

Wheel spacers are an effective and affordable modification commonly used on Ford Mavericks to create a better overall driving experience. They are a simple yet highly effective method of extending the width of your vehicle’s wheelbase, making it look more stylish and improving the performance. Generally made of lightweight aluminum or heavy steel alloy, spacers help to fill in the gaps between the hub and the wheel mounting surface, making for a smoother transition when turning in tight corners or during hard acceleration maneuveres.

Adding wheel spacers to a Ford Maverick comes with many advantages that include:

  • Enhanced Traction: Wider stance tires can provide up to 20% extra traction on corners, allowing for quicker acceleration and sharper turns.
  • Better Gas Mileage: By improving power output and longevity of each tire tread, your wheels can provide more efficient fuel usage over time.
  • Improved Corner Clearing: With a wider front end and higher road clearance, you will find it easier to navigate through tight corners and around objects without fear of cracking or damaging your vehicle’s frame.
  • Decreased Tire Wear & Tear: When wider wheels are added at regular intervals they help distribute weight more evenly which increases their lifespan significantly. In addition, even after years of use they don’t show dramatic signs of tire wear & tear since most wear patterns due to poor alignment become less visible with each change in breadth gap size.

Improved handling and stability

Wheel spacers are designed to increase the distance between the wheel hub and wheel, creating greater stability and more even weight distribution. This allows for more tire contact with the road surface, which improves handling and braking control. With increased traction comes improved acceleration, even on wet surfaces.

Installing wheel spacers also can allow clearance for customized rim designs that don’t fit factory specifications. Additionally, if you plan to use larger tires on your Ford Maverick, wheel spacers may be necessary for installation. The extra space created allows for proper clearance so that larger-sized tires can be safely secured onto your vehicle’s wheels.

Enhanced brake clearance

Wheel spacers are designed to fit between the hub of a vehicle and its wheel, allowing for improved brake clearance. This can be useful in many situations, including when brakes or suspension parts need to be replaced, or when a wider tire size is needed. In the case of the Ford Maverick, fitting proper wheel spacers can help improve brake performance and make it much safer to drive.

Installing wheel spacers requires some tools and skills that many people might find difficult to achieve on their own. It’s important to carefully follow the supplied instructions in order to make sure that everything is installed correctly and securely. This guide will cover all aspects of installing wheel spacers on your Ford Maverick, so you can upgrade your setup with confidence!

The first step is ensuring that you have purchased quality spacer lug nuts which will provide enough grip for both your wheels and hub assembly. Secondly, place your new spacers onto the lugs and use a torque wrench to tighten them correctly – using too much force could lead to damage! Finally, check that all components are correctly mounted before taking out on public roads – unsecured or mismatched components may cause dangerous handling issues when accelerating or braking quickly.

Once installed properly and checked for safety, your enhanced braking clearance and improved ride comfort should be noticeable right away! Do not hesitate to contact a professional mechanic if you have any doubts about the installation process – they can help confirm everything is securely fitted before giving you the go ahead start driving safely on public roads.

Improved aesthetics

Wheel spacers can improve the look of your Ford Maverick, as well as improving its performance. Often wheel spacers are used for aesthetic reasons and to give your car a more aggressive look.

Wheel spacers allow the wheel to be tucked further into the wheel well and pushed out further from the car’s body, giving it a wider stance, which in turn increases its stability and allows for more secure handling on tight corners. This also affects the way that air flows around the wheel, reducing turbulence while also improving both mileage and performance.

Additionally, wheel spacers will improve the overall appearance by making your wheel stand out, making it more easily noticed in a crowd of cars.

Enhanced performance in off-road conditions

Wheel spacers are an excellent choice when it comes to improving the performance of your Ford Maverick in off-road conditions. Installing the proper set of spacers on your Ford Maverick can give it more stability while increasing its suspension travel, allowing you to navigate uneven surfaces with greater control.

Furthermore, by widening its track width and reducing your vehicle’s turning radius, you’ll enjoy improved traction so that you can confidently make sharp turns while driving in various terrains.

In order to ensure that your wheels are able to fit safely onto your chosen set of spacers, please make sure that you have accurately measured both the bolt pattern size and hub bore diameter for optimal compatibility. Finally, select a reliable set of quality spacers that is strong enough to withstand the force from the wheels and rims as well as heavy loads from regular off-roading scenarios.

21-23 Bronco BORA 1.25" Wheel Spacer Set 2


It’s important to recognize the potential to improve your Ford Maverick’s performance using wheel spacers. By decreasing the likelihood that you’ll needlessly rub your tires against the frame and suspension components, you can reduce the risk of damage and help ensure a smoother ride.

Wheel spacers also provide additional stability which can help boost your vehicle’s overall performance on challenging terrain. With proper installation, maintenance, and attention to fitment and clearance requirements, installing wheel spacers on your Ford Maverick is an affordable way to boost its performance for years of worry-free enjoyment.


Do wheel spacers increase performance? 

No, wheel spacers do not increase performance.

Is there any benefit in wheel spacers?

 Yes, wheel spacers can improve vehicle stability and provide clearance for larger tires.

Is 2 inch wheel spacers too much?

 It depends on the vehicle and the application, but 2 inch wheel spacers are generally considered to be on the larger side.

Do ATV wheel spacers cause problems?

 ATV wheel spacers can cause problems if they are not installed properly or if they are used in extreme conditions.

What are the disadvantages of spacers? 

Disadvantages of spacers can include reduced wheel bearing life, increased stress on suspension components, and increased risk of wheel detachment.

Why are wheel spacers a bad idea? 

Wheel spacers can be a bad idea if they are not installed correctly, if they are used in extreme conditions, or if they are not the appropriate size for the vehicle.

Are 2 inch spacers safe?

 2 inch spacers can be safe if they are installed properly and used in appropriate conditions.

Are wheel spacers safe for daily driving? 

Wheel spacers can be safe for daily driving if they are installed properly and used in appropriate conditions.

Do wheel spacers affect acceleration?

 Wheel spacers can affect acceleration by increasing the effective gear ratio, which can result in slower acceleration.

Is it safe to drive fast with spacers? 

It depends on the vehicle and the application, but driving fast with spacers can increase the risk of wheel detachment and other safety issues.

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