Benefits of a Leveling Kit for Toyota Tacoma

Are you looking for a way to improve the overall performance of your Toyota Tacoma? A leveling kit can be the perfect solution. You’ll enhance the off-road capabilities and make it more capable than ever before.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the advantages of a leveling kit for your Toyota Tacoma. Get ready to take your truck to the next level!

A leveling kit can drastically improve the ride, comfort, and drivability of your Toyota Tacoma. By adjusting the suspension for better handling and a more even stance the Tacoma can upgrade from merely utilitarian to a smooth and stylish ride. This article will provide an overview of how to choose the right leveling kit for your truck and what benefits you can expect when it is properly installed.

It is important to note that some OEM parts must be replaced in order to install certain kits which may add additional expense. Certian levelling kits also require special tools to complete some tasks. Make sure you understand the requirements of any kit you are considering before purchasing it. Additionally, some aftermarket shocks and tires may be necessary if you want to take full advantage of your kit’s features.

Finally, this article assumes that you have basic knowledge about working with vehicles, so please take appropriate safety measures when installing any part on your vehicle or have qualified professionals do it for youh.

Benefits of a Leveling Kit for Toyota Tacoma

A leveling kit for a Toyota Tacoma is designed to improve ground clearance and stability, while giving the vehicle a more level stance. It also can provide extra space in the bed, allowing additional components to be added later. By using this type of kit, you can improve the structure of your truck by reducing body roll during turns and harsh braking or acceleration. In addition, a leveled truck looks great and unique compared to other Tacoma models.

The main benefits of installing a leveling kit for your Toyota Tacoma include:

  • Improved ground clearance – With the help of progressive coils and lifted adjustable struts, your Tacoma will be able to navigate over obstacles with more ease. This is especially beneficial for off-road antics and when loading cargo into the truck bed.
  • Added stability and handling – Progressive coils improve your suspension system’s rigidity by helping keep each wheel close to where it was originally attached. A leveled rake angle also helps lower body roll during harsh turns or braking.
  • Eye catching look – Your truck stands out from all other Tacomas on the road with a leveled ride profile while wearing additional accessories like larger tires or mudflaps.

Improved Appearance

A leveling kit can add an aggressive style and improved aesthetic to one’s Toyota Tacoma. When a vehicle is lowered, the cab is closer towards the tires, creating a bolder appearance. Not only does this look better from the outside, but you can also enjoy the extra feeling of control when you’re behind the wheel.

Beyond aesthetics, having leveled tires also helps your vehicle perform better in loose terrain and off-road driving. With better balance and improved handling, you can take off-road adventures with more confidence.

Eliminates nose down appearance

By fitting a leveling kit to the Toyota Tacoma, you will be able to eliminate the typical nose down appearance of the truck. Trucks this size have a lot of weight on the chassis and when it is released from the suspension with a leveling kit, that weight can be redistributed more appropriately.

This redistribution of weight gives your truck an improved stance as well as improved handling capabilities. With increased performance, you will have better cornering in certain types of terrain, as well as better stability when towing or carrying heavy loads over uneven roads.

With improved performance comes added safety when traveling at high speeds or over rough terrain—having extra stability can make all the difference in an emergency situation. Additionally, having a leveled stance to your Tacoma can give it added visual appeal and increase its resale value should you choose to sell down the line.

Enhances overall look of the vehicle

While a leveling kit may not function as an aesthetic enhancement for your vehicle, people who want to improve the appearance of their Toyota Tacoma will often install a leveling kit. These kits tend to even out the ride height of your truck, providing it with a sportier look.

Since these kits are designed specifically for Toyota Tacomas, you can rest assured knowing that they will fit perfectly on your vehicle and that it won’t need any further modifications. Furthermore, some of these kits also come with added features like bumpers and fender flares that can help boost the overall look of your truck.

III. Installation Process of a Leveling Kit

Installing a leveling kit for your Toyota Tacoma is relatively easy but does require some manual labor. Prior to installation, you will want to remove the front wheels and inspect the suspension components for any damage or wear-and-tear.

Next, you will want to install any spacers included in your kit. The most common type of spacer is a block that fits between the spring mount and axle on each side of the vehicle for two-inch lifts. Other kits may come with brackets or coil spring spacers, depending on which type of leveling kit you choose. It is important to ensure that these pieces fit securely before moving forward.

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Once all parts have been installed, reinstall the wheels and torque each lug nut according to your vehicle’s recommended specifications. Lastly, check your wheel alignment because it may have shifted during installation and be sure to readjust as needed before completing the job. With these steps completed properly, you’ll suddenly notice that those full cargo boxes aren’t hogging up all the ground clearance anymore!

DIY vs Professional Installation

Deciding between a DIY installation or having a professional perform the work can be daunting. Although a DIY leveling kit installation for the Toyota Tacoma should not be overly challenging, it can require hours of labor and precise mechanical skill. There are several websites that provide detailed instructions on how to complete a leveling kit installation with many featuring videos in case you get stuck.

If you decide to attempt the job yourself, make sure you have all the necessary tools, parts, and take your time. A professional installation is more costly, but they can help spot potential problems with your Tacoma’s suspension that cause instability or uneven wear and tear. Professional installers will also provide tips on maintenance and care instructions to keep your Toyota Tacoma running safe and smoothly.

Regardless of the method you choose, make sure all safety precautions are taken during the installation process when installing a leveling kit for your Toyota Tacoma.

Tools Required for Installation

Before beginning the process of installing a leveling kit on your Toyota Tacoma, you will need to gather a few tools for the job. You will need a 19mm and 17mm socket, as well as an extension for both sockets. Some kits may require additional tools like drill bits or hex keys depending on the type and make of the kit.

Also, you should have safety glasses, wrenches, and screwdrivers handy in case any hardware needs to be adjusted during installation. Apart from these mechanical tools and supplies, you’ll need an extra set of hands to help hold parts in place while they are being installed.

Maintenance and Care

Proper maintenance and care of your leveling kit is essential to ensure that your Toyota Tacoma retains its functionality and durability. Before any servicing, always ensure that all components are tightened correctly, as improper tightening can cause distortion and nearly lead to breakage or failure of the kit’s structural integrity.

To keep the kit in optimal condition for emergencies, it is important to check for signs of wear and tear in areas that might have been exposed to harsh conditions or traveling over rough terrain. Be sure to check for rust or corrosion, missing or bent bolts and nuts, loose connections, cracking rubber seals, etc. Make sure everything is properly lubricated and maintained per the instructions according to the maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer.

It is also recommended that you inspect all system clamps at least once a year in order to properly secure your leveler system on your Toyota Tacoma vehicle. Check these clamps periodically as even minor loosening may cause premature failure due to vibration buildup from travel over uneven surfaces. Additionally, be sure that there are no leaks coming from hydraulic lines or components, which can indicate holes or tear in them. If any issues are identified during inspection periods notify your service provider as soon as possible so that they may take appropriate measures in order to repair or replace the affected parts if necessary before conditions worsen further leading up too much more costly repairs down the road chosen not handled timely!

Routine Inspections

To keep your leveling kit in the best possible condition, we recommend regular inspections of all parts of the system. It is important to check that there are no issues with the suspension and tire alignment before taking the truck onto a terrain. Additionally, it is essential to look out for any corrosion or cracked components that could be compromising your leveling kit’s performance.

Unless you have expert technical knowledge, it is best to take your Toyota Tacoma out for a check-up every few months or when warranty ends, whichever comes first. If you are planning on going off-road more often than usual, then regular maintenance will be critical for ensuring optimal results from your leveling kit. A complete inspection of the suspension system at least once per annum should be done in order to ensure longevity and reliable performance from battery packs and other associated components of the system.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is an important factor in maintaining the Toyota Tacoma’s leveler kit. The panels which make up the leveler kit must be kept clean and free of debris. Dust, dirt, and corrosion all play a role in decreasing parts’ lifespan and can significantly reduce the efficiency of the kit, so it is important to regularly inspect all components for any signs of wear or damage caused by dirt or corrosion.

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It is recommended that a soft brush and water be used to gently wipe off any soil or barnacles that have accumulated on the components. In some cases, light sanding may need to be done to remove rust or corrosion which can result from long-term exposure to water. It is also important that all screws and bolts are tightened properly as they can become loose due to vibrations caused by driving.

It is essential to review the installation manual that comes with your leveling kit when cleaning its components to ensure proper use of materials and take extra care of other parts near it during your inspection process.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is an important factor to consider when installing a leveling kit on your Toyota Tacoma. Many components need to be kept in tip-top shape for the kit to be effective, including brake calipers, wheel bearings, wheel lug nuts and wheel alignment.

The shocks and other suspension components should also be checked periodically for wear and proper tightness. Replacement parts may be necessary in the rare event that some of these components fail.

If anything looks suspicious or breaks, it should be promptly replaced with OE grade parts to ensure maximum performance from your Tacoma’s leveling kit.


In conclusion, a leveling kit for your Toyota Tacoma can benefit you in many ways. It improves the look of the truck, enables you to fit larger tires and rims, facilitates better off-road performance, and helps maintain a safe ride height. It also allows you to improve gas mileage and offers an inexpensive option for customizing your vehicle.

A properly installed leveling kit will provide you with long-lasting benefits without sacrificing any of your truck’s performance or durability. Whether you’re looking for a slight lift or bigger tires and improved aesthetics, consider installing a leveling kit on your Toyota Tacoma–the benefits speak for themselves!


What are the advantages of a leveling kit?

– Improves the appearance of the truck

– Provides better ground clearance

– Allows for larger tire size

Is it worth putting a leveling kit on a truck?

It depends on personal preference and the specific needs of the truck.

What is the disadvantage of leveling kit?

It can cause the ride quality to become stiffer and may affect the truck’s suspension.

What are the pros and cons of a leveling kit?

Pros: Improved appearance, better ground clearance, larger tire size

Cons: Stiffer ride quality, potential suspension issues

Are leveling kits good or bad?

It depends on the individual’s needs and preferences.

Does a leveling kit affect 4×4?

It can affect the truck’s suspension and potentially impact the 4×4 capabilities.

Should I do a leveling kit or lift kit?

It depends on the desired outcome and the specific needs of the truck.

What are the three advantages of Levelling?

Improved appearance, better ground clearance, larger tire size.

What are the two advantages of Levelling?

Better ground clearance and improved appearance.

Does a leveling kit affect anything?

It can potentially affect the truck’s suspension and ride quality.

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