Leveling Kits for Toyota Tundra: Everything You Need to Know

Are you looking to add a little extra lift and style to your Toyota Tundra but don’t know where to start? Installing a leveling kit is an easy way to get the job done.

This guide will provide you all the information you need so you can make an informed decision that best fits your needs. With this guide, we’ll show how simple it is to install a leveling kit on your Toyota Tundra!

Toyota Tundras are renowned for their enduring style, performance and ruggedness. A popular way to improve your vehicle’s aesthetics and to resulting increase its overall ride height is by installing a leveling kit. Leveling kits can help adjust the height of your Tundra as well as correct any suspension sag. They also provide an excellent platform to mount large tires and wheels.

Installing a leveling kit is simple and relatively easy whether you opt for a professional installation or complete the task yourself in your garage with basic mechanical tools. This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about leveling kits for Toyota Tundra, ranging from the basics components of a leveling kit, how to install it correctly, picking the best components suited for your vehicle, and maintenance tips on safely caring for your leveled vehicle. Keep reading if you want to uncover all the secrets of successful Toyota Tundra leveling!

Definition of leveling kits for Toyota Tundra

A vehicle leveling kit is an aftermarket product designed to adjust the suspension of a vehicle and raise the ride height. While most leveling kits are designed to increase the ride height of 4-wheel drive trucks, some models may also work on 2-wheel drives.

Many aftermarket leveling kits are adjustable, allowing you to tailor your vehicle’s suspension and ground clearance based on your preferences and usage. Toyota Tundra trucks, like other vehicles, can benefit from using a leveling kit thanks to improved stability, increased ground clearance for off-road activities or driving over obstacles, and improved handling performance when carrying heavy loads in the truck bed.

Importance of leveling kits for Toyota Tundra

Leveling kits are one of the first things most people look into when they purchase a Toyota Tundra. They work to level the stance of your truck by raising the front slightly, giving it a more aggressive look and allowing you to fit larger tires. A properly installed leveling kit also offers additional support for the chassis, increasing stability and ease of handling. In addition to these performance benefits, leveling kits can help protect your investment by reducing overall wear on your suspension system, ensuring it lasts longer and functions better.

Although the cost associated with installing a leveling kit is relatively low compared to other performance upgrades, there are some potential issues that could arise if not done correctly. If you choose to install a leveling kit without professional guidance from an experienced installer, you could end up with an unbalanced suspension system or even damage to your vehicle’s components if not done properly. Therefore, it’s important to seek out professional advice before beginning any installation project on your truck.

Benefits of Leveling Kits for Toyota Tundra

A leveling kit can provide numerous benefits for the Toyota Tundra. The most common benefits associated with this type of lift kit usually include an improved towing capacity, increased ground clearance, and improved ride quality. Installing a leveling kit can also make your vehicle look more aggressive and stylish.

Increased Ground Clearance- Adding a leveling kit raises the front end of your Tundra by 1-2 inches, giving it more ground clearance for off-roading. This will help give you better traction on rough terrain, making it safer for you to traverse whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

Improved Toven Capability- With a higher profile, the Tundra has increased towing capacity and can handle tougher loads while still providing superior performance. The extra lift provided by a leveling kit helps balance out the tow load on the vehicle, making it easier to maneuver heavy items without putting an excessive strain on the suspension system.

Improved Ride Quality- Leveling kits help improve ride quality in two ways: they help smooth out bumps in roads while also allowing you to traverse rocky terrain with ease. Softer spring rates found in newer Tundra models allow them to hug terrain better than earlier models that had stiffer springs . A leveling kit helps take advantage of these softer spring rates, providing drivers with superior handling even on their everyday adventures around town or country roads.

Improved Style – From all angles, a lifted Tundra looks great and goes well with other aftermarket accessories like larger wheels or nerf bars. The leveled stance makes it easier for drivers to customize their vehicle’s look by adding larger and more aggressive rims and tires, leading to head-turning style .

Improved Ground Clearance

One of the biggest benefits of installing a leveling kit on your Toyota Tundra is improved ground clearance. This allows you to tackle tougher in off-road environments, such as mud and snow. After all, you won’t have to worry about being slowed down by your truck bottoming out.

Furthermore, a higher ground clearance will give you more potential for customizing your truck’s look. By serving as the starting point for a suspension lift platform (or creating one on its own), adding larger wheels and tires, skid plates and more can open up exciting visual options with premium features that are built to last.

By correctly installing a quality leveling kit specifically designed for your specific make and model Tundra, you can not only improve the vehicle’s performance but its aesthetics as well—both important factors depending on how you plan to use your truck.

Enhanced Off-Road Capabilities

Installing a leveling kit can give your Toyota Tundra increased off-road capability, as it raises the ground clearance of your vehicle. Whether you’re the occasional off-roader or the weekend warrior, this increased clearance can allow for greater wheel articulation, improved traction, and easier access to difficult terrain. Additionally, many truck owners install a leveling kit to give their Tundra an aesthetic lift and make it look more aggressive than stock.

While there are many different types of leveling kits on the market — including lifted packages — most offer an adjustable spacer between one inch and two inches that sits atop a strut plate or spring perch attached to your Toyota’s front suspension. With simple hand tools and an hour or two of time in the driveway, you’ll be able to properly install your new leveling kit. It’s important that you follow instructions for installation as best practice for safety as well as performance.

When adding any lift to your rig like a leveling kit, it is also important to ensure that you have wheels with compatible backspacing. If the wheels do not straddle the struts properly in relation to mounting points on the frame, they will potentially interfere with crucial components when turned at full lock and could create a host of other problems including poor handling or suspension imbalance. To lengthen wheelbase and make room for larger tires after lifting your truck be sure to choose wheels designed specifically for trucks (especially 4WD).

Aside from these considerations, adding a leveling kit is relatively straight-forward but should only be attempted by those with mechanical aptitude and knowledge beyond basic tool use – don’t try this on your own unless you understand exactly how all associated parts interact with one another since improper installation can cause damage or even place passengers at risk of injury due to loose suspension pieces.Tundra - Leveling Kit | Toyota Tundra Forum

III. Factors to Consider When Choosing Leveling Kits for Toyota Tundra

Selecting a leveling kit for your Toyota Tundra can be a complex process. There are several factors to take into account, such as the quality and reliability of the kit, what type of lift it provides, and how much money you are willing to spend. In this section, we’ll look at the main points to consider before buying a leveling kit.

Quality and Reliability: The most important factor when selecting a leveling kit is the quality and reliability of the product you buy. It is essential to purchase from a reputable brand that has established its name on producing reliable kits for Toyota Tundra vehicles. Make sure that their products feature patented designs with wear-resistant materials for ultimate durability.

Lift Height: Leveling kits come in various sizes, providing varying heights of lift for your Toyota Tundra truck. Most commonly available suspensions lifts range from 1” – 3” in height meaning choose according to your desired lifted suspension, however there are other kits available offering different levels of lift as well. It is important to remember that having a higher lift will also require you to use larger tires or replacement shocks accordingly or else it may compromise drivability or stability on the road.

Cost: Cost should also be taken into consideration when selecting appropriate level kit options for your vehicle given they tend to have various price points depending upon features included and complexity involved in installation set up process as well as any additional components that may need purchased separately like shocks or longer brake lines etcetera.Opting for good mid range kits which offer excellent value along with quality construction and robustness tend to be an ideal option considering best balance between price, performance and reliability rather than going towards entry level or luxury versions which may not provide required benefits at their respective price points respectively either.

Kit Compatibility

When selecting a Toyota Tundra leveling kit, it is important to ensure that your kit is compatible with the make and model of your truck. Many Toyota Tundras are equipped with aftermarket upgrades, such as larger wheels and tires, and it’s important to make sure that these accessories will also fit with the lift or leveling kit you choose. Additionally, if you plan on installing a winch or bull bar on your truck, be sure to check that these accessories are also compatible with the leveling kit.

Be sure to consider the following when selecting a leveling kit for the Toyota Tundra. Ask the retailer for their advice and recommendations; they should be able to help you select a suitable kit based on your specific needs. Read through customer reviews of different lifts or kits before making a purchase; many customers provide helpful insight into their experiences in terms of installation as well as overall performance. Check out online forums dedicated specifically to Toyota trucks; these communities can offer valuable advice on finding the perfect lift for your vehicle. Finally, seek out reputable companies for installation service if you don’t feel comfortable completing the task yourself.

Lift Height

The lift height of a vehicle is the amount of clearance added between the tires and fenders. It’s measured in inches. When lifting a company’s 4×4 truck, the ideal lift height is about 2 to 3 inches for most vehicles, including Toyota Tundra. There are several kits available for raising the vehicle, including complete kits that come with everything you need to get your Tundra leveled out and looking good.

Generally, when doing an additional lift on your truck beyond what a basic kit offers, you may choose from various coil spacers or steel top-mount plates to add an extra inch or two of height compared to standard kits. These choices are great for those who want their Toyota Tundra sitting tall but aren’t necessarily concerned with performance off-roading during their modification process.

For owners that wish to increase performance over the lifts offered in a complete leveling kit while still increasing ground clearance relative to OEM levels, they can choose from an array of adjustable lifts ranging from 1″ – 6″ in total increase over original measurements. Depending on where you buy your parts and which specific lift kit you select for purchase, these varying numbers can also come with an acceptable range of adjustability thereby ensuring that your ultimate ride height does not exceed legal/factory safety standards within your particular jurisdiction.

Installation Difficulty

Installing a leveling kit on a Toyota Tundra is not particularly difficult, but it does require basic mechanical knowledge and tools. Depending on the type of kit you select, installation times can vary drastically – from 1 hour for some types of kits to 6 hours for more complex ones.

Before undertaking this project, it is strongly recommended that you carefully read the instructions in the kit and assemble the necessary tools. Once the preparation has been done, the process itself shouldn’t take long and is relatively uncomplicated:

First lift one side of your vehicle with a jack to gain access to the appropriate areas underneath, then use mounting hardware (which usually comes in the kit) to secure and position lift blocks or spacers where they need to be. Then lower your truck back down onto all four wheels before tightening down suspension bolts. Finally, do an inspection for any loose parts before taking your truck off-road!My 21' Tundra. Trying to decide which lift/leveling kit I want to do. : r/ ToyotaTundra


In conclusion, a leveling kit for the Toyota Tundra can provide you with the enhanced look and improved performance that you want, while still keeping within your budget. With just a few simple install steps and choosing the right type of kit for your needs, you are sure to have an amazing ride on your next adventure in no time at all. Leveling kits also provide a great opportunity to add or replace bigger tires with minimal effort.

Different types of leveling kits will affect the ride quality and handling of your truck in different ways. Determine which components would best suit your needs based on the terrain you drive on and if any special accessories or changes need to go along with it. Most importantly, it is essential that you always check your manual for specific installation instructions related to the type of lift kit installed on your vehicle. Working with a knowledgeable and trusted mechanic is also highly recommended so that they can properly inspect any work completed prior to being used on the roadways again.


What size leveling kit do I need for tundra?

It depends on the year and model of your Tundra, as well as your desired lift height.

What does a leveling kit do for Toyota Tundra?

A leveling kit raises the front of the Tundra to match the height of the rear, improving the truck’s appearance and allowing for larger tires.

How do I know what leveling kit I need?

Research the year and model of your Tundra, and determine the desired lift height. Consult with a professional if necessary.

Can you put a leveling kit on a tundra?

Yes, a leveling kit can be installed on a Tundra.

What is the disadvantage of leveling kit?

A leveling kit can cause a rougher ride and potentially put additional strain on the suspension components.

Does a leveling kit affect handling?

A leveling kit can affect handling, particularly if the lift height is significant. It is important to ensure proper alignment and suspension adjustments are made.

Are leveling kits good or bad?

It depends on the individual’s needs and preferences. A leveling kit can improve appearance and off-road capabilities, but may also have drawbacks such as a rougher ride.

Do I need new shocks with a 2 inch leveling kit?

It is recommended to replace shocks when installing a leveling kit, particularly if the lift height is significant.

How thick is a 2 inch leveling kit?

A 2 inch leveling kit typically consists of spacers or blocks that raise the front of the Tundra by 2 inches.

Does leveling kit decrease gas mileage?

A leveling kit may slightly decrease gas mileage due to the added weight and potential changes in aerodynamics. However, the impact is typically minimal.

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