Making Your Honda Ridgeline Tailgate More User-Friendly with a Tailgate Assist Complete Guide

Are you looking for a way to make your Honda Ridgeline tailgate more user-friendly? Look no further!

With our guide, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to install a Tailgate Assist on your vehicle. Make opening and closing your tailgate simpler and easier today!

This complete guide will explain how to make your Honda Ridgeline tailgate more user-friendly with a Tailgate Assist. We’ll cover the necessary steps to install and adjust the Tailgate Assist, as well as safety precautions and tips on how to optimize its use.

By following these instructions and taking the appropriate safety precautions, installing the Honda Ridgeline Tailgate Assist will enable you to conveniently open and close your tailgate with minimal effort. With this solution, you can enjoy hassle-free loading/unloading of cargo bed contents with smooth extension/retraction of the tailgate.

Additionally, in this guide we’ll provide general maintenance tips that apply whenever you maintain or make modifications on your Ridgeline. To prevent injury or damage due to mishandling, always make sure that all steps in each procedure are followed thoroughly. It only takes a few extra minutes to read through each section thoroughly before beginning any work – so please take a moment and do so!

Understanding Tailgate Assist

Your ridgeline is equipped with a tailgate that, depending on cargo and weight, may be challenging to open without the help of a strong friend. Making sure you don’t injure yourself when attempting to open and close your tailgate is incredibly important; that’s why we’ve put together this guide to teaching you all about tailgate assist.

Tailgate assist (also known as soft-drop) is a secondary means of support for the tailgate. It helps, by controlling the rate at which the gate lowers with just the push of one finger. This unique feature allows you to enjoy a controlled-release with less stress on your arms and back thanks to its extra strength gas struts and durable corrosion-resistant materials – allowing for smooth, easy operation in any setting.

Tailgate assist can easily be installed in just a few minutes using basic hand tools; no cutting or drilling is required! Additionally, adapters are available for special applications such as repairs or replacements of existing tailgates. With proper installation, you can expect years of service from your Honda Ridgeline Tailgate Assist even in harsh conditions.

Definition and purpose of tailgate assist

The purpose of a tailgate assist is to help you open and close your Honda Ridgeline tailgate safely and easily. Tailgate assists are specially designed devices that use an adjustable gas strut to reduce the weight of the tailgate, while also providing users with more control when opening and closing.

By providing extra control and stability, it reduces the chances of injury or accidental damage due to heavy lifting. Each system differs in design, but usually consists of a rod or cable attaching two brackets to each side of the tailgate – one attached near the hinges and the other near the handle.

This rod runs through a spring-loaded mechanism located inside a reinforced tube fixed between two channels on either side of the truck bed. As you pull down on the handle, it puts tension on this tube, reducing strain from lifting and also making it easier to open or close your tailgate.

Different types of tailgate assist

Before you decide which tailgate assist to buy for your Honda Ridgeline, it’s important to know about the different types available and how they work. In general, there are four different types of tailgate assists: gas shock, struts, cable-style lifts, and power lift struts. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to understand them before making a decision.

Gas shock: Gas shocks are similar to traditional shocks with compression and rebound dampening. They use air pressure or nitrogen as the medium instead of oil or other liquids. Simply stated, they use a low amount of pressure to prevent slamming when closing a tailgate.

Struts: Struts are housings with a piston connected to both ends that provide support in lowering and raising a tailgate. The pistons contain nitrogen gas or oil that provides resistance when your hands open or close it; the resistance makes it easier on your arms while opening a tailgate heavier than normal.

Cable-style lifts: Cable-style lifts use cables attached to the lid of the tailgate connected to weights within each side’s brackets that counterbalance the weight of the lid for smooth operation. This type provides simple installation with lightweight components which adds minimal drag onto whatever you have loaded into your truck bed.

Power lift struts: Power lift struts provide hands-free operation ideal for heavier lids like those found on some pickup truckers tailsgates like the Honda Ridgeline’s motorized power-lift system featuring dual electric motors that raise and lower automatically with just one push on the button versus manual assistance when using gas shock or strut style assistance products.

Benefits of installing a tailgate assist

When you install a tailgate assist, it can improve your Honda Ridgeline experience in several different ways. Tailgate assists will help ensure that the tailgate is always working as expected, providing a user-friendly environment when loading and unloading cargo, and in some cases can even allow you to use an even lower tailgate height than originally planned.

Perhaps most importantly, those who install a tailgate assist on their Honda Ridgeline will be able to open or close their tailgate with much less manual effort than before. As many owners of any late-model Honda Ridgeline can attest, the process of opening or closing the stock power tailgate can be difficult and laborious due to its weight and size. With the addition of a tailgate assist, you’ll be able to easily maneuver your tailgate open or closed with far less exertion than before – making for an easier and more user-friendly experience when loading up cargo for your next adventure outside of town.

With any luck, this guide has provided some helpful insight into how you can make your Honda Ridgeline experience even better by installing a quality TailGate Assist!

III. Choosing the Right Tailgate Assist for Your Honda Ridgeline

The Honda Ridgeline is infamous for its heavy tailgate, and tailgate assist kits are available to help improve the user-friendly design of this popular truck. These kits generally consist of a strut and a few brackets, allowing for the installation of an assist kit that will help lift and lower your tailgate with ease. When selecting the right tailgate assist kit for your Honda Ridgeline, consider the following steps:

  1. Know Your Options- There are several styles of tailgate assist kits available on the market today. You may find some that use springs while others use struts to lift the tailgate or a single extension arm with handle or grips which can be installed without drilling holes in the back of your vehicle. Choose an option that fits your needs, budget and installation preferences.
  2. Research Your Kit- Ensure that you purchase a high quality kit that is designed specifically for the make and model of your Ridgeline. Do research online about each product to read reviews from other customers and for more information about their product offerings.
  3. Installation Matters- While some kits can be installed as a do-it-yourself project, make sure you read all instructions before attempting it yourself to ensure proper assembly and installation; this also applies if you opt for professional installation, as it is important for any adjustments or repairs to be done in the correct manner according to manufacturer instructions so you don’t void any warranties included with your purchase from Honda or from the aftermarket parts provider itself.
  4. Consider Warranty & Support -If you purchase an aftermarket part, look into how long it will last without fail before needing repairs/regular maintenance; most providers offer limited warranties on their products in case something comes under manufacturer’s defect or fails early on down the line. Inquire into who will cover eventual costs should something go wrong with either part needed by installation– such as tightening loose joints – or something unexpected happens like breakage during usage due to mishandling.

Factors to consider when choosing a tailgate assist

When making the decision to add a tailgate assist to your Honda Ridgeline, there are several factors you should take into consideration. The first thing to think about is what type of tailgate is best suited for your particular model of Honda Ridgeline. Many aftermarket models are available and some offer more features and flexibility than others. Additionally, if you opt for an OEM (original equipment manufacturer replacement) part, those may come with additional benefits such as better compatibility with your vehicle’s other systems.

The second factor to consider is the weight capacity of the tailgate assist. It is important that the tension provided by the support system matches your Ridgeline’s specifications so that it works safely and properly at all times when in use. To maximize performance, look for specifically designed supports for heavier loads like those associated with off-road applications or everyday cargo hauling needs.

Finally, ensure that any parts you buy come from a trusted source and ask questions about warranties or guarantees so that any mishaps due to negligence or inferior materials do not have an unnecessarily negative effect on your budgeting plans in the future! By keeping all these points in mind when making your selection, you will be able to select a quality product which will serve you well for years to come enabling greater user-friendliness when loading and unloading cargo!

Recommended tailgate assist brands for the Honda Ridgeline

The Honda Ridgeline is a formidable work truck and many owners wish to use the tailgate in a variety of ways, from carrying cargo to permanently attaching items such as aftermarket grilles or bike racks. A tailgate assist can help make the tailgate more user-friendly by making it easier to open or close the gate and preventing damage.

Before you go shopping for a tailgate assist for your Honda Ridgeline, it’s important to understand the different types of assists available. This guide will help you determine which brands offer a reliable and safe product that meets your needs.

The most popular type of tailgate assist available for the Honda Ridgeline is a gas-charged lift support, which provides assistance when opening and closing the gate. The lift support is installed on each side of the tailgate, and includes hardware components, gas springs, dampers, brackets and bolts. Gas-charged lifts are typically easy to install with DIY tools and basic mechanical ability. Brands recommended by owners include Stabilus Lift-O-Mat (Strafab), Suspa ProFlex (Next Products), and Monroe Extramatic shocks (Monroe). Each offers durable construction with a limited lifetime warranty and good value: they range in price from $30-$50 per pair on average.

For increased safety, consider an advanced electric switch-activated system like AMP Research PowerStep or TAILGATESaver Auto Gate Opener from Rocturner Performance Group Inc., which requires professional installation but adds convenience as well as peace of mind when using your truck bed for heavier items or other potential dangers like running children at play in your yard. Prices range from $200-$500 per system depending on make/model/year vehicle application; however, customers report excellent quality build from these systems that last many years even under heavy use in harsh operating conditions so when considering return on investment these systems can be very attractive given their extra features such as dynamically activated hall effect sensing motor control system offering precise operation control not possible by simpler designs – great investment if you need both performance and reliability at peak operations.

Maintenance and Care of Your Tailgate Assist

Just like any other part of your Honda Ridgeline, the tailgate assist needs regular care and maintenance to ensure its proper operation. The first and most important step is to keep the tailgate assist clean and lubricated. This will allow for smooth movement and can prevent the need for more involved repairs. Here is a list of basic maintenance checks you should regularly perform:

– Cleaning: Make sure to regularly clean dirt, debris, and road salt off your tailgate and its components — a clean surface will help ensure easy, trouble-free use.

– Lubrication: To help keep things running smoothly, it’s important to occasionally lubricate moving parts on your Ridgeline tailgate — you can use a light spray-type lubricant or grease.

– Tighten Bolts/Screws: You also need to periodically check for loose bolts/screws that may have come loose due to wear or improper installation — be sure to tighten them as needed with a wrench or socket.

– Check Connections: Also inspect the electrical connections of your Honda Ridgeline — make sure they are securely attached and free of corrosion. If you have any doubts, consult an authorized technician as soon as possible.

By following these basic tips, you’ll help ensure that your tailgate assist stays in good working order so that you can get the most out of it when hauling loads with your Honda Ridgeline!

Tips on how to maintain and care for your tailgate assist

For your Honda Ridgeline, proper maintenance and care for your tailgate assist device is essential to ensure it retains its proper functionality and performance. These steps will help you keep your tailgate assist functioning properly and extend its service life.

-Apply lubricant: Just like other mechanical devices, a tailgate assist needs regular lubrication in order to operate properly. Specialized lubricants that are specifically made for bike chains or automotive use work best, but make sure whatever product you choose is rated for the temperatures experienced by your Honda Ridgeline’s tailgate before application. Apply the lubricant at least once every 6 months or more frequently if environmental conditions may be harsh on the device or if it’s used regularly.

-Inspect cables: Inspect the cables of your tailgate assist periodically as normal wear and tear can weaken them over time. If you notice fraying or cracks in any of the strands, replace them immediately to prevent dangerous breakage or sudden failure of components during use.

-Clean surface: Wipe down any sealed surfaces with a damp cloth to ensure that dirt has not accumulated over time. This will help avoid corrosion from occuring which could degrade parts prematurely, compromising performance and reliability.

-Check hinges: Make sure all metal hinges on your tailgate have been inspected for signs of wear and tear such as worn pins, damaged threads, loose screws and bolts, etc., and make sure any worn components are replaced.

Common problems and troubleshooting tips

The Honda Ridgeline has established itself a well-liked mid-size pickup due to its combination of comfort and styling, but the tailgate may be very hard to open on some Ridgelines. This can be quite frustrating when you have items in your hands that you need to get into the truck. Fortunately, this issue can be easily solved with a tailgate assist. Because of its popularity, several companies make various models of tailgate assists specifically designed for Honda Ridgeline trucks.

When looking at tailgate assists, it is important to look at both compatibility and ease of installation before making your purchase. In terms of compatibility, double check to make sure that the model you are purchasing fits with your specific vehicle brand and model year. Next, there are two main types of installs – bolt-on or self adhesive (OTA). Generally speaking, any Ridgeline tailgate assist purchased within the past 10 years should come with mounting parts that make installation much easier which doesn’t require any drilling into the body panel and makes it relatively easy for most people who aren’t professional installers; however, if you would prefer an easier install then opt for an OTA option as these usually just involve sticking the device onto pre-existing surfaces and no tools or technical knowledge is required for installation.

For troubleshooting tips, the first thing to do is check all mounting points in case something has come loose over time; this could cause issues with performance or even potential damage if left untreated. If everything looks ok from that standpoint then move onto examining other components like springs and tensioners which may have degraded over time leading to reduced effectiveness or faulty operation. If this is not visible then consider replacing broken pieces like rods or shocks which may have worn out causing less performance than expected when using the device.

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After going through this guide, you now have a better understanding of the features specific to the Honda Ridgeline tailgate and how to make use of them in the most efficient way.

You have seen what a tailgate assist is and know why it’s important to install one on your Ridgeline. You have also learned how to properly fit, mount and use a tailgate assist on your Ridgeline so that you can enjoy an even smoother ride when loading or unloading heavy cargo.

With this information, you are now prepared to optimize your Ridgeline’s tailgate system for maximum efficiency and convenience.


Can you put tailgate assist on both sides?

Yes, tailgate assist can be installed on both sides of a pickup truck, but two separate kits would need to be purchased.

How many tailgate assist do you need?

Generally, only one tailgate assist kit is needed per pickup truck, as it is designed to support the weight of the tailgate.

Can you lock Honda Ridgeline tailgate?

Yes, Honda Ridgeline tailgates can be locked using the key fob or the interior lock button.

What is tailgate damper?

 A tailgate damper is a device that helps slow down and prevent the tailgate from slamming shut when being closed.

Can you add an automatic liftgate aftermarket?

Yes, aftermarket automatic liftgate kits are available for certain vehicles and can be installed by a professional.

Are tailgate assist worth it?

Tailgate assist can be worth it for those who frequently use their pickup truck’s tailgate, as it can make opening and closing it easier and safer.

Does driving with tailgate down save gas?

Contrary to popular belief, driving with the tailgate down can actually decrease a truck’s aerodynamics and lead to decreased fuel efficiency.

Does driving a truck with the tailgate down help gas mileage?

No, driving a truck with the tailgate down can actually decrease a truck’s aerodynamics and lead to decreased fuel efficiency.

How much does removing tailgate improve gas mileage?

Removing the tailgate of a pickup truck can actually decrease fuel efficiency by disrupting the truck’s aerodynamics.

What are the best power options for a tailgating?

Some popular power options for tailgating include built-in speakers and sound systems, power outlets for charging devices, and retractable awnings or canopies for shade.

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