Must-Have Accessories for Honda Ridgeline Owners Complete guide

Are you a proud owner of Honda Ridgeline and in search of some accessories to enhance its performance? Then, you’ve come to the right place.

With this comprehensive guide, you’ll find all the must-have accessories to get your pick-up truck running at its full potential. So, gear up and join us as we explore what Honda Ridgeline has in store for you.

The Honda Ridgeline is one of the most popular pickup trucks on the market today, and for good reason. The Ridgeline offers exceptional comfort, style, and performance—all with a reasonable price tag. While some accessories are necessary for proper use of the vehicle, others are simply upgrades that will make your truck more enjoyable. No matter what you’re looking to do, this guide has all the information you need to make sure you get the right accessories for your Honda Ridgeline.

This guide covers all essential accessories as well as some add-ons that can enhance your driving experience. The following sections will discuss in detail each of these must-have accessories and their uses:


II. Exterior Accessories
III. Interior Accessories
IV. Audio/Visual Accessories
V. Safety Features
VI. Performance & Efficiency Accessories
VII Conclusion

Exterior Accessories

The Honda Ridgeline is a highly versatile truck perfect for personal or professional use. It has the capacity to haul heavy loads, tackle off-road trails, and provide reliable daily transportation. To customize its appearance and improve its functionality, there are an array of exterior accessories available to help you get the most out of your vehicle. Here are some Honda Ridgeline exterior components that you should consider adding to your vehicle:

1) Bed Cover: If you need extra protection for your items in transit, a bed cover can provide security and peace of mind. Choose from fiberglass hard tonneau covers that lock securely or vinyl rolls-up for easy access when loading or unloading cargo in the truck bed.

2) Badges/Decals: Honda offers factory badges and decals designed just for Ridgeline model vehicles. These offer additional aesthetics to make your truck look sharp and attractive from any angle.

3) Bed Liner: A durable spray-on bed liner helps maintain the interior of your bed by preventing scratches caused by hauling items such as wood or furniture. Plus, spray on liners are available in an array of colors to instantly upgrade the look of your truck’s cargo area.

4) Front Bumper Trim: Along with providing more protection against bumps and dings while driving, this subtle styling element adds aggressive design elements to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle’s front end. Available in both matte black finish to chrome-plated trim depending on model year compatibility with specific parts lines such as those featuring air intakes or LED fog lights installed directly into their face plates integrated into traditional fog lights spots found on many modern trucks today.

5) Grille guard: A rugged grille guard serves both form and function with its blend between mode aggression capping at muscular bodylines while also creating an obstacle meant to ward off impacts from road debris flung during normal highway speeds Additionally designed with accent lighting capabilities on certain lines can also be found which further accentuates stylish looks.

Bed covers and liners

Bed covers and liners are a must-have accessory that every Honda Ridgeline owner should consider purchasing. Bed covers serve two purposes: protection and style. They protect the bed of your vehicle from scratches, dents, weathering, and theft. Not only do they provide protection for your vehicle’s investment but many covers look great and add a custom touch to your vehicle.

There are three main types of bed covers: soft top, tonneau, and bed liners. Soft tops are typically made from either vinyl or canvas material and provide access to the cargo area with an adjustable handle located on the tailgate for easy removal when extra space is needed. Tonneau covers offer similar benefits as soft tops but enclose the entire cargo area with a hatch that can be locked for additional security when not in use. Bed liners provide extra padding when carrying items such as furniture or other large items inside the truck bed. Liners also protect paint due to their anti-skid surface which keeps loads from slipping during transit while also protecting against corrosion caused by road salt or chemicals normally found in roads during winter months.

Tonneau covers

Tonneau covers are essential for Honda Ridgeline owners who want to protect their cargo from the elements. This handy accessory comes in several materials, styles, and designs that can suit any owner’s needs. Some of the most popular tonneau covers include folding covers, rolling covers, and hard hinged tonneaus.

Folding covers are made of several aluminum panels that are connected by high-grade hinges. These panels can be folded up or down to open or close the bed of the Ridgeline depending on your need. This style is great for keeping tools and equipment hidden while still allowing easy access to whatever items you require in a pinch.

Rolling covers provide an added layer of security while still providing quick access to any items needed within your bed. Commonly made of vinyl or canvas fabric, this cover rolls back so you can access its contents with ease when needed. Best yet, when rolled up these accessories also form a nice aerodynamic shape at the front edge which could help increase overall fuel efficiency via wind resistance reduction!

Finally for those who like a little extra security and convenience along with style there is the hard hinged tonneau cover option. This option provides a locking mechanism along with easy one-handed releasing points which make accessing whatever is beneath it a breeze! The hard shell design helps keep contents safe from elements like rain and snow as well as prying eyes since it’s fairly difficult to see into when it’s completely closed making it perfect for users looking for a lot of extra protection for their cargo.

Bed extenders

Bed extenders are a great accessory for Honda Ridgeline owners that want more cargo space. These tools easily attach to the bed of your vehicle and extend out the length of the bed, giving you much more space. Bed extenders are an ideal option for those looking for extra space for larger items or for hauling longer items, like lumber or kayaks.

When not in use, you can simply fold up the bed extender and stow it away neatly inside your truck’s bed. There are different types of bed extenders to choose from, such as retractable designs, hinged designs and removable designs. Pick one that perfectly suits your needs and is compatible with your Ridgeline model.

III. Performance Accessories

Performance accessories can enhance the on-road capabilities of your Honda Ridgeline, allowing it to tackle challenging terrain and perform better than ever before. From suspension upgrades to body and interior parts, here are some items to consider:

Suspension: For improved cornering performance, off-road agility, and a smoother ride, look for aftermarket shocks and struts. These are designed to reduce impact from uneven surfaces and increase overall stability.

Wheels & Tires: To get a more aggressive look for your Honda Ridgeline and handle difficult terrain, you can opt for a set of off-road tires matched with larger aftermarket wheels. Also note that if your vehicle is equipped with an all-wheel drive system, these upgrades will improve overall traction between the wheels on both sides of the vehicle.

Body Parts: Customize the exterior of your Honda Ridgeline with a robust collection of body parts such as grille inserts, window visors, running boards, side skirts, fender flares kits and more. They provide style appeal while offering protection against damaging road debris like stones or mud splashes.

Interior Accessories: Give your truck’s interior an upgrade with seat covers as well as dashboard panels featuring wood grain or brushed aluminum detail with functional convenience features like cup holders , USB device ports and coin holders.

Air intake systems

Are you looking to increase horsepower and torque as well as optimize fuel economy? Then an air intake system is exactly what you need. Air intake systems allow more air to reach the engine, giving it more power when accelerating and enhancing the response of the engine. In addition to improved performance, these systems can also increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

It’s important to note that an air intake system is a complete package involving tubing from the engine bay, filters (including dry filter or oiled), a heat shield for protection, and couplers for making connections. Make sure to research what type of air filter is most suitable for your Honda Ridgeline because it will depend on your riding conditions. Also familiarize yourself with installation instructions before beginning your project so you don’t come across unexpected obstacles!

Exhaust systems

An aftermarket exhaust system is an ideal way to enhance both the sound and power of your Honda Ridgeline. There are some factors to consider when selecting an exhaust system, such as the material you prefer for the components, efficiency and cost. Aftermarket performance exhausts systems usually utilize stainless steel or aluminized chrome components. Aluminized steel is more affordable; however, it can corrode much more quickly than stainless steel. An efficient system will use mandrel bent pipes, which allow air to flow smoothly for maximum performance; a low-quality aftermarket exhaust could perform worse than the factory system. Here are some popular options on the market:

  1. Borla Cat-Back Exhaust System: The Borla Cat-back includes mandrel bent pipes and powerful resonators that increase horsepower while reducing truck noise levels all while boasting a unique deep muscle car roar outside your cab – perfect for those who want to turn heads with their engines!
  2. Flowmaster Dual Exhaust Kit: Another popular aftermarket accessory you can install at home is the Flowmaster dual exhaust kit. This kit comes with everything you need: long lasting 409SS tubing, mandrel bends and a catalytic converter specifically designed for your specific Honda Ridgeline model year range! Get ready to hear that deep rumble on acceleration thanks to this kit!
  3. MagnaFlow Cat Back Exhaust System: One of the most popular options from MagnaFlow is a complete cat back exhaust system that outperforms most factory installations in terms of both sound and performance enhancement potentials. Designed with massive 3″ diameter tubing made from stainless steel metal, these aftermarket parts offer superb value-for-money performance upgrades to many customers!

Suspension kits

Suspension kits are great for Honda Ridgeline owners who want to improve the performance and ride comfort of their truck. There are a few different types of suspension kits available, all of which will increase the stiffness and handling of your vehicle and give you more control over its performance.

Air Suspension Kits – Air suspension kits use the pressure of air to achieve greater handling capabilities. These kits can be customized to fit your exact specifications and demands, making them one of the most popular modifications available on the Honda Ridgeline.

Coilover Kits – Coilover Kits offer a great blend between comfort and functionality as they provide excellent go-kart feel while eliminating excess movement in the suspension system. They are also infinitely adjustable; you can set it up so that it performs best in whatever type of driving conditions you encounter on your journey.

Lift Kits – If you’re looking for a way to make your Honda Ridgeline look more aggressive, then getting a lift kit is definitely an option. Lift kits come in a variety of sizes so that you can determine just how much lift you want for your truck. With this kit, not only will your truck look meaner, but it’ll be higher off the ground too—allowing you to drive in areas with deep snow or mud without running into clearance issues.

Maintenance and Utility Accessories

Maintenance and Utility Accessories are the essentials for Honda Ridgeline Owners. Taking care of your vehicle is one of the most important elements in keeping your Honda performing optimally. Staying on top of regular maintenance will ensure that you get the most out of your vehicle. Maintenance and Utility accessories are designed to help you do just that and make it easier for Honda Ridgeline owners to not only keep up with their vehicles but also increase their enjoyment.

Some must-have maintenance accessories include oil filters, oil coolers, air filters, fuel filters and engine protection products like spark plugs and wires. Many times, manufacturers will offer cabs that are specifically designed to fit certain models. If you want to invest in a cab specifically tailored for your vehicle then these can be a great option. Additionally, having quality ome shocks or struts that are designed specifically for your model is another essential factor to consider in your maintenance & utility goals given how much they affect the ride experience.

Utility accessories offer riders an even greater range of options when it comes to customizing their ride while providing multiple options when it comes to convenience, style & function. Popular utility accessories include bed covers & liners which give you more options when it comes time to store larger items or protect the bed from dirt & weather damage or cargo organizers, floor mats which can provide additional protection from dirt & moisture as well as additional storage opportunities for smaller items like tools or documents and finally side step bars which add a whole lot of style while making entry into a lifted truck a whole lot easier!

Oil filters and air filters

Oil and air filters play a very important role in maintaining your vehicle’s performance. Keeping up with regular oil and air filter changes will help maintain healthy levels of oil pressure, maximize engine lifespan, increase efficiency, lower emissions and ensure your Honda Ridgeline performs its best for years to come.

It’s recommended that the Ridgeline should have an oil filter change every 3,000 – 7,500 miles or every 12 months. These oil filter changes should include new gaskets as well to ensure a good seal is made between the engine and the filter. For Ridgelines that have a lot of offroading or hauling activity it may be necessary to do more frequent filter changes based on manufacturers guidelines.

The air filter should also be changed regularly in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Most likely this means changing it every 15,000 miles or when it appears clogged or dirty. Clogged air filters can lead to reduced performance, increased fuel consumption and excessive wear on engine components due to increased strain under load. Using a quality air filter replacement can help improve engine efficiency as well as overall vehicle performance since it reduces strain on other components like spark plugs, fuel injectors and sensors which improves their longevity.

Towing accessories

In addition to the right trailer hitch, there are other towing accessories Honda Ridgeline owners should consider investing in. It’s important that you have every part of your towing setup covered, so you can be confident in hauling around heavy loads.

Some of the towing accessories that may be beneficial include trailer brakes and breakaway switches, weight distribution hitches, gooseneck hitches, fifth wheel hitches, sway control devices and tailgater racks. While not all of these items may be necessary for all drivers, it’s good to know what each one does so you can make an informed decision about what you need for your setup.

Trailer Brakes and Breakaway Switches: Trailer brakes help reduce the stopping distance of a trailer by allowing braking action from the trailer itself rather than relying solely on the tow vehicle’s brakes. This is especially important when carrying heavy loads over long distances because it will help ensure braking ability is maintained even after long periods of time. A breakaway switch also adds another layer of safety reliability by automatically applying the brakes if a trailer becomes disconnected from its tow vehicle.

Weight Distribution Hitches: Weight distribution hitches work to keep your tow vehicle level by transferring weight from load tongue evenly across all axles on both your tow vehicle and trailer or caravan combined – helping improve handling characteristics and performance when driving.

Gooseneck Hitches: Gooseneck hitches are designed for heavier loads and attach at multiple points between bed rails on pick-up trucks or anywhere permanent mount hitch systems cannot easily be used. They feature a heavy-duty ball receiver attached with up to four bolts onto a truck bed as well as swivel hooks attached from wheel hubs by using safety chains or cables if needed. This increases stability while driving while also providing increased traction when hauling large loads over short distances.

Fifth Wheel Hitches: The fifth wheel hitch is popular among professional truck drivers due to its high capacity rating – much higher than that of a gooseneck or bumper hitch. It is generally preferred if carrying loads bigger than 15,000 lbs due to how it attaches onto a truck’s frame as opposed to into its bed rail system like gooseneck hitches do; offering superior stability no matter how big a load you are pulling behind it.

Sway Control Devices: Sway devices are designed for extra security when hauling large loads at high speeds – especially those susceptible for fishtailing when going around corners such as boat trailers with multiple hulls or horse trailers with slipping animals inside them! They usually come preinstalled with special brackets along side each wheel hub that help absorb sudden tension forces applied onto towed vehicles – effectively helping reduce any potential oversteer accidents from happening on highways!

Tailgater Racks: Tailgater racks are ideal for transporting goods on top of your Honda Ridgeline without them having direct contact with the bed rails – perfect for keeping cargo safe during your off-roading adventures! They feature adjustable arms that attach onto existing overhead handrails already installed in pick-up trucks making loading goods onto them effortless while also providing more storage space within pickup beds themselves underneath racks due their elevated position!

A List of Useful Accessories for Your Honda Ridgeline | by David Web |  Automotive Cars Updates Blogs | Medium

Toolboxes and storage

One of the most important accessories you should have for your Honda Ridgeline is a toolbox or storage system. Having a long-term storage solution is essential if you plan on taking long trips with your vehicle.

There are several options available to help ensure you have enough space to keep all your items secure and safe while in transit. Toolboxes and storage units provide plenty of room to store gears, tools, and other essentials during transport. Choose from different sizes, shapes, and designs that fit your specific need and make sure to buy one with weather-resistant materials if needed.

From UTV cab boxes to utility bed organizers, the options for adding more cargo area space are endless so pick one that suits your needs best.


The Honda Ridgeline has been outfitted with some of the most advanced features available, and when you purchase one, you’ll want to ensure you not only maximize your vehicle’s potential but also extend its value over time.

There are numerous accessories and upgrades that can be added to take your ride to the next level. Whether it’s a durable bed liner for heavy-duty use or a trailer hitch for ancillary adventures, make sure you choose aspects that will enrich your driving experience and add years of service to your rig.

By investing in high-quality aftermarket accessories, you’re taking actionable steps towards enhancing the longevity of your Honda Ridgeline as well as creating an unforgettable journey wherever the road takes you.


What are the biggest issues with Honda Ridgeline?

Some common issues with the Honda Ridgeline include transmission problems, electrical issues, and brake problems.

What are the most reliable years for a Honda Ridgeline?

The most reliable years for the Honda Ridgeline are generally considered to be the 2017 and 2018 models.

What is the average life of a Honda Ridgeline?

With proper maintenance, a Honda Ridgeline can last up to 200,000 miles or more.

Why are Honda Ridgelines so popular?

The Honda Ridgeline is popular for its versatile cargo bed, comfortable ride, and advanced technology features.

Why Ridgeline is better than Tacoma?

The Honda Ridgeline offers a smoother ride, more comfortable interior, and better fuel economy than the Toyota Tacoma. It also has a more versatile cargo bed and better technology features.

Are Honda Ridgelines worth the money?

It depends on your needs and budget. The Honda Ridgeline can be more expensive than some competitors, but it offers unique features and a comfortable ride.

Are Honda Ridgelines good in snow?

Yes, the Honda Ridgeline is a capable vehicle in snow and other slippery conditions due to its all-wheel-drive system and advanced traction control.

Which Ridgeline model is best?

The best Ridgeline model depends on your needs and budget. The higher-end RTL-E and Black Edition models offer more advanced features, but the lower-end Sport and RTL models may be more affordable.

Is Honda discontinuing the Ridgeline?

There are currently no plans to discontinue the Honda Ridgeline, and the 2022 model is available for purchase.

Are Honda Ridgelines expensive to maintain?

Honda Ridgelines are generally not expensive to maintain, but the cost of maintenance will depend on the age of the vehicle and how well it has been maintained.

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