Nerf Bars for Nissan Frontier: Materials, Styles, and Installation Steps -:Complete Guide

Are you considering installing nerf bars on your Nissan Frontier? Look no further! This article provides a comprehensive guide to all the materials, styles, and installation steps needed to equip your Nissan Frontier with the perfect nerf bars.

From choosing the right size and design to secure installation, we’ll walk you through every step of the process.

The Nissan Frontier is a mid-size pickup truck ready for whatever adventure you take it on. Whether you’re a professional contractor or an enthusiast looking to upgrade their vehicle, adding Nerf bars to your Nissan Frontier can make it look great while also providing the practical benefits of easier cab access and protection from accidental rock chips and scratches. Before you decide to install them, though, there are several considerations to keep in mind when choosing your Nerf bars.

In this guide, we’ll go through the basic information you need regarding materials, styles, and installation steps for getting your perfect set of Nerf bars. Continue reading to learn more about how to pick the right nerf bars for your Nissan Frontier!


The materials used to construct a nerf bar do make a difference. Typically, the bars are made of steel or aluminum. Steel is the traditional material and will hold up well in extreme conditions, but aluminum offers many benefits like lightweight construction, low maintenance, and resistance to corrosion. Depending on the variety chosen you may also find stainless steel which offers superior strength and excellent corrosion resistance.

It’s also important to consider coating when evaluating the material type. Chrome plating can add aesthetic appeal but it won’t necessarily be a perfect match for your truck’s finish. Powder coating is more durable but usually comes in fewer colors than chrome plating. Ultimately, your choice of material and finish should be based on preference as well as how much effort you’re willing to put into maintaining the bar over time.

Aluminum nerf bars

Aluminum is one of the most popular materials for nerf bars. It’s light, durable, and affordable. Aluminum also provides good corrosion resistance so it can stand up to all kinds of weather.

When shopping for aluminum nerf bars, there are several style variations you should consider. These include full length, curved steps, straight steps, or even round tubes. Each style has its own pros and cons, so choose the one that best fits your Nissan Frontier needs and budget.

Installation instructions for aluminum nerf bars vary from model to model. Generally speaking, you will need to first mount the brackets to your Frontier using hardware provided by the manufacturer. Many kits also come with different sized sleeves for mounting your step bars securely to your vehicle. Once all of the mounting hardware is in place, simply snap on your Nerf Bars! Make sure that all connections are snugly secured and tested before hitting the road with them installed on your ride.

Stainless steel nerf bars

Stainless steel nerf bars provide a sleek and stylish look to your Nissan Frontier. The stainless steel material is ideal for offices, businesses, or other public properties owing to its superior corrosion-resistant properties. You can be sure that your nerf bars will stay looking new season after season. Stainless steel nerf bars come in a variety of styles, including all black, two step lengths, single step lengths, and semi-gloss finishes.

When it comes to installation steps for these stainless steel nerf bars on your Nissan Frontier truck, basic tools are required as well as some mechanical expertise depending on the model you choose. Follow these steps to ensure professional results:

  1. Park the vehicle in a shaded area or garage and shift into park with the car engine turned off completely.
  2. Locate the mounting holes and remove all mud guards from their mounts; transfer them aside to avoid any damage during installation process of your nerf bars.
  3. Make sure that all mounting bolts come with the instructions; usually mounting bolts accompanying nylon inserts are preferable for better results over self-tapping screws that often time strip easily when tightened up too much!
  4. Place one end of the nerf bar at one side of your truck and align it properly with its mounting holes for proper installation; make sure both sides are leveled before tightening them up with included hardware components.
  5. Slide in included gaskets underneath mounted end plates followed by drilling pilot holes though both gasket layers; use self- drilling screws provided with Nerf Bars kit to attach each end plate firmly.
  6. Repeat above steps on either side of your Nissan Frontier Truck ensuring that all four brackets fit together properly forming an even line along sides of vehicle.
  7. Once securely mounted together using included hardware screws—tighten them up briefly once over so they don’t come lose while driving post installation.

This should answer questions you may have regarding how stainless steel Nerf Bars work on a Nissan Frontier truck – so make sure you purchase quality materials when installing these essential automotive accessories!

Carbon steel nerf bars

Carbon steel nerf bars are an excellent alternative to aluminum and stainless steel if you’re looking for a durable, corrosion-resistant material. They come in a variety of finishes—including black, stainless steel, and chrome—allowing you to choose the look that best matches your Nissan Frontier. Additionally, the installation process is relatively simple and involves little more than basic hand tools. When it comes to convenience and style, carbon steel nerf bars offer a great combination for your vehicle.

To properly install these nerf bars, you’ll need the following materials: screws or u-bolts (depending on your specific model), wire brush or sandpaper, drill and drill bits (varying sizes depending on requirements), washers/nuts/lock washers (for installation of bracket mounting system). Additionally, you’ll want to pick up some anti-seize compound and grease before getting started.


When considering the types of materials and styles of nerf bars available for your Nissan Frontier, there are a few factors to keep in mind. They come in materials such as black steel, chrome as well as stainless steel. Whether for aesthetic purposes or for purely functional reasons, it’s important to choose the style that will work best for your rig’s purpose. There are even options that feature a drop step design which makes getting in and out of your rig easier. Additionally, some material and styles can be powder-coated for further customization depending on your taste. Below is some more detailed information about the material and style options available:

Black Steel Nerf Bars: As rugged looking nerf bars, black steel adds style while maintaining a durable feel that matches well with most trucks. Not only do they offer function but they are coated with an E-coat finish making them resistant to rust and corrosion adding longevity to these off-road mates.

Chrome Nerf Bars: If you’re looking for an option that pairs great with custom looks when it comes to lifting or upgrading wheels/tires, chrome provides the perfect accentuated matte finish that is sure to complement any ride’s look without sacrificing strength or reliability from use off-road . Additionally, these bars boast rust resistance thanks to their aluminum construction so that you have protection against unpredictable weather conditions while you’re out scouting trails or playing in tough terrain.

Stainless Steel Side Steps: As if light doesn’t reflect off this material enough already – pairing this solid stainless-steel material with bright LED lighting creates a remarkable custom look no matter where you live or drive in your sunny vehicle! Not only is it beautiful but it’s also very strong featuring auto grade mild steel construction as an added feature along with its large 3″ step pad making entering/exiting easier than ever before! Overall a great choice if you’re looking an easy way make a statement while having function at the same time!

Cab length nerf bars

Cab length nerf bars, also known as ‘step bars’, are a great exterior accessory for the Nissan Frontier. They provide easy entry into the cab of your truck, while also giving it a rugged, off-road look. With so many different styles and materials available on the market today, it’s important to make sure you choose a nerf bar that is compatible with your Frontier’s model year and design.

Nerf bars are typically made from heavy-duty steel or aluminum. Steel models will usually be much stronger and longer lasting than the aluminum variety, though they may require more regular maintenance due to rust or corrosion over time. Aluminum models are lighter weight and less prone to rusting or corrosion but may require replacement sooner than their steel counterparts.

When choosing cab length nerf bars for your Nissan Frontier there are several options available in terms of design: single round tube steps, two round tubes steps with an outer frame (X-Step), triangle tube steps (hoop style), and side step styles that hug the contours of your vehicle more closely (also called board style). Installation may vary slightly from one model to the next, but in general you can expect these steps to require bored holes in which mounting brackets can be secured in order to attach them securely.

Wheel-to-wheel nerf bars

Wheel-to-wheel nerf bars are larger than traditional running boards, usually extending across the entire length of your Nissan Frontier’s cab (the area where the front two rows of seating are located). They typically start just in front of the rear wheel and curve around the wheel well to finish near the front wheel. Wheel-to-wheel nerf bars can be constructed from a variety of materials, like stainless steel, aluminum, and even plastic. The materials determine the overall look and cost of the nerf bars.

In terms of installation, wheel-to-wheel nerf bars have different requirements depending on the setup. Some vehicles may require drilling for installation while some may use brackets or additional hardware pieces. Be sure to consult a professional to find out which approach is best for your truck. Also make sure you purchase Nerf Bars that come with detailed instructions on installation for convenience purposes.

Drop step nerf bars

Drop step nerf bars are perfect for those who want easier access to their vehicle. These bars mount directly to the side of the Nissan Frontier, adding about 3” of ground clearance and a secure step up into the cabin. Drop step nerf bars are available in two different materials, each with its own look and feel.

Stainless Steel: Constructed from high-quality T304 stainless steel, this material is designed to look good and last against rust, corrosion, and other environmental hazards. Their polished steel finish makes them a great addition to any Nissan Frontier’s style.

Black Powder-Coat: These drop step nerf bars feature a black powder-coat finish that has been tested to last over 500 hours in weather exposure tests. This finish is designed to resist fading and keep looking great for years.

Installation Steps:
1. Start by verifying that you have all the necessary mounting hardware and verify that your vehicle is properly prepared for installation (no rust, etc.).
2. Place the brackets for your drop step nerf bar onto the side of your Nissan Frontier along the mounting points located on each side at either end of the running boards/wheel wells/etc.. Make sure these brackets are securely tightened in place using provided hardware such as nuts/bolts/washers/etc..
3. With your brackets securely mounted, insert your drop step nerf bar into one end until it clicks into place then repeat at the other end until all connections are secure.
4. Finalize installation by attaching any additional mounting hardware or rear crossbrace (if provided) which can be attached near any connection point or underneath on exposed frame members as necessary (for added stability). Ensure all connections are properly tightened once more before taking a test drive!

Installation Steps

Installing nerf bars on your Nissan Frontier is a relatively simple process and can be done in a few easy steps. Before you begin, make sure you have all of the necessary materials as outlined in section I. of this guide. For the most part, you’ll need basic hand tools including wrenches, pliers, scissors, among others.

After you’ve gathered your necessary materials for installation, you’ll need to assemble the parts before installing them on your Nissan Frontier. This includes the bars themselves, any mounting brackets that come with them and other fasteners for securing them to your vehicle’s frame. The instructions included with your specific bars should walk you through assembly and installation step-by-step; however, you can follow these general instructions when installing any nerf bar setup on your vehicle:

  • Make sure all bolts and nuts are loosely fitted during assembly.
  • Before permanently attaching the parts to one another or to the frame of the truck, it is important to make sure they fit together properly based on any trimming that has been done along with adjusting mounting brackets if necessary
  • Once satisfied with proper fitment take out relevant connecting bolts and place corresponding mounting brackets onto side steps while fitting bolts through both sets of holes
  • Secure corresponding nuts on both sides gripping with adjustable wrench or plier
  • Repeat this step for all mounting brackets/connection points needed for securing one side panel/bracket onto other pieces
  • Tighten hardware progressively evenly along each connection point once secure
  • Lastly check placement and connection points are solid before completing installation

Once complete verify fitment on each side by gently rocking side steps from left to right a few times before taking out for a test drive! Enjoy your newly installed nerf bars!


Before you begin installing your nerf bars on your Nissan Frontier, it is important to take some preparatory steps.

First, make sure that you have all of the necessary tools and materials on hand. These include a drill and bit set, suitable screws and bolts, a measuring tape and level, brake cleaner or rubbing alcohol to clean the mounting surface, a wrench set or adjustable pliers for the bolts, an emery cloth or fine-grit sandpaper for buffing scratches and irregularities in the mounting surface, and appropriate hardware for the steps below.

If you are installing nerf bars that require welding, ensure that you have welder safety equipment as well.

Installing the new nerf bars

Installing nerf bars for your Nissan Frontier should be relatively easy and can be done by taking a few simple steps. First, you will need to begin by mounting the brackets securely on the underside of the vehicle as per the instructions in the package. Be sure to use any necessary hardware that is supplied with your new kit.

Once mounted, place the nerf bars firmly against each mounting point on both sides of the vehicle and make sure it’s even, with no gaps between them. Make sure they fit snugly before making any adjustments. Use a wrench to tighten any nut bolts provided with your kit and make sure they are securely tightened on both sides.

Next, you will need to drill holes through the side of your vehicle in order to install any additional screws or nuts provided with your nerf bar kit. Use a power drill or impact driver for this step and take extra care not to damage any adjacent parts or panels while drilling. If possible, attach a backing plate behind each hole prior to installation for added support and durability if needed.

Finally, connect all bolts, screws, nuts, and washers provided in the package according to their respective sizes and labeled location. Once connected properly at all points along both sides of your Nissan Frontier using an electric screwdriver or manual screwdriver/wrench combination as needed; use a torque wrench set at 3-5 foot-pounds torque range for added security for all hardware components if available once finished connecting all points on either side of installation; check all connections before testing out how well your installed nerf bars functions properly once installed onto the underside of your Nissan Frontier’s frame!

Finishing touches

After installing the Nerf bars, you may want to spruce up the look of your truck with a few finishing touches. There are several options available depending on your tastes and preferences.

The simplest option is to add a pair of decorative caps that fit over the end of each bar. These caps can give your new nerf bars an accent color to make them stand out from the rest of your truck. Additionally, caps can help seal off any holes or gaps in the frame, preventing water or debris from entering and damaging the bar.

In addition to decorative caps, you may also want to consider adding chrome or black paint to some areas of your Nerf bars in order to create a custom-looking design. The most common areas for painting are usually the ends of each bar, as well as any mounting brackets that connect them directly to the truck’s frame.

Finally, if you would like a more finished look, consider adding silicone sealant between each section of Nerf bar in order to create an airtight seal and keep moisture out. This will help protect your Nerf bars from rusting over time and ensure that they remain looking their best for years to come.


This comprehensive guide has allowed you to explore the various materials, styles, and installation steps that are available when looking for Nerf bars for a Nissan Frontier. Be sure to carefully consider all of your options before making a choice.

When selecting your Nerf bars, make sure to choose material and design that best suits the look and feel of your vehicle. You should also consider what purpose you are installing them for – style or utility purposes such as providing additional grounds clearance and step locations.

Finally, be sure to carefully review the installation instructions provided with your Nerf bar kit to ensure proper installation. If you still have any questions or concerns while installing your Nerf bar setup, consult an experienced automotive technician or local dealership for assistance.


What are nerf bars made of?

Nerf bars are typically made of steel or aluminum.

What is the difference between a step bar and a Nerf bar?

A step bar is designed to provide a step up into the vehicle, while a nerf bar is designed to protect the vehicle’s body from damage.

What is the purpose of nerf bars on a truck?

The purpose of nerf bars on a truck is to protect the vehicle’s body from damage and provide a step up into the vehicle.

Where is Nissan Frontier made?

The Nissan Frontier is made in Canton, Mississippi.

How are nerf bars installed?

Nerf bars are typically installed using brackets and bolts that attach to the vehicle’s frame.

What are the different types of nerf bars?

The different types of nerf bars include round, oval, and square-shaped bars, as well as retractable and electric-powered bars.

What is a Nerf step bar?

A Nerf step bar is a type of nerf bar that includes a step pad for easier access to the vehicle.

How much weight can a nerf bar hold?

The weight capacity of a nerf bar varies depending on the manufacturer and model, but most can hold up to 500 pounds.

Why is it called a nerf bar?

The term nerf comes from the soft foam material used in the game of Nerf, which is designed to be safe and non-damaging. Nerf bars are designed to protect the vehicle’s body from damage in a similar way.

What is the best brand of nerf bars?

The best brand of nerf bars depends on personal preference and the specific needs of the vehicle. Some popular brands include Westin, Lund, and N-Fab.

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