The Advantages of Running Boards for Honda Ridgeline Owners Complete guide

Are you tired of struggling to climb inside your Honda Ridgeline? Get a running board!

This guide looks at the advantages of installing running boards and how they can improve the look, comfort and safety of your vehicle. Upgrade your Honda with an easy-to-install running board and experience a whole new level of convenience!

Running boards are components of many vehicles, including the Honda Ridgeline. While some people may think that these components are unnecessary and bulky additions, running boards offer a variety of benefits and advantages for all types of riders, including Honda Ridgeline owners looking for a better sense of stability and comfort. In this complete guide, we will lay out the advantages that running boards provide so you can make an informed decision on whether or not they are right for you.

Not only do running boards offer a practical purpose, they also create a sleek appearance due to their low profile design. This can provide an extra layer of style to your Honda Ridgeline. Additionally, these additions are typically made from high-quality materials that can withstand the elements and won’t rust or corrode from exposure to weather conditions even in more extreme climates like snow and rain. Furthermore, because these components offer easy installation with most brands providing all necessary hardware for effortless mounting onto the vehicle– you can have your ride upgraded within minutes with custom designed running boards.

Benefits of Running Boards

Running boards or side steps are an important and useful addition to a Honda Ridgeline. These essential accessories provide a wide range of benefits, from improved styling to increased safety. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that you can get when installing running boards with your Honda Ridgeline.

  1. Increased Safety: The most obvious benefit of running boards is the increased safety they provide. Stepping onto the steps gives you something firm to grip on to, reducing the risk of slipping or falling while getting into your vehicle. Many running board models also have built-in lights that provide additional lighting in dark areas, making it easier and safer for you to get into your vehicle at night or when visibility is poor.
  2. Improved Styling: Running boards in an appropriate style give your vehicle a more aggressive and stylish look, along with improved aerodynamics for improved fuel efficiency and performance in certain cases.

iii. Convenience: Having running boards makes it easier and more convenient for passengers getting in and out of the Honda Ridgeline especially if it is elevated like off-road tires would make it be; this is especially useful if you have elderly passengers or small children who need assistance getting into the car.

  1. Protection: Running boards also provide protection against damage from road debris by providing a raised surface that helps deflect any items that may be kicked up underneath the car while driving, such as rocks or stones.

By understanding these various advantages, you can then make an informed decision as to whether installing running boards with your Honda Ridgeline will be beneficial for your particular situation.

Enhanced Accessibility

For Honda Ridgeline owners, running boards are an excellent choice for improving accessibility. They create sturdy steps located near the vehicle doors, making it easier for riders to enter and exit their vehicle. The boards can be installed all along each side of a vehicle, or in selected areas for added support where riders tend to enter and exit most often.

Running boards also provides an extra measure of security, since people can hold onto them if they need to step down from higher hills or curbs. Running boards also help riders with balance when entering and exiting the vehicle, especially those who may have difficulty due to age or physical abilities.

With running boards available throughout the sides of Honda Ridgelines, riders can feel increase safety getting in and out of their truck.

Improved Aesthetics

Running boards offer a sophisticated aesthetic to the Honda Ridgeline while also providing practical safety and utility benefits. The streamlined, tubular design allows for easy access to your vehicle and improved visibility when looking at the tires.

Many different styles of running boards are available and can be tailored to match the lines of your Honda Ridgeline for an enhanced, customized look. Additionally, many high-quality brands are designed with a textured surface which prevents slipping when entering or exiting the vehicle and provides bold style to your ride.

By adding running boards to your Honda Ridgeline, you will create a stunning appearance that increases the value of your truck.

Added Protection

One of the biggest advantages of running boards for Honda Ridgeline owners is enhanced protection. With a running board, you can be sure that your vehicle and everyone riding inside is safe from potential knocks and scrapes. The greater width of the running board also increases its durability so it will last longer than regular doorsills, even in the harshest conditions.

In addition, if you want to lift your vehicle a few inches to improve off-roading performance or make room for taller tires, running boards are very useful in keeping you safe as they provide an easy way to enter and exit with minimal effort.

Increased Resale Value

Running boards have several clear advantages for Honda Ridgeline owners. Adding a set of running boards to your vehicle can help improve your resale value and attract more potential buyers.

Not only do running boards make the Ridgeline appear more attractive to those looking to buy, but they also provide easier access to the vehicle’s cabin, which may be desirable to certain buyers. A better appearance, combined with added convenience and tow hitch capability may make you more valuable as a customer in comparison with similar models without running boards.

Installing add-on parts such as running boards is a good way to add market value when it’s time to resell the car or truck.

III. Maintenance and Cleaning

Getting the most out of your running boards requires proper maintenance and cleaning to enhance their looks and durability. Here are some tips to help you maintain and clean your running boards:

-Clean your running boards regularly with a damp cloth, and then dry them with a soft cloth. Avoid harsh abrasives or chemicals that could damage their coating.

-Inspect the mounting brackets periodically for signs of wear or damage, as this can prevent your running boards from becoming excessively loose.

-After heavy dirt buildup, you can use a mild detergent to clean the running boards. Be sure to rinse away any residue that may be left behind by the detergent to avoid damage to the mounting brackets.

-To protect against rust, apply a coat of wax or polish at least twice a year. Doing this will also give them an extra layer of protection against dirt build up, keeping them looking new for longer periods of time.

Tips for maintaining Running Boards

Maintaining your running boards is an important part of keeping your Honda Ridgeline in top condition. Follow these simple tips to keep them looking good and functioning at their best.

  1. Clean the boards regularly with a mild soap and water solution and a damp cloth, paying special attention to areas prone to accumulation of dirt or debris, such as around edges and hinges, as these can wear down the material over time.
  2. Apply silicone-based lubricant evenly and sparingly along the profiles of your running boards using a clean cloth at least once a month to reduce friction from opening and closing the boards.
  3. Periodically check the fastenings that connect your running board to the body of your vehicle for any signs of wear or corrosion and replace if necessary.
  4. Regularly inspect for any signs of damage or debris such as stones, dirt or salt that can accumulate in crevices or around brackets as this can cause corrosion or other issues over time if not cleaned away promptly.

These regular maintenance steps will help ensure you get optimal performance from your running boards while also keeping them looking like new longer!

Proper cleaning Techniques

For Honda Ridgeline owners, proper cleaning techniques are important to maintain and extend the life of running boards and other accessories. Over time, dirt and debris from the street can accumulate on the running board and prevent it from performing properly. Here are some effective ways to clean your running boards for optimal performance:

Pressure Washers: Pressure washers use pressurized water to remove dirt, mud, insects, oily spills and more from surfaces. Start by adjusting the pressure

Recommended cleaning products

To keep your running boards in good condition and preserve their lifespan, it is essential to perform regular cleaning and maintenance as needed. The specific cleaning products used can vary depending on your board’s unique material, but some of the most common and recommended ones include:

-Dish detergent or gentle soap
-Soft cloths or sponges
-Microfiber towels
-Oxygen bleach cleaners
-Nonabrasive cleaners specifically designed for metal surfaces
-Vinyl polish
-Baking soda
-Stone cleaner (for stone runner boards) Romik Honda Ridgeline Running Boards Item #62109418 RAL-TS 2017 - Present : Automotive


In conclusion, Honda Ridgeline running boards provide a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to your vehicle. Not only do they offer improved safety and assistance to those getting in and out of the car, but they also keep it looking great with their sleek design.

Low-profile running boards are easy to install and require minimal maintenance, which means no more worrying about having to replace or repaint them. With all the options available, you will be sure to find one that fits your individual style. So go ahead and take advantage of the benefits of this great accessory today!


What is the benefit of running boards?

Running boards provide easier access to the vehicle, especially for passengers with mobility issues, and they can also help protect the vehicle from debris.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of running boards?

Advantages of running boards include easier access to the vehicle and protection from debris. Disadvantages can include reduced ground clearance and potential damage from off-road driving.

Do running boards affect gas mileage?

Running boards may have a slight impact on gas mileage, but it is typically minimal.

Should I install running boards?

Whether to install running boards depends on personal preference and the intended use of the vehicle. They can provide convenience and protection, but may not be necessary for all vehicles.

Why did they get rid of running boards?

Running boards were phased out as vehicle design changed and car manufacturers began to prioritize aerodynamics and ground clearance.

Which is better side steps or running boards?

Side steps are typically narrower and provide less protection than running boards, but can offer more ground clearance and a sleeker look.

What are the cons of running track?

Running on a track can be repetitive and boring, and can put stress on the same muscles and joints repeatedly.

Are steel or aluminum running boards better?

 Steel running boards are typically stronger and more durable, but can be heavier than aluminum running boards. Aluminum running boards are lighter, but may not be as strong.

Do you have to drill holes for running boards?

Installing running boards may require drilling holes in the vehicle’s body, but there are some models available that do not require drilling.

Should runners run every day?

The frequency of running depends on an individual’s fitness level and goals, but it is generally recommended to allow for rest days to prevent injury and allow for recovery.

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