Are Running Boards the Right Choice for Your Toyota Tundra?

Are you considering adding running boards to your Toyota Tundra for added convenience and style? Look no further! Our complete guide will help you decide if running boards are the right choice for your vehicle.

You’ll be able to make a more informed decision as you explore the benefits they provide!

Running boards are a common and popular choice for making your Toyota Tundra truck look good, as well as giving you a small amount of extra interior space. If you’re considering getting running boards for your Tundra, it’s important to take a look at what exactly they are and what they do before making a purchasing decision.

This guide aims to provide an overview of the different types of running boards available and help you make an informed decision about which type is the best fit for your vehicle.

Explanation of Running Boards

Running boards are a type of step that can be attached to the sides of your vehicle, and they provide an easy way to get in and out. Running boards are typically made from metal or plastic, and many come with a nonslip material such as rubber for extra traction. They usually attach to the body of the vehicle through mounting plates on either side, so no cutting or drilling is required. Running boards are also available in a variety of styles, so you can choose one that complements your Toyota Tundra’s look.

Running boards can serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose, depending on what you choose. Functional running boards provide greater support when stepping into the truck, while some may have an elevated lip at each end protective against mud splashes when getting in or out of off-road vehicles. Aesthetic running boards add an extra touch of style with color, patterning and unique shapes.

Overall, running boards are an easy way to increase both the function and style of your Toyota Tundra while providing additional safety for anyone who needs to climb in or out—especially shorter drivers or young children—so why not take advantage?

Importance of Running Boards for Toyota Tundra owners

Running boards are an integral part of vehicle customization to add utility and styling to a Toyota Tundra truck. They provide a convenient step up into the cabin, protect the paint from scratches, and make entering and exiting the truck much easier. Running boards can also add a more aggressive look to your truck, with their rugged design that complements many of the aftermarket accessories that are available. Regularly used in off-road conditions, running boards offer stability on slippery surfaces while getting in and out of your truck.

The importance of selecting running boards designed specifically for your Tundra can’t be stressed enough given the various heights of this popular pickup truck model.

It’s evident why Toyota Tundra owners would choose running boards for convenience and comfort, but there is another positive side to this type of accessory. Adding running boards will create an extra aerodynamic barrier around the lower portion of your Tundra that helps reduce wind drag when you’re driving on highways at higher speeds. This in turn increases fuel efficiency – resulting in lower costs at the pump – and improves overall performance. Running board installation is also relatively easy as most aftermarket options come with mounting hardware that has been manufactured for quick installation with minimal effort required from any mechanically inclined owner.

Advantages of Running Boards

Running boards are popularly known for their usefulness in offering an easy step up to your vehicle. While the height of running boards is typically fixed, the platforms can be used as steps once you open a door and stand on them, providing easier access in and out of your vehicle.

Additionally, running boards can help with passenger security and provide a better grip when entering and exiting the truck. Running boards are also non-slip which helps considerably when it comes to stepping in or out in wet or icy conditions. Most of these advantages transfer to drivers of a Toyota Tundra pickup truck.

Another advantage of running boards is that they help to protect the lower part of a car body from dirt, stones or any other kind of road debris that could fly off during travel about mountaintop roads at fast speeds and cause damage to your vehicle’s body since this part will constantly be closer to the ground at such times than other parts. This is especially useful for drivers whose cars are frequently used for off-road travelling adventures where high speeds may be reached.

Easy Access

Running boards are a great way to make it easy to get in and out of your Toyota Tundra quickly. This type of vehicle accessory comes with a variety of options and can be adjusted for easier access and comfort. They provide an extra helping hand for taller drivers and those carrying heavy cargo, like bags or larger items.

Running boards come in different styles, from wide and low step-boards, to traditional running boards that rise up from the edges of the truck’s body. They are often made from durable materials like aluminum and plastic that won’t corrode over time.

No matter which style you choose, running boards will help add convenience to your Toyota Tundra’s ride.


When it comes to running boards, safety should be the top consideration. An improperly fitted running board can present a slip and fall hazard if the passenger does not have enough stability for a safe stepping off point. In addition, many running boards are available with anti-slip treads to keep your feet secure as you exit or enter the vehicle as well as potential LED light kits that provide illumination for improved visibility in darkness.

When choosing running boards, make sure to look for those that are covered by a binding warranty from the manufacturer, in case of any future trouble.


One of the most notable aspects of running boards is their appearance. Running boards come in a wide range of designs and styles, so it’s easy to find one that suits your taste and matches the look of your vehicle. Most running boards are constructed from rust-proof materials such as aluminum or stainless steel, but you can also find plastic-based options as well. Plus, these accessories are typically designed with a powder coating finish for an extra layer of protection against the elements. Some models come in chrome for an even more premium look.

It’s important to note that some running boards may be more visible on your truck than others — make sure to check measurements and height if this is a priority for you. While most running boards aren’t adjustable, there are some sophisticated models that allow you to adjust the length and width of the board depending on how much room you need around your sides and along the belly. Be sure to consider your available options before making a purchase!

III. Factors to Consider Before Choosing Running Boards

It’s important to understand the purpose of running boards before making a decision to install them on your Toyota Tundra. Running boards provide side-exit step assistance for the driver and passengers of your truck, offering convenience when accessing or exiting your vehicle. Additionally, running boards can act as guard rails, protecting the side panels from any sort of road debris. Running boards allow for easier cleaning of mud, snow and salt off their frames when necessary.

When deciding whether to equip your vehcile with running boards, there are several key factors to consider. These include:

  • Vehicle weight: Heavier vehicles require heavier loading capacity which will be provided by larger designs with oversized support systems in order to combat any added stress or strain due to increased weight.
  • Quality: It’s important that the materials used in making the parts are durable and long lasting, especially considering they may be exposed to rain and snow while they are operational. Check if they come with a warranty against any rust or corrosion.
  • Installation style: When shopping for running boards it is worth taking into account whether you would like ones that ladder up towards the vehicle or drop down onto the ground. The former may provide more protection while the latter look more akin with a traditional board design but can be less sturdy over time due to added gravity pressing down on them as they extend outward away from the vehicle body itself.


When it comes to the cost of running boards for your Toyota Tundra, there are various factors to consider. First and foremost, the manufacturer you choose will play a major part in determining the total cost. The material the boards are made from is another factor that must be taken into account — aluminum or magnesium will usually be more expensive than plastic or rubber boards. Custom running boards can also be quite costly, as they have to be specially made for your vehicle and can require professional installation if they are not plug-and-play.

Additionally, mechanical running board models often require additional switches and components which will add to the overall cost. Another important factor to consider is where you buy your running boards from — larger online retailers tend to offer more competitive prices than their smaller counterparts. Finally, there may be addition costs if you need special components like mounting brackets and hardware accessories such as step pads or lighting kits.


Material of the running boards is important to consider when selecting the style that will best fit your Toyota Tundra. The most common materials of running boards are plastic or aluminum.

Plastic- Plastic running boards are designed with tough material, resistant to rust and corrosion, to give your truck a long life. The resistance also offers a long-term sheen that stays put even in rough conditions. Plastic running boards also provide insulation from cold weather and enhanced grip with their durability.

Aluminum- Aluminum provides an affordable option that is still very durable and long lasting when compared to other options. An added bonus with aluminum is that it offers an impressive resale value for your truck because of the lower cost associated with it. Plus, because aluminum does not corrode, you can be sure your investment will last without you having to worry about replacing them in a few years due to rusting or other damage from exposure to weather elements.

Size and Fit

Ensuring the running board you purchase is the correct size and fit for your Toyota Tundra is important. The length of your truck’s cab as well as its wheelbase will determine which running boards are right for your vehicle.

Some aftermarket running boards may be longer, shorter, wider or narrower than your original OEM boards which could pose an issue with fitment. Most standard aftermarket running boards on the market today will provide an exact match for your Toyota Tundra because they are made to comply with factory measurements. You should always double-check that information both when purchasing online or from a local car parts store in order to avoid any potential fitment issues.

To further ensure perfect fitment, consider checking online forums to read about personal customer experiences with certain brands and models of boards before settling on a purchase.


Although running boards may be attractive to some Toyota Tundra owners, there are a few considerations that must be taken into account before a purchase is made.

First, consider whether you really need to install running boards in order to improve access to the cab of the truck. If not, consider an alternative such as a hitch step or ladder rack. Bear in mind that while running boards can provide greater protection from rust and salt corrosion, they can also be more expensive and require more maintenance than alternative options. In addition, they may affect the overall ride comfort as they reduce ground clearance and add extra wind resistance.

Ultimately, only you can decide if running boards are the right choice for your Toyota Tundra. Weigh up all of these factors when making this decision and always ensure that you buy a quality set of running boards from a reliable manufacturer who guarantees its product against defects or rust corrosion for extra peace of mind.


Should I get running boards for my truck?

It depends on your personal preference and needs.

What are the pros and cons to running boards on a truck?

Pros: Easier access to the truck, added protection to the body, and improved appearance. Cons: Reduced ground clearance, potential for rust and corrosion, and added weight.

What are the most common problems with the Toyota Tundra?

Common problems include transmission issues, brake problems, and engine problems.

Do running boards affect gas mileage?

Yes, running boards can affect gas mileage by adding weight and increasing wind resistance.

What year is bad for Toyota Tundra?

The 2007 and 2008 models have had the most reported problems.

Which year Tundra is best?

The 2013 and 2014 models are considered the best years for the Toyota Tundra.

Are steel or aluminum running boards better?

It depends on your needs and preferences. Steel is more durable but heavier, while aluminum is lighter but less durable.

What is the disadvantage of runner?

The disadvantage of a runner is that it can reduce ground clearance and increase wind resistance.

Can you jack up a truck by running boards?

No, running boards are not designed to support the weight of a jack or the truck.

Which is better side steps are running boards?

It depends on your needs and preferences. Side steps are more discreet and offer less protection, while running boards offer more protection and easier access to the truck.

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