Tailgate Assist for Nissan Frontier: Types, Benefits, and Installation Tips -:Complete Guide

Are you tired of struggling to open the heavy tailgate of your Nissan Frontier? With the help of a tailgate assist you can make your job much easier.

Read on to discover the various types, their benefits, and installation tips so that you can choose the perfect solution for your needs.

The Nissan Frontier is a great off-road vehicle with a wide range of capabilities. To get the most out of your truck, one of the best products you can install is Tailgate Assist – a system that helps lower or raise your truck’s tailgate with ease.

This guide will provide you with an overview of the different types of tailgate assist available, the benefits to installing it on your vehicle, as well as helpful installation tips. With all these in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your needs and enjoy enhanced convenience when accessing the bed compartments of your Frontier.

Benefits of Tailgate Assist for Nissan Frontier

Tailgate assist for Nissan Frontier can provide many benefits as it allows you to lift and lower your tailgate with ease. This device takes the strain out of lifting an overly heavy tailgate and makes it easy to access items from the back of the truck or trailer. Tailgate assist also helps reduce the risk of back injuries, making it a great option for individuals who have issues with lifting heavy objects. Furthermore, tailgate assist for Nissan Frontier is designed to be a long-lasting product that provides convenience and peace of mind when accessing items from the bed of your truck or trailer.

The benefits of using a tailgate assist for a Nissan Frontier include:

  • Easy access to cargo: Having easier access to cargo in your truck or trailer can make loading and unloading significantly quicker. This can be especially helpful in situations where you need quick access such as camping trips, travel, etc.
  • Reduced risk of back injuries: The strain of manual lifting can be hazardous to those with existing back injuries due to the amount of force exerted by an overly large tailgate. Tailgate assists make it much easier on the body as they take most of the burden off you when lowering and raising your tailgate.
  • Durability: Tailgates assists are made out of materials that are meant to last under repetitive use, providing both convenience and security when converting between upright and lowered positions. Furthermore, some models also offer optional locks which help keep your cargo safe while parked at home or on the road.

Reduces strain on the back and arms

Tailgate assist is designed to reduce the amount of effort required to open and close your tailgate, alleviating strain on your back and arms. The amount of force needed to lift a tailgate can be significant, especially when lifting heavier items in or out of the truck bed.

Tailgate assist uses a tapered spring inside a tube that helps store energy as your tailgate is closed, then releases it gradually when you are opening it. This reduces pressure on your body and makes handling large or heavy items much easier.

Prevents damage to the tailgate

The tailgate assist for Nissan Frontier is a device that works to reduce the strain on your truck’s tailgate while opening or closing. It can be installed either manually or through pre-installed mounting points. This device helps to minimize the risk of physical damage and wear and tear to the tailgate due to large items placed inside the truck bed. The tailgate assist also helps to reduce back strain when lifting heavy items by allowing the lid to rest in a fixed position, instead of relying solely on your strength when lifting something from the bed. With its easy installation process, it is an extremely useful addition to any pickup owner’s vehicle.

The few types of tailgate assists include electric powered, hydraulic-powered and mechanical spring assisted models. Electric-powered models allow you to open or close your tailgate with a flick of a switch, while hydraulic models use pressure generated by liquid or industrial gas filled cylinders in order to move the gate up or down. The mechanical spring-assisted model works by using torsion bars in order to manually open or close the lid without causing any breakage due to force application on it.

Benefits include enhanced convenience when loading objects into or out of your truck bed, as well as when accessing items stored in areas provided by a normal sized bed opening that would otherwise be difficult due to its size/weight ratio. Furthermore it enhances security as there are no handles for people outside the car/truck’s cabin area to access it ensuring its contents remain secure from potentially thievish acts which minimize shrinkage risk such as goods getting lost due theft(s). Lastly, another benefit lies in how usage related wear and tear is significantly reduced, aiding in their maximal resale value, thereby increasing their marketability, extenuating owners losses upon disposal due insurance claims relating damages arising from those only repairable through buying new replacement parts all purpose designed for that individual vehicle make/model somewhere down the line.

Installing these devices will largely depend on which type you customarily decide to stick with; however, irrespective of these variant preferences, context instruction manuals shipped along side with first shipment purchases come bearing instructions all outlining step wise installation procedures, at times aided by diagrammatic visuals specific to attachment designs meant to ensure their proper fitting and yet desiredly secure seal, thus fortifying them against potential weather unfriendly conditions encountered over their time duration they’ve been operationally deployed through regular safety checks mandated by National governing bodies within those markets they operate.

Enhances safety when closing the tailgate

Installing a tailgate assist for your Nissan Frontier helps to enhance safety when closing the tailgate. The tailgate assist is a hydraulic cylinder system that works in tandem with the stock handle mechanism and puts consistent counteracting pressure against the tailgate to reduce strain and the risk of transmission wear. It’s important to remember that without this assist, one must be careful when closing the heavier and larger-sized Tailgates, so it’s best to use a system every time you close it.

Benefits of having a tailgate assist on your Nissan Frontier include:

  • Reduced strain and wear on your transmission
  • Easier to close due to a lighter weight thanks to its counteracting force
  • Prevents misalignment or damage of the handle hardware caused by heavy lifting
  • Decreases chances of back, neck, and arm injury due to reduced lifting when opening/closing your vehicle’s tailgate

Different types of tailgate assists are available for the Nissan Frontier that are designed for applications such as stationary loading/unloading, soft drops (ideal for hauling lighter goods), heavy duty drops (for outfitted need goods like lawn furniture), scoop drops (which acts as both a piano hinge style closure and lift assistance off large objects). Depending on what type of application you are looking for, you can pick out one which offers the most convenience or efficiency without compromising on safety.

Installation of your Nissan Frontier’s tailgate assist can vary depending on the type but it typically requires mounting brackets which need an assembly plate installation onto a different surface depending on which make or model you own. It comes with instructions in addition to parts necessary for installation but make sure to check regularly that it is operating properly according any included service schedules or given instruction within its user manual so there’s no worry should anything go wrong while you are using it.

Installation Tips for Tailgate Assist

Installing a tailgate assist is easier than you may think, but there are some important steps you should follow to ensure successful installation. Here are the six main steps for installing the tailgate assist on a Nissan Frontier:

  1. Unbox Tailgate Assist: Remove the tailgate assist from its box and take out all the necessary parts. Check for any damaged or missing items and contact the manufacturer if necessary.
  2. Prepare Your Tailgate: Begin by smoothing any rough surfaces and remove any dirt, dust or debris from both the bed of your truck and the back of your tailgate. Make sure that both mounting brackets are securely in place before moving forward with installation.
  3. Attach Spring Rods: Insert one end of each spring rod into their respective holes in the cab of your truck, then connect them to mounting plates on either side of your tailgate with studded threads to keep them secure.
  4. Position Extension Bearings: Install two bearings at either end of each spring rod with nut drivers and crescent wrenches and tighten them securely in place using an Allen key set.
  5. Mount Shock Absorber Linkage: Measure and mark desired holes in your tailgate before making two smaller drilled pilot holes with a drill bit appropriate for shock absorber linkage plate screws and washers provided by manufacturer’s kit.. Securely fasten shock absorber linkage plate screws into marked pilot holes, then attach washer, linkages, nuts and clevis pins in order to finish securing mount arms to shock absorbers set up from step 4 onto tail gate bracketed area.
  6. Check Installation: Now that your installation is complete, it’s time to double check everything! Verify that all components have been properly tightened down before giving it a swing test – do not overload test beyond recommended weight levels as specified by manufacturer’s instructions for safety purposes – confirm that it opens freely without excess wear/tear on parts or components as well as check that hinges move smoothly without resistance or binding sounds which would indicate misalignment due to improper mounting/maintenance issues which could lead costly repairs over time if neglected now.

Tools required for installation

Before starting the installation process, it is important to make sure that you have all of the necessary tools on hand. These will depend on the type of tailgate assist you purchase and may include a drill, socket wrench set, hex wrench set, adjustable wrench, and/or flathead screwdriver. It is also wise to have some basic automotive know-how so that you can properly identify how your truck functions and know how to safely complete every step of the installation process.

Tools required for most tailgate assists include:

  • Drill with an appropriate size bit: Used to create pilot holes in your truck’s frame or bed rails that are needed to attach the tailgate support mechanism securely.
  • Socket Wrench Set: Used to loosen old mounting brackets and attach new ones securely. Your specific model may require other types of wrenches such as a hex or adjustable wrench instead.
  • Flathead Screwdriver: Used for removing any factory decals or stickers from your vehicle’s frame as well as helping to guide screws into place when securing brackets.
  • Torque Wrench (optional): Some tailgate assist products require this tool for accurately fastening mounting bolts at their correct tightness levels during installation.

Step-by-step guide to installation

Tailgates make loading and unloading cargo easy, but they can be very difficult to open and lower due to their weight. Thankfully, Nissan offers a special Tailgate Assist feature that supports the tailgate so that it can be opened easily and lowered slowly. To install Tailgate Assist for your Nissan Frontier, take a look at these step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Remove the existing spring from the inside of the tailgate.

Step 2: Securely attach one end of the included zip tie to the inside ledge of the tailgate near its upper corner.

Step 3: Take the other end of the cable through one side of the foamed battery separator (from your kit) and then through both fasteners in front of it.

Step 4: Securely attach both ends of striped cable to underbody reinforcement in accordance with diagram labeled “Installation Diagram” in your kit instructions.

Step 5: Test if both cables are secured by testing two or three times each way slowly opening and closing your tail gate at ease with tension support on it’s way up/down motion between open and close positions.

Step 6: Enjoy! Now you should have a new smooth experience when opening or closing your tailgate with assured safety by helps from Tailgate Assist feature provided by Nissan Frontier!

Maintenance of Tailgate Assist

It is important to maintain the tailgate assist to ensure it remains in peak working condition. Once installed, check the tailgate regularly to make sure that all pin attachments are secure and tight. At least twice a year, lubricate the pins with a light oil to keep them moving freely. Make sure to check with your vehicle manufacturer’s instructions to find out which type of oil is recommended.

The dampener arms should also be inspected for signs of wear and tear, such as cracking or fraying, which could indicate that they need to be replaced. Additionally, if the dampener arms feel loose or become harder to open over time, it may be necessary to adjust them by removing them from their mountings and tightening their bolts slightly.

Finally, cleanliness is essential; dirt buildup can cause damage such as rusting or corrosion so make sure you keep your tailgate assist clean at least once a month. By following these simple steps for maintenance you can ensure years of trouble-free operation and enjoy your Nissan Frontier tailgate assist!

Regular cleaning and lubrication

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your tailgate assist is essential to ensure its proper functioning and longevity. To clean the parts of your tailgate assist, use soapy water, warm water, and a brush or cloth to remove any surface dirt. Allow the parts to air dry completely before proceeding with reassembly or lubrication. If a product like WD-40 is used to clean the parts, then be sure to wipe down afterwards with a cloth that has been dampened in soapy water.

Lubricating specific moving parts such as springs, hinges and other metal components will also help keep them functioning properly. While basic car lubricants can be used for lubrication, some tailgate assists are designed with specific lubricants in mind. Check your manufacturer’s instructions before you proceed as not all parts need heavy lubrication or may require specialized products like Vaseline or spray silicone oil. When applying the lubricant, ensure it is evenly distributed on all moving parts for proper function of the tailgate assist after installation.

Inspection of components

Before installation, it is important to inspect all components including the included fastener and hardware, mounting plate, lift arm, bearing support plate, and gas spring. All components must be inspected for damages or wear and tear from prior use or shipping. Make sure that no parts are missing or broken before beginning installation.

Additionally, ensure that all fasteners included with your kit are suitable for the job. If any part of the product appears to be damaged in any way, do not proceed with installation—contact customer service immediately for a replacement.

Replacement of worn-out parts

Replacing worn-out parts is key to maintaining a functioning tailgate assist system. Normal wear and tear on the moving parts in your tailgate can cause them to be less effective and even fail. To keep your tailgate assist system running, always make sure that the tailgate release cable is fully extended, with no obstructions to it when in use.

If you notice that the system is not operating as smoothly as it should, please inspect it for any signs of damage or wear and tear. Depending upon the severity of the damage, you may need to replace some of its components such as:

-Tailgate Cable: If your tailgate release cable gets stretched or damaged, it’s time for a replacement -– otherwise, your truck won’t be able to open on its own. Inspect this part regularly for any signs of defects or wear and tear before it fails completely.

-Tailgate Assist Springs: The tension springs found in most tailgate assists are one of its primary components; however, these can often get overworked or worn out over time due changes in temperature or air pressure. Replace these springs immediately after noticing any signs of wear and tear -– otherwise, your truck won’t be able to open on its own.

-Tailgate Arm Bushing: This bushing attaches the pivot arm to the cargo bed and helps stabilize the arm while pivoting up and down when opening/closing your truck’s tailgate. With age and consistent use, this part might become loose so consider replacing them whenever you notice additional movement during operation that wasn’t present before.


Tailgate assists for Nissan Frontier make loading and unloading heavy cargo easier and safer. They come in a variety of forms, from foldable ramps to gas springs, offering a range of benefits, such as increased weight capacity, durability and convenience. There are installation strategies available to suit your individual preference. Once installed this simple device can make your work easier during those especially heavy days on the job site or off-road trails.

Overall, the tailgate assist is an excellent addition to your Nissan Frontier, offering convenience and safety while helping you complete all of your cargo-related tasks more efficiently. With so many types of tailgate assists to choose from – most ranging in price between $50-$150 – it’s easy to find one that fits both your vehicle and budget. From long-term durability to heavier weight capacities to easy installation instructions – there are plenty of reasons why the tailgate assist is an indispensable accessory for Nissan Frontier owners.


How many tailgate assist do you need?

Usually, one tailgate assist is enough for a pickup truck.

How does tailgate assist work?

Tailgate assist uses a hydraulic or pneumatic system to slow down the tailgate’s descent and prevent it from slamming shut.

How to install f150 tailgate assist?

The installation process varies depending on the brand and model of the tailgate assist, but it typically involves attaching brackets and mounting the assist cylinder.

What is the benefit of power tailgate?

A power tailgate allows for hands-free opening and closing, making it easier to load and unload cargo.

How do you set up a tailgate?

To set up a tailgate, you need to lower it and secure it in place using the latches or locking mechanism.

What are the different types of tailgate?

The most common types of tailgate are the traditional drop-down tailgate, the barn-door style tailgate, and the split tailgate.

What are the best power options for a tailgating?

The best power options for tailgating include a built-in generator, a portable power station, or a vehicle with a power outlet.

Does removing tailgate improve gas mileage?

Removing the tailgate can actually decrease gas mileage by disrupting the airflow around the truck bed.

What is the difference between liftgate and tailgate?

A liftgate is typically found on SUVs and vans and is a powered door that lifts up to access the cargo area. A tailgate is a hinged door at the back of a pickup truck that drops down to access the bed.

How much does it cost to install a power liftgate?

The cost of installing a power liftgate varies depending on the make and model of the vehicle and the type of liftgate, but it can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

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