Making Your Tailgate Easier to Use: Tailgate Assist for Ram 1500 Complete Guide

Do you ever find yourself struggling to open and close your truck’s tailgate? If you drive a Ram 1500, you’re in luck!

This guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about installing a Tailgate Assist for a Ram 1500–making your tailgating experience effortless. You won’t have to strain yourself anymore; easier access awaits!

The Ram 1500 is a great vehicle with many features designed to make driving the truck more enjoyable. One of its impressive capabilities is the tailgate assist system, which helps you open and close the tailgate more easily.

This guide will provide an overview of the tailgate assist system, including how it works and important information about its installation. We’ll also explain the advantages of tailgate assistance and answer some commonly asked questions.

With this guide, you’ll have all the information you need to take full advantage of your truck’s tailgate assist system.

Benefits of Installing Tailgate Assist on Ram 1500

Installing tailgate assist on your Ram 1500 can provide a number of useful benefits. For starters, it will make your life easier by providing you with a seamless lift and lower mechanism that makes it easy to access the space inside your vehicle’s bed. It eliminates the need for manual straining and gives you easy access to the contents inside with just one hand.

Another great benefit of installing tailgate assist is that it allows you to close your tailgate more safely, which can reduce the chances of injuring yourself or damaging other items in the bed. It also serves as an anti-theft device, as it requires a code to open once installed.

Lastly, tailgate assist helps minimize rattling noises when travelling on rough terrain, keeping your vehicle comfortable and enjoyable for all passengers on trips.

Reduced strain on your body

  1. Reduced strain on your body: With a tailgate assist, you’ll find that it is easier to open and close the tailgate of your Ram 1500 pickup truck with minimal strain on your back, arms and legs. The assist system will offset up to ninety percent of the weight you must lift when opening or closing the tailgate, reducing the amount of force required from you. This allows for more comfortable use as well as improved safety and convenience when loading items into or out of the truck bed.

Improved safety for you and your vehicle

The Tailgate Assist for a Ram 1500 is an innovative device that has added both convenience and safety to the traditional tailgate operation. It allows for easy one-handed tailgate opening and closing, eliminating dangerous tension on your body and relieving strain placed on your vehicle’s lifting arms. The tailgate can be closed securely with minimal effort, ensuring that your cargo won’t come flying out as you drive.

Additionally, this tailgate assist is crafted from high-quality materials to ensure rust protection, so it will continue to provide reliable use for years to come.

Enhanced convenience and ease of use

The Ram 1500 tailgate assist has several features that help make it both convenient and easy to use. The integrated power locking system ensures that when you board or unboard your truck, the tailgate will remain securely closed. Once you open the tailgate, the lift struts ensure that it quickly rises up without having to manually push it.

Additionally, a gas-charged strut technology in the tailgate opens and closes the door smoothly and with minimal effort, which makes loading and unloading cargo even easier. Furthermore, its anti-pinch safety feature automatically suspends operations when an obstruction may be detected in the closing path of the door to ensure maximum safety for yourself, your passengers and your cargo.

With these advanced features you can be sure your Ram 1500 tailgate is secure, safe and easy to use every time you need it.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Tailgate Assist for Ram 1500

When choosing tailgate assist for Ram 1500 you will want to consider a few factors. First, you must decide how much weight capacity your system needs. This will depend on how much weight the tailgate itself can support, as well as the size and weight of any materials you may be loading into the bed. It is best to overestimate your weight requirements to ensure that your system can handle more than what you need it to.

Next, you must also decide if it is worth investing in a comprehensive tailgate lift system or a basic setup that utilizes a single spring-loaded assist arm. For those looking for more convenience, the full tail lift systems provide one-touch functionality and greater control over positioning and height adjustment settings. For tasks that involve lighter loads, however, the less expensive single arm systems are usually adequate and still provide ample assistance when lifting heavier items from the bed.

Finally, an important factor to consider when selecting tailgate assist for Ram 1500 is whether or not the system requires installation by professionals or if it is designed for DIY installation – this can greatly influence your final decision if cost is an issue for you. Most reputable brands offer easy-to-follow instructions and all necessary mounting hardware for DIY installation purposes; however there are also specific systems available which do require professional installation services due to their complexity or features.

Compatibility with your vehicle

Before you purchase the Tailgate Assist for your Ram 1500 truck, you will need to verify it is compatible with your specific vehicle. This tailgate lift is designed specifically for 2009-2021 Ram 1500 trucks and will not fit vehicles from other manufacturers or earlier models.

Additionally, this product is designed to lift an OEM tailgate, and if any aftermarket accessories have been installed, it may need to be removed before installation of the Tailgate Assist.

When ordering your tailgate assist kit, double check that you have the correct model year listed on the box so that you can be sure it will fit your vehicle.

Weight capacity

The Ram 1500 Tailgate Assist is designed to support tailgates weighing up to 60 pounds. It is important to note that the weight limit of your specific assist device may vary depending on the construction and materials of your particular tailgate Assist.

Prior to utilizing the Ram 1500 Tailgate Assist, it is recommended that you consult with a qualified technician to determine the precise weight limit of your particular apparatus. It’s also important to remember that although the assist can handle heavier tailgates than would be possible without mechanical assistance, continued use at maximum capacity may cause premature wear or malfunction over time.

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Ease of installation

The installation process for the tailgate assist on the Ram 1500 pickup trucks is straightforward and easy. All you need are basic tools such as a wrench, adjustable pliers, and socket sets. Installation can generally be completed in an hour or less with no additional knowledge requirements.

Be sure to read all accompanying instructions carefully to ensure proper assembly and fitment on your truck. Once the tailgate assist has been installed, you may have to adjust pre-existing bars or panels to accommodate it properly. You will definitely want to make sure everything is securely in place so your Ram 1500 can handle the increased capacity safely.

Maintenance and Care for Tailgate Assist

Maintaining and caring for your tailgate assist system is essential in order to extend its life. Tailgate Assist should be checked regularly to ensure that it is functioning properly and free from any obstructions or malfunctions. Here are some tips to help keep your tailgate assist running smoothly:

– Inspect the assembly periodically for Signs Of Wear and tear, including bolts, springs, fittings, mounts, latch assemblies, etc. Visually inspect the system for any signs of damage or loose connections.

– Use lube or WD-40 on all moving parts on a regular basis.

– Ensure that all Bolts are Tightened or Snugged as Per The Manufacturer’s Instructions And hardware/parts diagrams provided with the product.

– If using an extension ladder with the Tailgate Assist System, test its stability and make sure it can hold your weight with ease before you attempt to use it with the tailgate step down feature.

– Inspect any nearby wires for fraying due to improper installation or wear over time before attempting to use the system again. For example, any wiring exposed behind Cab Compartment panels must be secured with Zipties (or similar appropriate secure fasteners) in order to avoid contacting hot exhaust components beneath them while in use. Refer To The Manufacturer’s Warnings For more information on safety concerns when using mechanical parts near Hot Exhaust Parts Or Flammable Substances such as fuel lines/vapors/sprays/dirt Etcetera.

Cleaning instructions

Cleaning your tailgate assist for your Ram 1500 truck is an important part of maximizing its reliability and ensuring it lasts for several years. Here are some cleanup instructions to keep your tailgate assist in top condition.

  1. Wash the outside of the tailgate assist with a mild soap and warm water solution. Make sure to thoroughly rinse off all the soapy water after cleaning.
  2. Use a soft brush or those meant specifically for car wash use on any dirt or debris buildup on or around the tailgate assist.
  3. Allow the area to dry before reapplying any additional lubrication or using it in any manner again.
  4. Inspect the area every few months while washing and replace parts as needed to keep it in optimal condition, as well as ensure that your family’s safety will not be at risk due to malfunctioning components on your vehicle’s tailgate assist feature.

Maintenance tips

Maintaining your tailgate assist is very important and straightforward. Follow the steps below to extend the life of your tailgate assist:

1) Clean the assembly on a regular basis. Use a lubricant such as WD-40 or other automotive lubricants to clean off dirt, dust and debris from the tailgate cylinder and inner workings.

2) Check for loose connections. Make sure all screws, bolts, and nuts are tightened properly so that there are no loose connections with which noise or vibration can occur.

3) Check for leaks. Inspect the assembly for any signs of leaks around seals or cracked hoses, connections and levers. If you notice any damage, call a certified Ram 1500 mechanic to fix it as soon as possible so that you don’t experience extra wear on your Tailgate Assist devices in the future.

4) Re-lubricate regularly. You should re-lubricate your tailgate assist twice a year in order to keep all parts working smoothly at optimal performance levels. This will prolong your Tailgate Assist’s life significantly while maintaining functionality over time.

Common issues and how to fix them

Maintaining your tailgate is critical to extending its lifespan and ensuring a safe and successful experience during your next adventure. While issues are rare, you may encounter difficulties from time to time that require addressing. Here are some easy-to-follow steps for troubleshooting the tailgate assist for Ram 1500 pick-up trucks.

Intermittent Operation: Check the plug of the harness that connects to the tailgate and make sure it’s not dislodged. If it has been knocked out, simply plug it back in, ensuring a tight connection while doing so. If no issue is found with the connection, verify there is continuity using a multimeter.

Inoperative Door Lift: This can be caused by bad grounds or construction dirt that affects communication between vehicle components. Make sure all ground points and plastic surfaces on both sides of your truck’s lower door hinge are clean before attempting another repair task.

Slow Closing on Gently Slanted Surfaces: This issue is likely caused by an incorrect lift angle or an improperly adjusted damping value on the tailgate assist itself due to a sticky cylinder rod seal or piston seal in the system. If experiencing this issue, remove any debris from these parts then add free oil to lubricate them before resetting your tailgate close speed from its controller settings again.

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In conclusion, tailgate assist for the Ram 1500 is a great idea for those looking to save time, effort and back strain when opening their truck’s tailgate. The easy installation process, affordability and range of colors means that you can quickly enjoy the convenience of having your tailgate open with minimal effort. Combined with the standard Ram 1500’s already high level of off-road performance and power, this tailgate assist will help make your trips more enjoyable.

Be sure to contact your local service professional if you need any help installing or if you have any other questions about its use.


Are tailgate assist worth it?

Yes, they can make opening and closing the tailgate easier and safer.

How many tailgate assist do you need?

Usually, one is enough for most trucks.

How do you install a tailgate assist?

Installation instructions vary by brand, but it typically involves attaching brackets and a shock absorber to the tailgate and bed.

Does Ram have a multi function tailgate?

Yes, the Ram 1500 has a multifunction tailgate that can open in several different ways.

Can you put tailgate assist on both sides?

Yes, some brands offer kits for both sides of the tailgate.

What are the best power options for a tailgating?

Some popular options include built-in generators, solar panels, and portable power stations.

Can you make your tailgate automatic?

Yes, there are aftermarket kits available that can automate the opening and closing of your tailgate.

How much weight can Ram 1500 tailgate hold?

The maximum weight capacity for the Ram 1500 tailgate is around 2,000 pounds.

Is Ram 1500 multifunction tailgate worth it?

It depends on your needs and preferences, but many drivers find it useful and convenient.

What is Ram 1500 multifunction tailgate?

It is a tailgate that can open in several different ways, including split doors, a traditional drop-down gate, and a load stop. It also has a built-in step and handle for easier access to the bed.

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