Tailgate Assist for Toyota Tundra: An Easy and Safe Way to Lower Your Tailgate

Looking to lower your Toyota Tundra‘s tailgate with ease and safety? You’re in luck! This comprehensive guide will take you through the easy installation process of a tailgate assist.

With step-by-step instructions and helpful tips, you’ll be lowering your tailgate like a pro in no time.

This comprehensive guide is designed to provide you with a simple and safe way to lower the tailgate on your Toyota Tundra truck. Tailgate assist is an aftermarket device that allows for smoother and easier lowering of the tailgate, preventing sudden drops and related damage or danger. It provides further protection against wear and tear on your tailgate components, helping to ensure it is ready year-round when you need it most.

Tailgate assist options may vary according to vehicle make, model, and year. This guide will focus on those available for Toyota Tundra trucks from 2007-2020, but many of the concepts discussed can equally apply to other models as well. Read on for tips on installing your own tailgate assist system for a Toyota Tundra truck!

Brief explanation of what a tailgate assist is

A tailgate assist provides a safe and controlled way to open and close your Toyota Tundra’s tailgate with ease. This device works by controlling the rate of descent, preventing the tailgate from slamming down. It operates as a tense spring that is attached to the top of the tailgate, providing two-position locking to keep it firmly in place when in use.

When you need to open or close your tailgate, simply press the button or lever located on the front face of the tension spring, and pull or push gently on the tailgate when needed. This system is designed to help protect your hands and fingers from getting pinched while also preventing any excessive stress that might be placed on various components of your truck. The system also reduces fatigue associated with ordinary-style manual lift gates by providing hydraulic lift assistance when needed.

Explanation of why a tailgate assist for a Toyota Tundra is important

The tailgate is an integral part of the Toyota Tundra truck that helps the user perform various tasks such as loading cargo, transporting large items, and providing access to the bed of the truck. This means that a tailgate must be able to function safely and efficiently at all times.

The main issue with a traditional large tailgate is its weight and size. It can be difficult to open and close it manually, especially when loaded with heavy items. This can also present a safety risk for individuals who are not used to operating such an object. A tailgate assist for Toyota Tundra can alleviate these concerns by providing easy, effortless operation of the tailgate.

A quality tailgate assist features an adjustable gas spring that helps take the weight off so you can operate the gate with minimal effort. Not only will this make it easier to open and close your tailgate even when loaded, but it also eliminates any strain placed on your arms or back while lifting or lowering it. This makes using your Toyota Tundra more comfortable and safe while assuring optimal performance from your tailgate.

Benefits of a Tailgate Assist for Toyota Tundra

A tailgate assist for Toyota Tundra offers a variety of benefits including improved safety, convenience, and durability. Here are some of the key advantages of having a tailgate assist installed on your Tundra:

Safety – A tailgate assist avoids the dangerous situation of unexpectedly dropping or slamming a heavy tailgate. This is especially beneficial for anyone using the truck for loading heavy items or transporting people in the backseat. Plus, it helps reduce potential injuries from over-exertion, especially when trying to quickly unload and reload cargo from your Tundra.

Convenience – One of the biggest advantages of having a tailgate assist is that it can make opening and closing your truck’s tailgate much easier, allowing you to do so in one swift motion without straining or hurting yourself. This makes it incredibly handy if you need to frequently access cargo in your truck bed.

Durability – Tailgates are typically made out of steel which can weaken over time due to corrosion and wear-and-tear caused by frequently opening and closing them. Installing a tailgate assist on your Toyota Tundra will help protect its weakened metal expanse by evenly distributing its weight during opening and closing so that you can prevent long-term structural damage over time.

Increased safety

The Tailgate Assist feature for the Toyota Tundra helps ensure increased safety when accessing and utilizing the open truck bed. This product allows for the tailgate to be slowly and evenly lowered to a flat position when opened with one light tug, relieving pressure from your arms or back. Additionally, this makes it easy to access your truck bed contents without having to strain while raising or lowering the heavy tailgate-meaning that even young children have no issues opening and closing it.

The product is designed with a built-in cushioning cushion damper unit in order to relieve extra pressure and allow it to be opened with little effort- making it safer than ever before!

Reduced strain on the tailgate and truck

Tailgate assists can be an easy, safe and convenient way to lower your truck’s tailgate. A tailgate assist typically comes with two components: the cable which attaches at the top of the tailgate and the gas-filled spring or spindle rod kit that helps keep tension in the cable when it is lifted or lowered.

This tension reduces strain on both the tailgate and truck when opening or closing as compared to a traditional manual tailgate. The gas-filled spring also provides a damping effect which further reduces any potential stress from lifting or lowering your truck’s tailgate, making it easier for anyone regardless of strength abilities to do so with ease.

Additionally, this system allows for smooth, controlled movement of the tailgate without having to hold onto it during activation.2023 Toyota Tundra Adds SX Package to Lineup - Toyota USA Newsroom

III. Choosing the Right Tailgate Assist for Your Toyota Tundra

Choosing the right tailgate assist for your Toyota Tundra isn’t as hard as it may seem. There are several key factors to consider when selecting the best tailgate assisted for your truck.

The first factor to consider is the type of tailgate assist you choose. Fortunately, there are a few different types available, with each offering unique features and benefits that suit different types of drivers.

1.Shock Absorbing – Shock absorbing tailgate assists are designed specifically to eliminate jarring effects when dropping or raising your truck’s tailgate. These types of tailgates usually feature adjustable shock absorbers that can be adjusted depending on the weight of the items being placed in (or removed from) the truck bed.

  1. Gas-powered Tailgate Assist – If you’re looking for maximum convenience and ease in raising and lowering your Tundra’s tailgate, a gas-powered unit may be right up your alley. They use pressurized nitrogen cylinders to provide smooth, cushioned assistance when operating and closing the trunk lid or hatchback door of your Tundra.
  2. Manual Tailgate Assist – For drivers who are interested in a more traditional approach to managing their Toyota’s trunk lid or hatchback door, manual units may be preferred choiceD These units typically consist of springs and locking mechanisms that work to provide additional assistance when lifting or lowering heavy objects out of/into the back of a Tundra truck.

4 Electric Tailgate Assist – If you prize absolute convenience above all else, electric models are worth considering They offer simple and effortless operation via an electronic motor than can raise/lower even heavy items at a click of button power supplied by built-in battery. Once installed these systems need very little effort from the driver aside from pressing a few buttons.

Factors to consider when choosing a tailgate assist

When shopping for a tailgate assist for your Toyota Tundra truck, there are several factors to consider: compatibility, features, ease of installation, cost and customer reviews. Different models offer different features and compatibility may be an issue if your Tundra has a multi-dock bedliner or optional side liners.

Compatibility is essential for tailgate assist to keep operating safely; the model you choose must be compatible with the make, model and year of your vehicle. Some models feature adjustable tension settings so you can slowly lower the tailgate – allowing leaves and debris to fall off without causing blockage – while others provide heavy-duty cushions that softens the impact when it closes suddenly or when closing in windy conditions.

Installation sets apart an easy-to-install tailgate support from others; look for models that feature no drilling or complicated assembly process. You can also get extra protection by using (high temperature) grease around the hinge pins where they attach on either side of your truck before mounting a gecko edge or gusset plate. Additionally, make sure you get a good warranty since any product installed outside is exposed to wear and tear due to elements such as weather. This will ensure that any unexpected problems are repaired as soon as possible without causing unnecessary delays in operations.

Finally, research customer reviews prior to investing in a particular tailgate support system; look for genuine feedback online about any product(s) before buying them in order to have peace of mind about your purchase.

Recommended tailgate assists for Toyota Tundra

If you own a Toyota Tundra, there are several tailgate assist options available that can make it a breeze to open and close the tailgate. All of these products are specifically designed for use with the Toyota Tundra, so you won’t have to worry about compatibility.

Tailgate Assist With Shock: These devices use shocks to lower or raise the tailgate with minimal effort. This type of assist is equipped with an adjustable pull-down chain and spring tension, allowing you to customize the degree of assistance needed to open or close your tailgate. The steel construction makes this type of tailgate assist extremely durable and long-lasting.

Integrated Tailgate Assist Damper: If you’re looking for a more integrated look on your Toyota Tundra, this type of tailgate assist is your best bet. This device is designed as an integral part of the vehicle’s body, contributing to its overall look while also providing superior support for a smooth and easy operation every time.

TailLight Lift Support: For those who want both convenience and security, this type of lift support can help you keep your Toyota Tundra’s tail light area free from any possible damages due to heavy loads when hauling cargo in and out from your pickup’s bed.* It lowers automatically when closing the door using air pressure from inside the cabin, resulting in an effortless operation every time.*

Electric-Powered Tailgate: For those who want maximum convenience without having to sacrifice their time manually adjusting their vehicle’s parts — an electric-powered tailgate can help make things easier. This type of device runs on batteries so no extra wiring is needed during installation, making it ideal for DIY car owners.* Its motorized system performs silently, giving you every convenience you need when using your car while keeping it safe at all times.*Tailgate Assist | Toyota Tundra Forum


The tailgate assist for your Toyota Tundra makes it easy to lower and open your tailgate safely. With the use of a specially designed shock absorber, you can slowly lower the weight without compromising your safety or maintaining proper lifting technique. It is a worthwhile investment that offers long-term advantages such as improved cargo storage, convenience and help reduce tailgate wear and tear caused by excessive lifting.

Ultimately, while the installation process itself is not overly complicated, if you do not feel comfortable making modifications or if you are inexperienced at disassembling parts of your vehicle then we suggest having a professional technician or local automotive service provider perform the installation process for maximum peace of mind.


What does tailgate assist do?

Tailgate assist helps to lower and raise the tailgate of a truck in a controlled manner.

How many tailgate assist do you need?

Usually, one tailgate assist is enough for a truck.

Does Tundra tailgate lock automatically?

Yes, the Tundra tailgate locks automatically when the doors are locked.

How do you open the tailgate on a tundra?

You can open the tailgate on a Tundra by pressing the tailgate release button or using the key fob.

How do you activate a tailgate?

Tailgate activation depends on the type of tailgate. Some tailgates have a release button, while others require a key or handle to be turned.

How do you start a tailgate?

There is no need to start a tailgate. It is a passive component of a truck that can be opened and closed as needed.

Are tailgate assist worth it?

Tailgate assist can be worth it for those who frequently use their truck’s tailgate and want to prevent damage or injury.

Does removing tailgate improve gas mileage?

Removing the tailgate can actually decrease gas mileage due to increased drag and turbulence.

What should you not do at a tailgate?

You should not climb or stand on a tailgate, as it can be dangerous and cause injury.

What is the difference between a tailgate and a liftgate?

A tailgate is a hinged door at the back of a truck bed, while a liftgate is a powered platform that raises and lowers to load and unload cargo from a vehicle.

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