The 4 Inch Lift Kit for Dodge Ram 1500 4wd: Is It Right for You? Complete Guide

Do you want to add some serious height to your Dodge Ram 1500 4wd? Look no further than the 4 Inch Lift Kit!

Discover why this kit could be the perfect solution for you, and make sure to consider each factor before making a final decision.

The Dodge Ram 1500 has been a popular vehicle for many years, and its 4-inch lift kit is an impressive addition. This kit can help you get your truck up to 4” higher than before, giving it off-road capabilities that you may never have had before. However, there are things to consider before taking the plunge and purchasing this kit for your 1500 – this guide will explain what to look for and whether or not the 4” lift kit is the right upgrade for your needs.

In order to make sure that this investment is worth it in the long run, there are certain things you should consider in terms of cost, performance, and safety. You should also think about the material quality of parts included in the kit as well as any other aftermarket additions that can affect installation time and usefulness of the kit.

Ultimately, it’s up to you decide if a 4″ lift kit is right for your Dodge Ram 1500 4wd. By following this guide we hope we can give you all of the information necessary to make an informed decision.

Factors to Consider Before Installing a 4 Inch Lift Kit

Installing a 4-inch lift kit on your Dodge Ram 1500 4wd requires a certain level of skill, knowledge, and planning. It is important to consider the following factors before starting the process of installing the lift kit:

  1. Comfortable Lifting: Do you feel comfortable tackling a project of this size? It is important to have the tools and know-how to complete the job safely and correctly.
  2. Capabilities: Can your Dodge Ram 1500 4wd handle the additional stress that comes with a 4-inch lift kit? You will need to judge if your truck would be able to manage heavier tire pressure, increased suspension wear and tear, and higher air intakes just to name a few of the modifications that come with installing an aftermarket suspension system.
  3. Gradual Lifiting: If you are uncomfortable with more drastic changes it is also possible to gradually increase your ride height by in two inch lifts over two different stages instead of immediately going for a full four inches in one go. This allows for better customisation over time as well as providing more options for tweaking performance over time.

4 Finances: Can you afford all the components necessary for installation? A full overhaul of all vital components including brakes struts and control arms can be expensive but these are necessary additions when considering larger more extreme changes in ride height. Anything less could lead to decreased safety or premature wear issues down the line so it’s important not cut corners here when possible.

5 Durability: Will this lift kit last long enough to justify its cost? Look out for manufacturer warranties or hardware ratings that will provide some assurance on how long it lasts before any major repairs are needed.

Purpose of the lift kit

The four-inch lift kit for Dodge Ram 1500 4wd has been specifically designed to provide additional clearance between the frame and ground to help drivers take advantage of their truck’s off-roading capabilities.

Specifically, this lift kit adds a minimum of four inches of ground clearance to the Dodge Ram 1500. It will also help protect other truck parts from actions caused by obstacles off-road, such as rocks or other debris. Additionally, it gives drivers flexibility when selecting wheels and tires and provides improved stability, traction, and improved high speed handling performance.

When selecting a lift kit for a ram 1500 or any other vehicle, there are many factors that should be taken into consideration before purchasing one. Such factors include cost, installation time frame, whether the kit is compatible with your specific ram model, safety guidelines recommended by experts prior to installation, and the scope of work required to complete the project.


The cost of a 4 inch lift kit for your Dodge Ram 1500 4wd can vary depending on the kits you choose and the supplies or extra items necessary to complete the installation. In general, prices may range between $400-$900, plus any other individual part costs or installation fees.

It may be lawful in some places to install a suspension lift yourself with help from a friend or employee at a local auto shop, but it is advisable to hire an experienced mechanic for more advanced construction projects such as this one. Being prepared and having knowledge of commonly used tools may help most do-it-yourselfers get their truck road-ready after installation.

Driving conditions

The type of driving you intend to do with your Dodge Ram 1500 4wd will determine the best choice when selecting a 4 inch lift kit.

If you plan on regularly hitting highly technical, rough trails with steep inclines, rocky terrain or both then you’ll need components that are capable of handling the associated rigors, such as a suspension system that is certified for off-road use. Recommended components for this type of work include high-performance shocks and strut coils which provide better dampening over the stock parts.

If your vehicle primarily serves as an everyday commuter or hauler, then components from a lower cost lift kit may be enough. Pay attention to weight ratings and suspension travel requirements when making your selection based on both performance and safety standards for vehicles with a 4 inch lift.

Existing modifications

Before you decide to purchase a 4 inch lift kit for your Dodge Ram 1500 4wd, you should consider existing modifications that might cause compatibility issues. Your vehicle may have come factory-equipped with shocks, springs, or struts that are not the same as those used in a lift kit. If these components don’t precisely match up, it may be necessary to replace them before installing your new suspension system.

Additionally, any additional modifications such as change of exhaust or aftermarket bumpers also needs to be considered. If a modification has been made that affects the clearance and makes it incompatible with the lift kit then either the modification is reversed or another option is chosen in order to complete the desired installation safely and correctly.

Local laws and regulations

Prior to installing a lift kit on your Dodge Ram 1500 4WD, it is important to consider any local laws or regulations which may apply. Different countries, states and even some areas within states have varying restrictions on the height and other modifications that can be made to vehicles. Along with ensuring that proper permits are obtained, a car owner should also take into consideration the other factors that could impact driver safety or roadworthiness.

For example, in some US states additional modifications may be necessary if the vehicle is being lifted more than two inches. For example, in order for a vehicle to be eligible for registration in California, the factory listed center-of-gravity must remain within two inches of its original location. Additionally, if more than two inches of lift is added an independent suspension must be installed instead of utilizing factory suspension components. Not adhering to such laws can result in hefty fines or even potential criminal prosecution from law enforcement officers every time a vehicle with modified measurements is presented for registration or inspection.

Therefore, it behooves an individual to research any laws which may affect their particular situation prior to installing a new lift kit for their Dodge Ram 1500 4WD.

Maintenance and Upkeep

It is essential to keep your 4-inch lift kit for your Dodge Ram 1500 4wd running optimally to maintain a safe and comfortable ride. With regular inspection and timely maintenance, you can ensure the longevity of your kit and maximize the suspension performance of your truck.

When inspecting and maintaining your kit, be sure to check the shocks, coilovers, or other suspension components for signs of wear or damage, such as bent pieces, broken nuts or bolts, worn rubber bushings or dry rotted bushings. Additionally, inspect any other components included with the kit that may require service such as caster/camber plates or brake lines. Be sure to lubricate these components regularly with proper grease according to manufacturer instructions.

The shocks should also be checked for wear and tear on the outside casing. Replace the shocks if there are visible cracks in the outer wall of the cylinder tube; this could result in oil leakage that may negatively affect performance. Additionally, examine any mount connections for leaks or other issues. Finally, inspect all bolts and associated hardware on a regular basis; replace any damaged parts with brand-compatible replacements as necessary.

Regular inspections

Regular inspections are an important part of ensuring the long-term performance of any 4 inch lift kit for Dodge Ram 1500 4wd. This is because the lift kit can change the handling and performance characteristics of your truck, and regular inspections are essential in order to ensure that everything is working correctly.

To help keep everything running smoothly, it is recommended to check your suspension system every few months for any signs of wear or damage to help prevent future problems.

In addition to inspecting your suspension system, make sure that all hardware components, including nuts, bolts and washers are tightened properly. Make sure all bolts are tightened to their specified torque ratings as this will help ensure they remain secure over time. When loosening or tightening hard-to-reach areas, an impact wrench should always be used as manual wrenches can lead to over tightening or under tightening which can lead to further problems down the line.

It is also recommended that you replace any worn out parts with original factory components as aftermarket components might not be designed specifically for your truck resulting in decreased performance and safety risks down the road.

Tire rotation

When installing a 4-inch lift kit, it is important to remember regular tire rotation. The larger and wider tires can cause uneven tire wear if not rotated properly. To extend the life of your tires, you should rotate them every 5,000-7,5000 miles or as directed by your owner’s manual.

Tire rotation helps to ensure that all four tires wear at an even rate and thereby improve your vehicle’s handling and stability on the road. When rotating your tires keep in mind that the size of the tire needs to be taken into account when determining which direction to rotate them in order to get the most effective result. Most automotive professionals suggest doing a ‘cross rotation’, which means that you will switch earth position (front right becomes back right) but also turn them around in order for each tire tread to have different contact points with the ground.

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It is important to take into account the fact that with a 4 inch lift kit on your Dodge Ram 1500 4wd, your vehicle’s suspension and steering geometry will be affected. This shouldn’t necessarily be a deal breaker – with proper adjustments, it can still be safe for daily use and regular operation. However, you should invest in an alignment service to ensure that all angles are correct prior to putting your car back into commission following a lift installation.

Properly adjusting tire angles is key to avoiding premature tire wear and other complications, since they directly affect the way that power is transferred from the transmission to the tires and the road surface below. Improper toe or camber angles can mean reduced power due to wheel slippage and difficulty in controlling acceleration or deceleration rates. It can also lead to problems such as poor driving dynamics, poor fuel economy and slight wheel jerking while driving on roads with slight inconsistencies or bumps in them.

Our recommendation: Have an expert wheel alignment specialist provide an initial check of your wheel angles before you have any lift kit installed (especially this one), then again afterwards for re-calibration purposes once the new height has been added – it may cost a bit of money up front but will save you time, gas, headaches and money in the long run.

Additional modifications

In many cases, a 4 inch lift kit for Dodge Ram 1500 4WD will require additional modifications for optimal performance. For trucks that are being used for off-roading or towing, larger tires and stronger shocks would be recommended. Additionally, it may be necessary to upgrade your vehicles differential and/or axle ratios in order to maintain proper drivability with the larger tires you install.

It is also important to consider adding an anti-sway bar system as larger tires may cause your vehicle to sway more than standard ones when making turns at high speeds. Finally, steering stabilizers should always be considered when selecting your suspension components in order to limit any vibrations caused by the additional lift components. Taking all of these things into consideration can help ensure a smoother ride and better performance of your truck.


In conclusion, the 4 inch lift kit for a Dodge Ram 1500 4wd is an excellent choice for those looking to increase the already well built truck’s off-road capabilities. It is well built, easy to install and provides more ground clearance, better off-roading stability and a more aggressive stance that looks great going down the road.

It is important to research your parts thoroughly though due to the variety of kits available to ensure you are getting the best kit for your individual needs. Be sure to familiarize yourself with different suspension setups and inspect all equipment closely before making any major modifications.

With proper installation this hoop kit provides an improved form of performance and versitility whether you are tackling tough trails or just driving around town.

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Do you need a lift kit for 4WD?

No, it is not necessary to have a lift kit for a 4WD.

What are the disadvantages of putting a lift kit on a truck?

Disadvantages of putting a lift kit on a truck include decreased fuel efficiency, increased center of gravity, and potential suspension and steering issues.

Should you suspension lift a 4×4?

It depends on the intended use of the vehicle and personal preference. A suspension lift can improve off-road capabilities but may have drawbacks for on-road driving.

Is a lift kit good or bad?

A lift kit can be good or bad depending on the intended use of the vehicle and the quality of the kit installation.

Should I get a lift kit for my truck?

It depends on personal preference and intended use of the vehicle. A lift kit can improve off-road capabilities but may have drawbacks for on-road driving.

Will a 4 lift affect towing?

A 4-inch lift can affect towing by changing the center of gravity and potentially reducing stability. It is important to ensure the vehicle is properly equipped for towing with a lift kit.

How much can I lift my 4WD?

The amount a 4WD can be lifted depends on the make and model of the vehicle and the type of lift kit being used. It is important to follow manufacturer guidelines and consult with a professional.

How high can you lift a 4WD?

The maximum height a 4WD can be lifted depends on the make and model of the vehicle and the type of lift kit being used. It is important to follow manufacturer guidelines and consult with a professional.

What are common problems with lift kits?

Common problems with lift kits include suspension and steering issues, decreased fuel efficiency, and potential safety concerns if the kit is not installed properly.

What are the common problems in lift?

It is unclear what is meant by common problems in lift. If referring to lift kits, common problems are listed in the previous answer. If referring to weightlifting or other types of lifting, common problems can include injury, strain, and overexertion.

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