Tonneau Covers for GMC Sierra: Types, Features, and Benefits Complete Guide

Feeling confused about choosing the right Tonneau Cover for your GMC Sierra? Let us help you!

You’ll find a complete guide to the different types of Tonneau Covers, their features and benefits. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to make an informed decision and get the best out of your GMC Sierra.

Tonneau covers are a great way to keep bed contents safe and secure from inclement weather. For truck owners with GMC Sierra, there are several different types of covers, each one providing its own set of features and benefits.

By understanding the available types and their respective features, customers can make an informed decision on which type works best for them and their truck bed needs. This guide will provide an overview of each type along with the pros and cons associated with each as well as customer recommendations on which cover type to choose.

Armed with this knowledge, customers can make the best tonneau cover selection for their GMC Sierra and get it installed quickly and easily.

Definition of Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers are a hard or soft protective cover that is built over the bed of a pickup truck. Tonneau covers are designed to further enhance the security and style of your truck while providing additional features and benefits. The tonneau cover achieved its name from the French words meaning ‘barrel’, as this shape mimics the overall shape of a barrel.

Tonneau covers come in various designs, materials, and sizes for GMC Sierra models. It’s important to choose the right tonneau cover for your particular make and model of GMC truck for ultimate compatibility and matching style preferences. The main types of GMC Sierra tonneau covers include hard-top tonneau covers, folding or roll-up tonneaus, retractable tonneaus, hinged or hybrid styles, as well as tool boxes with integrated tonneaus.

Each type of Tonneau Cover provides different features and benefits to improve your experience with using this accessory with your GMC Sierra Truck model such as improved cargo management options while on-the-go; enhanced security protocols; enhanced access to cargo areas; improved accessibility to hard-to-reach areas; improved fuel efficiency; stylish exterior improvements; durable construction materials that can withstand impacts and harsh outdoor elements ; fast installation without requiring complex tools or methods; cooler interior temperatures due to minimal sunlight exposure which contributes towards more comfortable experiences inside the cabin area.

Features of Tonneau Covers for GMC Sierra

When purchasing a tonneau cover for your GMC Sierra, there are many features to consider that can enhance its performance and usability. Some covers are made of durable aluminum with an industrial-grade powder coat finish, while others are vinyl-coated or painted to provide the ultimate protection against the elements and scratches. Here is a look at the features of some of the most popular models.

Tonneau Cover Weight Capacity: Some tonneau covers come with a weight capacity rating, which indicates how much cargo can be safely stored in your bed without compromising the strength and stability of your truck. Generally, most tonneau covers are rated for 500 lbs., but if you plan on carrying heavier items it may be worthwhile to look into one with a higher rating.

Weather Resistant: Many GMC Sierra tonneau covers feature weather resistant materials like vinyl or aluminum which offer superior protection against sun damage, water penetration, and dust accumulation. Additionally, they won’t corrode like other metal materials so they last longer too!

Integrated Lock: Many covers come with an integrated locking system that allows you to secure your cargo in place while you’re away from the vehicle. Most models also feature an additional keyed lock for extra security during times when you aren’t around to physically monitor what’s going on in your bed.

Quick Release System: Most tonneau covers have a quick release system which allows them to be removed quickly and easily when you need immediate access to cargo stored beneath it or simply when it is time for cleaning or repairs down the road. This feature makes them incredibly convenient for those who may have limited access underneath their truck bed!

Drain Tube/Air Vents: If you live in a wet climate or simply want greater flexibility when it comes to draining rainwater out from underneath your cover , then having an integrated drain tube or air vents could prove beneficial. This feature helps keep moisture out while still providing adequate airflow which keeps moisture from accumulating and damaging gear stored beneath the cover over time.*

Material and Durability

Tonneau covers for GMC Sierra come in a variety of materials and levels of durability to suit different needs. Depending on your lifestyle and use, you may prefer hard, fiberglass or soft tonneau covers. Understanding the differences between the types and respective benefits will help you determine the best fit for your truck.

Hard Tonneau Covers: Hard tonneau covers are made from aluminum, hard plastic or fiberglass, making them resistant to weather damage, impacts and theft. The tempered aluminum material will never rust or corrode and is lightweight so it won’t add unnecessary strain to your truck’s suspension. Some hard tonneaus come with flat tops that can also act as an extra platform for cargo, while others have rounded tops that co-exist nicely with most aftermarket accessories like racks or grills. Installing a hard tonneau cover gives you simpler access to personal items stored in your bed while also providing peace of mind knowing they are secure from the elements and theft when unattended. Installing a hard cover is usually a process that takes only minutes and there is no drilling needed — no extra tooling required! Compare this option against other materials available before making your choice.

Fiberglass Tonneau Covers: Fiberglass is a non-conductive material making it ideal for protecting electronic items stored in the bed like tools used for work, fishing gear etc… It’s also durable enough to withstand inclement weather but still maintains some flexibility if a part of it gets hit by something larger from an object going off road like stones or sticks without breaking down completely under those circumstances.

Installation and Maintenance

For many owners, installing a new tonneau cover is a fairly easy task. Depending on the model you choose, installation can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. Most tonneau covers come with detailed instructions as well as all necessary hardware. Typically, installation begins by measuring and then bolting the clamps to the truck bed rails followed by attaching the rails onto the tonneau itself. Some models require drilling into your truck bed. Make sure you know what type of installation method is required for the model you are using before starting.

Maintaining your tonneau cover doesn’t require much effort beyond keeping it clean and free of dirt or debris that might potentially prevent your cover from operating properly. If you live in an area where ice and snow are common, it may be necessary to remove your cover so that it won’t be damaged over wintertime. Generally speaking, routine maintenance of a tonneau cover involves washing and waxing regularly with non-abrasive compounds like those found in automotive stores specifically for the care of vehicles such as trucks, cars, etc.

Security and Weather Protection

  1. Security and Weather Protection – Tonneau covers are designed to protect cargo in your GMC Sierra truck bed from potential theft, as well as harsh weather conditions. Each model offers a different level of security in this regard, ranging from basic traps to heavy-duty locks. Choose a model that best fits your security needs, from simple clips to strong keyed locking systems with high-tension springs that keep the cover tight against the bed rails.

Tonneau covers also provide added protection for truck cargo from wind, rain and snow. Whether you need an all-weather cover or just some water resistance, various models offer varying levels of protection—with some offering even more severe weather resistance than others. If you’ll be driving your GMC Sierra through precipitation regularly, consider investing in a model with more complete weatherproofing capabilities. Additionally, choose a model with UV protection if you anticipate keeping items frequently exposed to direct sunlight – such as items stored near the roof or walls inside the bed – for extended periods of time.

Compatibility with GMC Sierra Models

GMC Sierra is a full-size pick-up truck with numerous design variations and customization options. While shopping for tonneau covers, it is important to ensure that the cover you choose is compatible with your particular model of GMC Sierra. This section focuses on the various models of GMC Sierra and the type of covers that are most suitable for them.

Single Cab: The first generation (2007–2013) single cab Sierras have 6’6” short beds available, while the second generation (2014–2018) has a standard 6’6” short bed or an extended 8′ bed option. Tonneau covers work slightly differently with each type, so it’s important to be aware of the differences. A one-piece cover works well with 6’6” beds, but retracting tonneau covers may be better for 8′ beds so they can open without any issue.

Extended Cab: The first generation (2007–2013) extended cab models come equipped with either a 5’8” or 6’6” short bed; meanwhile, the second generation (2014–2018) features a standard 5’8” short bed size and an optional 6’6” short bed or 8′ long box option. Depending on which version you opt for, select a soft tri-fold cover or a hard Roll Up tonneaucover; both styles work well with 5′8″ beds and feature easy installation options. For 8′ long boxes, consider opting for a side folding tonneau cover as they facilitate access to tailgate openings quicker than other typesof tonneau covers. Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 137245 | Fits  2019 - 2023 Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra, works w/ MultiPro/Flex tailgate 5'  10" Bed (70'') : Automotive

Benefits of Tonneau Covers for GMC Sierra

Tonneau covers are more than just a stylish upgrade for your GMC Sierra — they also provide numerous benefits to drivers. Depending on the type and style of tonneau cover you purchase, it can offer a range of security, convenience, and fuel-saving features that make your truck look better and perform better.

One of the primary benefits of a tonneau cover is security. By protecting your cargo area with an inconspicuous cover, you can deter would-be thieves from targeting your valuable items stored inside. Certain types of hard covers even feature durable locks for enhanced protection. Additionally, soft covers form an airtight seal that helps guard against weather or dust from entering your bed area in inclement conditions.

Tonneau covers also provide convenience in the form of fast access to bed contents without having to remove the entire cover. This comes especially in handy when you’re hauling items for shorter distances or if you use your truck as a mobile office when traveling for work or leisure trips. Additionally, certain trifold and roll-up models allow easy installation and removal as needed, making them more versatile than hard covers which require additional tools to install or uninstall them.

Finally, many tonneau covers offer fuel savings due to their design which enables improved aerodynamics while driving on road surfaces at various speeds. In essence, the smooth surface forms an envelope over your cargo bed that reduces drag by pushing air up and over the vehicle instead of allowing it to penetrate inside the bed area and create turbulence behind it. This increases aerodynamic efficiency which can boost fuel economy by up to 10 percent!

Improved Fuel Efficiency

A tonneau cover for a GMC Sierra can provide improved fuel efficiency and increased savings when it comes to gas costs. Tonneau covers are designed to reduce air drag on the truck bed, which in turn produces better airflow and reduces turbulence. This greatly increases fuel efficiency, resulting in fewer trips to the gas station.

Additionally, with tonneau covers, the truck bed is protected from dirt, dust, and debris—meaning less maintenance and longer-lasting quality. Furthermore, some GMC Sierra tonneau covers are equipped with advanced features such as integrated LED lighting, a low-profile design for better aerodynamics, and special seals that provide a snug fit and reduce air leakage into the truck bed.

Enhanced Security and Protection

Tonneau covers for the GMC Sierra can provide increased security and protection for the items in your truck bed. Roll-up covers or soft folding covers are typically made from strong, durable vinyl or fabric and not only protect your items but also create a locked storage area.

Hard tonneau covers generally offer greater security as they are made from heavy-duty aluminum, reinforced fiberglass, or a combination of both materials. Use of one piece construction or locking hinges further enhances the strength and security of these types of tonneau covers.

Benefits include protecting items from theft as well as wind, UV rays and bad weather conditions. Additionally, you will save money on fuel costs since tonneau covers can reduce drag while driving on the highway.

Increased Storage Space and Organization

Tonneau covers provide excellent storage options for your GMC Sierra truck. With the added cargo carrying capacity that comes from having a tonneau cover, you can keep your cab area organized and clutter-free. Many tonneaus also come with built-in cargo management systems which offer additional organizing tools such as bins, pockets, and straps. There are several types of tonneau covers that offer varying levels of storage and organization capabilities.

The Roll-Up Tonneau Cover is one of the most popular types for GMC Sierra trucks because it allows for easy access to whatever gear you may have stored in the back of your truck. This type of cover rolls up quickly and easily when you need to access items from the bed, then simply rolls down again when your gear is secure.

For more security in hauling cargo, Hard Folding Tonneau Covers provide a more rigid cover that is also lockable. This type of cover will remain securely shut even when filled with heavy items, yet still offers easy access half or full bed lengths anytime you need it.

Retractable Tonneau Covers are another great choice; they roll away easily into a canister at either the front or rear end of your truck bed while still providing full protection against weather and theft. These covers slide open at varying degrees depending on the amount of access needed in a given situation without having to be completely removed from the truck bed like other types do.

Lastly, Snap Tonneau Covers are perhaps the simplest form available for GMC Sierra models; this design requires no tools or drilling for installation which make them very convenient for commuters who want a fast and efficient way to secure their gear without significant effort or cost associated with other models on the market today.

Aesthetic Appeal and Resale Value

Tonneau covers can be a great choice if you want to improve the look and feel of your truck. They are available in a variety of colors, finishes, and styles to fit your exact specifications and preferences. A stylish tonneau can give your vehicle a more aerodynamic look, which can lead to improved performance with better fuel efficiency. And no one has to know that you aren’t passing up on an opportunity for maximum security, durability and convenience – you get it all!

Aesthetically appealing tonneaus also help maintain or even increase the resale value of your GMC Sierra or other vehicle. Whether you opt for a metal hinged or soft roll-up tonneau, the sleek design is guaranteed to turn heads every time you drive by. Furthermore, your vehicle will remain free of dust particles and dirt while truck bed storage is secured from sun exposure. This can add years of life to any mattress or toolbox that was once stored in it.

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In conclusion, there are a variety of tonneau covers available for GMC Sierra trucks. Whether you are looking for a basic hard cover to protect the cargo in your bed or a bed cover that allows you to access your payload with ease, there is sure to be an option that fits your needs. Each type of tonneau cover is designed with specific features and benefits that can make all the difference when it comes time to choose the one that’s perfect for you.

Be sure to compare all of your options before making your final decision so that you get the best protection and the most value for your money.


What are the different types of tonneau covers?

The different types of tonneau covers include hard, soft, retractable, tri-fold, roll-up, and hinged.

Which style of tonneau cover is best?

The best style of tonneau cover depends on the individual’s needs and preferences, as each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

How do I know which tonneau cover I need?

Consider factors such as the level of security, ease of use, weather protection, and budget to determine which tonneau cover will meet your needs.

What is the most secure type of tonneau cover?

Hard tonneau covers are generally considered to be the most secure type of tonneau cover, as they are difficult to break into.

What are the disadvantages of tonneau covers?

Some disadvantages of tonneau covers include reduced bed access, difficulty with larger cargo, potential for leaks, and higher cost.

What is better soft or hard tonneau cover?

Both soft and hard tonneau covers have their advantages and disadvantages, so it ultimately depends on the individual’s needs and preferences.

Is a truck more fuel efficient with a tonneau cover?

Studies have shown that a truck with a tonneau cover can experience a slight increase in fuel efficiency due to improved aerodynamics.

Who makes the most durable tonneau cover?

There are several manufacturers that make durable tonneau covers, including Retrax, Bak Industries, and Undercover.

What is the best material for a tonneau cover?

The best material for a tonneau cover depends on the individual’s needs and preferences, but commonly used materials include vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass.

Will tonneau covers leak?

There is always the potential for leaks with any type of tonneau cover, but properly installed and maintained covers should minimize this risk.

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