Best upgrades for ram 1500 2023

Are you looking to upgrade your Ram 1500 for optimum performance? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We have compiled a comprehensive buying guide, outlining the best upgrades that will make your Ram 1500 unstoppable. With these upgrades, you’ll be driving in style and comfort with maximum power. So, let’s get started!

Best upgrades for ram 1500 2023

  1. Showasaki  Multimedia Touch Screen (Editor’s Pick)
  2. ASURE  GPS Navigation Unit(Best Overall)
  3. UNIMEAUTO  Android Head Unit(Budget Friendly)
  4. NAKEVICH Android Tesla Style 
  5. KSaAuto Antenna for Dodge Ram
  6. Toeeklsa Android Backup Camera
  7. VIPMOTOZ Third Brake Light

1) Showasaki Multimedia Touch Screen

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The Showasaki Multimedia Touch Screen is a top-of-the-line car stereo system that offers advanced features for a premium audio experience. Its 12.1-inch radio display is larger than most car stereos and delivers crisp and clear visuals that are easy to read. The T-style car stereo design is sleek and modern, making it a great addition to any car interior.

The touch screen interface is intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to access all of the stereo’s features with a few simple taps. The multimedia capabilities are impressive, providing users with access to a variety of audio and video formats, as well as a built-in radio tuner for listening to local stations. The stereo’s audio quality is exceptional, producing clear and powerful sound that is sure to impress even the most discerning audiophile.

Overall, the Showasaki Multimedia Touch Screen is an excellent car stereo option for anyone looking to upgrade their audio system. With its large display, intuitive interface, and advanced multimedia capabilities, it’s a standout choice in a crowded market. Whether you’re a music lover, audiophile, or just looking for a high-quality car stereo, the Showasaki Multimedia Touch Screen is definitely worth considering.

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2) ASURE GPS Navigation Unit

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The Asure GPS Navigation Unit is a feature-rich device designed to provide users with a smooth and convenient navigation experience. Its 2G+32G Android operating system ensures quick and seamless performance, while the SWC and DSP features make it easy to control and customize the sound quality according to your preferences. The device boasts a large and responsive touchscreen that allows for easy and accurate input, and the 3-Generation IPS display ensures crystal-clear and vivid visuals.

One of the standout features of the Asure GPS Navigation Unit is its compatibility with steering wheel controls, allowing drivers to keep their hands on the wheel while navigating. The device also has wireless connectivity, making it easy to sync with other devices and access updates on the go. Overall, the Asure GPS Navigation Unit is a reliable and user-friendly navigation solution that offers advanced features for an improved driving experience.

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3) UNIMEAUTO Android Head Unit

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The Unimeauto Android Head Unit is a powerful and versatile car stereo system that offers a wide range of features. With WiFi connectivity, you can easily connect to the internet and access a variety of multimedia streaming services for music, videos, and more. The system is also equipped with USB ports for added convenience when connecting your devices. It has steering wheel controls, providing a safer and more convenient way to operate the system while driving.

Additionally, the 360 camera system provides a full view of the surroundings of the vehicle, helping drivers navigate and park with confidence. The multimedia player is another great feature of the Unimeauto Android Head Unit, providing support for a wide range of file formats and allowing for easy playback of your favorite media. Overall, the Unimeauto Android Head Unit is a feature-packed car stereo system that offers convenience, safety, and entertainment all in one.

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4) NAKEVICH Android Tesla Style

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The Nakevich Android Tesla Style car stereo is an impressive system designed to enhance the driving experience. The Three Seats Version provides a spacious and comfortable cabin for all passengers. The multimedia player is a standout feature, offering support for a wide range of media formats and allowing for easy playback of music, videos, and more.

The auto GPS feature provides reliable and accurate navigation for drivers, helping them to reach their destination with ease. The backup camera is another great feature, providing a clear and complete view of the surroundings to help drivers maneuver their vehicle with confidence. The Nakevich Android Tesla Style car stereo also features an Alpine amplifier, delivering high-quality sound and an immersive audio experience for drivers and passengers. Overall, this car stereo system is a great choice for anyone looking for a premium in-car entertainment system with advanced features for a safe and convenient driving experience.

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5) KSaAuto Antenna for Dodge Ram

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The KSaAuto Antenna for Dodge Ram is an excellent replacement for the stock car antenna. With superior radio reception, this car antenna delivers clear and uninterrupted audio for an immersive listening experience. The KSaAuto Antenna is specifically designed to fit Dodge Ram vehicles, ensuring a perfect match and a seamless installation process. The installation process is easy, requiring no special tools or technical knowledge, and can be done quickly and easily. The KSaAuto Antenna is made with high-quality materials, providing durability and longevity for a long-lasting replacement that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Overall, the KSaAuto Antenna for Dodge Ram is a great upgrade for anyone looking to improve their car’s radio reception and replace a faulty or damaged stock antenna. The vehicle fitment, easy installation, and superior radio reception make it an excellent choice for Dodge Ram owners looking for an easy and affordable upgrade to their car’s audio system.

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6) Toeeklsa Android Backup Camera

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The Toeeklsa Android Backup Camera is an advanced car stereo system designed to provide drivers with a safer and more convenient driving experience. Equipped with a GPS navigation system, this car stereo ensures accurate and reliable navigation to your destination. The backup camera provides a clear and complete view of the vehicle’s surroundings, making it easy to park and maneuver in tight spaces. The Toeeklsa Android Backup Camera is specifically designed for RAM 1500 vehicles and features a powerful DSP sound system for an immersive audio experience. The 4K HD display provides high-quality visuals, making it easy to see and interact with the system’s features and functions.

Overall, the Toeeklsa Android Backup Camera is a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their car’s audio and safety features. The advanced GPS navigation, backup camera, and high-quality sound system make it an excellent investment for RAM 1500 owners looking for a safer, more convenient, and immersive driving experience.

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7) VIPMOTOZ Third Brake Light

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The VIPMOTOZ Third Brake Light is a high-quality replacement for the factory brake light in your vehicle. This third brake light is ultra-strong, ensuring durability and longevity even in the harshest weather conditions. It is designed to be a high mount brake light, ensuring maximum visibility for other drivers on the road. The VIPMOTOZ Third Brake Light is made with 4mm resistant foam, providing additional protection against water, dirt, and other debris that may enter the light housing. The precise cut and fitment of the light ensure a seamless and secure installation, requiring no modifications to the vehicle.

Overall, the VIPMOTOZ Third Brake Light is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their vehicle’s safety features. The ultra-strong construction, high mount design, and additional protection against water and debris make it a great investment for anyone looking to ensure maximum visibility and safety on the road. The precise cut and fitment of the light ensure a seamless installation and hassle-free operation.

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Best upgrades for ram 1500 2023-Complete Buying Guide

When shopping for an upgrade to your Ram 1500, you want to make sure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. This guide will provide an overview of the best upgrades available for the Ram 1500, including their benefits, cost and installation process.

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Additionally, this guide will also provide information on the most common issues associated with these upgrades and how to address them correctly.

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By familiarizing yourself with this guide, you can ensure that your vehicle is equipped with top-of-the-line parts that will increase its performance and reliability.

Explanation of Ram 1500

The Ram 1500 is a powerful full-size truck that combines style, technology, and performance for all types of drivers. It is designed for both urban drives and off-road adventures, offering superior towing capabilities and engine power.

The 2021 model has been given a refresh, including major design changes to the exterior, improved reliability of the powertrain options, and upgrades in technology features. The interior also has been enhanced with comfortable seating options, higher-grade materials throughout the cabin, active noise cancellation and improved insulation for a smoother ride on any terrain.

For those looking for even more performance from their Ram 1500 model 2023, upgrading the truck features can make it more efficient or provide safety enhancements. This buying guide will explore common upgrades that are available on any Ram 1500 model 2023 so you can choose the best ones to meet your needs and improve your experience on the road or trail.

Importance of upgrading Ram 1500

Upgrading your Ram 1500 can help elevate its performance to the next level. By replacing or upgrading aging components, you can ensure that your truck is running at peak efficiency. Plus, upgrades like cold air intakes and chip tuners allow you to customize your ride and unleash the full power of its engine. That translates into a more enjoyable driving experience and maximum value for the life of your vehicle.

When you upgrade your Ram 1500, it’s important to understand how each component works together to deliver exceptional performance on any terrain. From suspension upgrades to exhaust systems, there are several components that need to be integrated with care in order for them to maximize performance and lifespans. It’s essential that you understand which pieces best fit into your specific make and model when selecting parts. Additionally, some components may require professional installation due to their complexity while others can be easily added yourself. Whatever the case, make sure that everything is installed correctly before hitting the road–your safety depends on it!

Overview of the buying guide

Before you begin researching aftermarket upgrades for your RAM 1500 2023, it is important to have an understanding of the different categories and options available. This buying guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of any available options along with helpful tips and advice on how to make informed purchase decisions when looking for aftermarket upgrades.

Different parts of a car will require different kinds of customization or upgrade. Popular areas that people choose to upgrade are the engine, suspension, exterior, chassis and wheels/tires. Depending on your specific needs and wants, some additional areas such as brakes, exhaust and interior might also be good investments. The following sections explores each category in greater detail so that you can gain a better understanding of what is required for the best possible upgrade for your RAM 1500 2023.

Factors to consider before upgrading

When you are looking to upgrade your Ram 1500, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. Knowing what kind of engine, suspension and other features you need will help you decide which upgrades to add. Here are some points to consider when upgrading:

-Powertrains: A powertrain is the core set of components that powers the vehicle and includes items like the engine, transmission, and drive axle. These components dictate performance, fuel economy, and horsepower capability. When upgrading your Ram 1500’s powertrain, look for high-performance parts that will give you maximum efficiency.

-Suspension: Even if your engine is powerful enough for all your needs, it won’t be as effective if you’re running on a poor quality suspension system. Aftermarket shocks, springs and struts can provide greater stability and improved handling in all types of terrain.

-Body armor: If improved off-road performance is your goal when upgrading, body armor can help protect against potential damage from rocks, tree stumps or other hazards encountered on the trail. Installing skid plates will also give protection against underbody damage as well as protect any aftermarket parts such as lift kits or suspension systems.

-Tires: While not necessary for every upgrade project, new tires can make a world of difference when it comes to off-roading capabilities whether it’s better grip or improved flotation in mud or sand. Be sure to choose tires with good tread patterns so they last longer while providing excellent traction during driving conditions like rain or snowstorms.

These are just some of the features that should be taken into consideration when planning out an upgrade project for Ram 1500 2023 models upwards. Depending on what type of off-road adventures you plan on taking with your truck/SUV, there may be more important upgrades required for maximum efficiency and fun!


When upgrading the RAM 1500 for use in 2023, the budget must be taken into consideration when selecting the parts needed. Generally, a buyer needs to determine a realistic budget before proceeding with any purchases. In doing so, you can ensure that you stay within your means in order to make an informed buying decision.

With regards to the RAM 1500, some popular upgrades may include things like installing a new suspension system or upgrading brakes and tires. Beyond that, there are also minor improvements such as adding LED lights or even a cold air intake system which can increase horsepower and fuel efficiency alike.

Furthermore, depending on how you plan to use your truck will also drastically affect what parts you should get – either by preference or necessity due to certain environmental conditions. Because of this its important to take into account both performance and budget when researching possible upgrades for your 2023 RAM 1500.

Purpose of the upgrade

When it comes to upgrading your RAM 1500 2023, it is important to understand why you are upgrading the vehicle and what your goal is. Are you in need of higher torque and more power? Do you want an improved fuel economy or increased cargo capacity? Knowing the purpose of the upgrade will help dictate which components or upgrades are best for your individual application. Also, consider whether you would simply prefer aesthetic changes, or if you also need improved performance on the road. Components like wheels, suspension, lights, audio systems and exhaust systems can provide both improved performance as well as styling options for your RAM 1500 2023.

For a more extensive list of potential upgrades exampled below:

  • Suspension and steering upgrades like lift kits, lowering kits and steering stabilizers
  • Brake system upgrades like bigger rotors and upgraded calipers
  • Wheels and tires for improved style
  • Engine performance parts like headers, cold air intake kits and exhaust systems
  • Exterior accessories such as bull bars and running boards
  • Interior accessories such as audio systems and custom seat covers


When considering any upgrades for RAM 1500 2023 vehicles, one of the most important factors to consider is compatibility. Incompatible parts not only won’t help you achieve better performance; they can also potentially cause costly damage to your vehicle. It’s essential to review the manufacturer’s information before purchasing any parts and verify that they are suitable for your RAM 1500 2023 model.

In some cases, you may want to consult a professional or check research before taking a chance on a part you’re unsure of. This can save both time and money in the long run. When researching compatibility, pay attention to both the part’s voltage compatibility and its fitting dimensions. Voltage must match exactly; otherwise, there is a chance that the part will malfunction or cause damage to other components in your car. Different models of RAM 1500 2023 may have varying dimensions for same parts — so it’s important to make sure each part you buy measures up correctly with the corresponding model fitment chart from the manufacturer’s website.

III. Types of upgrades available

Choosing upgrades for your ram 1500 can depend on a variety of factors, including comfort, performance, and budget. Upgrades can be divided into five main categories: suspension and wheels, engine components, interior accessories, exterior accessories and gadgets.

Suspension and Wheels: Upgrading the suspension system of your ram 1500 can provide better handling, increased stability, improved braking performance and more efficient tire wear. New wheels can also improve the overall look of your truck as well as giving you more control when it comes to customization.

Engine Components: Upgrading engine components such as exhaust systems or cold air intakes can give your truck better fuel efficiency and increased horsepower. There are also performance chips available that change the vehicles overall tune-up to achieve maximum power output for the desired effect.

Interior Accessories: This category includes items such as floor mats, seat covers or upholstery kits that restyles or refreshes your interiors bringing a luxurious touch to it. It also includes sound system upgrades providing you not only with advanced technology but also crystal clear sound quality like never before experienced.

Exterior Accessories: This category includes items such as new side steps, hood guards or a toolbox that help protect vital parts of your Ram 1500 from weather destruction increasing its longevity as well protecting its appearance from any scratches or dents caused by everyday use and abuse.

Gadgets: Smart gadgets give you full control over almost anything in the convenience of just using your fingertips right through an app on either Android or iOS devices such as remote starters so activating it while still in bed won’t be an issue anymore focusing more on comfort instead of tediousness while simultaneously meeting practicality use with convenience offering immense savings over time on gas costs due to cold starts no longer being employed.

RAM upgrades

Upgrading your RAM can bring many benefits to your truck. RAM upgrades can increase performance, reduce the chances of breakdowns, and add convenience. Here are some of the best RAM upgrades for the 2023 model year:

  1. Cold air intake: Cold air intake systems allow your engine to consume more air, thereby providing more power and torque. This upgrade also helps improve fuel economy. Install a cold-air intake system to increase your engine’s efficiency and power output.
  2. Header/Exhaust upgrade: An upgraded header or exhaust can boost horsepower and torque as well as enhance throttle response for maximum power and improved fuel efficiency. Upgrading the exhaust can also reduce emissions so that you are compliant with local regulations or meet environmental standards in certain areas.
  3. Electronic throttle controllers: Electronic throttle controllers are designed to give the driver more control over their truck’s acceleration response in order to improve performance, handling, and fuel efficiency. This upgrade is especially helpful when driving off-road or in rugged terrain because it allows you to adjust acceleration speed for uneven surfaces or sudden changes in terrain for smoother travel experience overall.
  4. Suspension upgrades: Installing suspension upgrades such as shock absorbers, lift kits, spring spacers, leaf springs and sway bars will allow you to customize driving conditions accordingly by giving more control over bumps in the road or on uneven surfaces while also increasing stability when taking corners quickly or maneuvering obstacles at high speeds while offroading or on highways alike.

Performance upgrades

There are a wide variety of performance upgrades available for the Ram 1500 model. These upgrades range from minor tweaks to comprehensive modifications that allow drivers to personalize their truck and find its maximum horsepower potential. Following are some of the most popular upgrade options for the Ram 1500:

Cold Air Intakes: Cold air intakes provide your engine with a cooler, denser air flow, which increases horsepower and fuel economy. Several different types of cold air intakes are available from manufacturers like AFE, K&N, and AEM.

Upgraded Exhaust Systems: Upgrading an exhaust system is an easy way to maximize performance on your Ram 1500. Aftermarket exhaust systems can provide increased power output, improve sound quality, and make your engine run more efficiently by allowing faster scavenging of exhaust gases. Muffler delete kits and cat-back systems are commonly used to upgrade the exhaust on a Ram 1500.

Engine Tuning & Programmers: Aftermarket chip tuning with an ECU programmer or a power module is one of the best ways to increase horsepower on a Ram 1500 model. Not only will this increase power output but it will also provide improved torque and throttle response. Many companies offer tuning packages specifically designed for the Ram 1500 models that include custom dyno tuned calibrations that can be used in conjunction with cold air intakes and upgraded exhausts for maximum gains in performance.


After reading through this buying guide, you now have a better understanding of all the options you have when considering upgrades for your Ram 1500. All of these upgrades come with various benefits and compromises, so choose wisely! Take into account the size, power and look of every option and make sure it works for what you need it to do. Additionally, be sure to factor in how much you can financially invest in your upgrade too.

Overall, there are many different upgrades available for your Ram 1500 that can help improve its performance and give it a brand new look. Depending on what kind of criteria you’re looking for when it comes to upgrading your truck, consider factors such as price range, engine size, and more in order to determine the best option for your Ram 1500. Upgrading can be a fun way to customize and personalize your truck while also boosting its efficiency on the road. Have fun customizing!


Will 2023 Ram have Allison Transmission?

There has been no official announcement yet about whether the 2023 Ram will have an Allison Transmission.

Is Dodge dropping the V8?

Dodge has not announced any plans to drop the V8 engine.

Is Dodge coming to an end?

There have been no official announcements about Dodge coming to an end. In fact, Dodge has recently released new models like the 2021 Dodge Durango and 2021 Dodge Charger.

Why is Dodge Cancelling the HEMI?

There have been no announcements about Dodge cancelling the HEMI engine.

Is Ram killing the HEMI?

There have been no official announcements about Ram killing the HEMI engine.

What will replace the 5.7 HEMI?

There have been no official announcements about what will replace the 5.7 HEMI engine.

Will Ram get a 10-speed transmission?

Ram already offers a 10-speed automatic transmission in the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX model. It is possible that this transmission could be offered in other Ram models in the future.

What is so special about Allison Transmission?

Allison Transmission is known for its durability and reliability in heavy-duty applications. It is also known for its smooth shifting and efficiency.

What is the life expectancy of an Allison Transmission?

The life expectancy of an Allison Transmission can vary depending on factors such as usage, maintenance, and driving conditions. However, with proper maintenance, an Allison Transmission can last for hundreds of thousands of miles.

How much horsepower does a 2023 5.7 HEMI have?

As of now, there has been no official announcement about the horsepower of a 2023 5.7 HEMI engine. The horsepower of the current 5.7 HEMI engine in the 2021 Ram 1500 is 395 horsepower.

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