Best wheel spacers for ram 1500 2023

Are you looking to upgrade your ram 1500 2023 and need some wheel spacers? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Here, we will provide you an extensive guide on the best wheel spacers for ram 1500 2023. Read along to find out more about it and give your vehicle a unique look.

Best wheel spacers for ram 1500 2023

  1. Richeer Wheel Spacer (Editor’s Pick)
  2. KSP PERFORMANCE Wheel Spacer (Best Overall)
  3. FLYCLE Wheel Spacers(Budget Friendly)
  4. dynofit M14x1.5 Wheel Spacers
  5. IRONTEK Adapter Wheel Spacers
  6. PROEZE 14×1.5 Wheel Spacers
  7. Supreme  M14x1.5 Wheel Spacers

1) Richeer Wheel Spacer

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The Richeer Wheel Spacer is a high-quality automotive accessory that can significantly improve the look and performance of your vehicle. One of the key features of this product is its thickness, which is designed to provide the necessary clearance for wider wheels or larger brake kits. The thickness of the spacer also helps to improve stability and handling while driving. Another important feature of the Richeer Wheel Spacer is its high strength. Made from alloy material, these spacers are durable and resistant to wear and tear. This makes them a reliable and long-lasting solution for any car owner looking to improve their vehicle’s performance .

One of the most impressive features of the Richeer Wheel Spacer is its automatic fitment. This means that the spacer is designed to fit perfectly onto your vehicle’s hub, without the need for any manual adjustments or modifications . Finally, the Richeer Wheel Spacer is known for its accuracy. Each spacer is precisely machined to ensure a perfect fit and optimum performance. With these features, the Richeer Wheel Spacer is an excellent choice for any car enthusiast looking to upgrade their ride.

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The KSP PERFORMANCE Wheel Spacer is a reliable solution to improve your vehicle’s handling and performance. With its thickness of 1.5 inches, it provides the necessary clearance for wider tires, resulting in a more stable and better-looking ride. The high strength alloy material used in its construction ensures durability and resistance to wear and tear, making it a great long-term investment for any car enthusiast. 

The automatic design of the spacer allows for easy installation without requiring any special tools or expertise, making it suitable for all skill levels. The accuracy of the machining process used in the production of this wheel spacer ensures a precise fit that reduces the risk of vibrations, which can compromise driving comfort and safety. Overall, the KSP PERFORMANCE Wheel Spacer is a reliable and high-quality accessory that offers a quick and easy way to enhance your car’s performance and appearance.

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3) FLYCLE Wheel Spacers

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FLYCLE Wheel Spacers are an exceptional product for those looking to enhance the appearance and performance of their vehicle. With its high-strength alloy material, these spacers provide a durable and long-lasting solution for wheel spacing needs. The automatic design of FLYCLE Wheel Spacers ensures a seamless installation process and a perfect fit for your vehicle. One of the key features of FLYCLE Wheel Spacers is its thickness. The spacers are designed to provide a wider stance for your vehicle, which improves handling and stability.

This increased thickness also helps to prevent rubbing and allows for larger tire and wheel combinations .In terms of accuracy, FLYCLE Wheel Spacers are designed with precision in mind. This ensures a perfect fit and alignment, which reduces the risk of vibration and other issues that can arise from poorly designed spacers .Overall, FLYCLE Wheel Spacers are a reliable and high-quality solution for those looking to enhance the performance and appearance of their vehicle. With their high-strength alloy material, automatic design, and precision accuracy, FLYCLE Wheel Spacers are a top choice for any car enthusiast.

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4) dynofit M14x1.5 Wheel Spacers

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The Dynofit M14x1.5 Wheel Spacers are designed to fit the 2019-2022 Ram 1500 with a 6-lug bolt pattern and a pitch circle diameter of 139.7 millimeters. Made with aluminum and alloy steel, these spacers are durable and lightweight, with a weight of only 9 pounds. The exterior is made of high-quality aluminum, which is rust-resistant and adds an attractive look to your truck’s wheels. These spacers have a diameter of 1.5 inches and are compatible with 6-inch rims, making them an ideal fit for trucks.

They are easy to install and provide extra clearance, allowing you to upgrade to larger tires or rims without rubbing against the fender.
Designed for use with trucks, these spacers are ideal for those who want to improve the stability and handling of their vehicles. Overall, the Dynofit M14x1.5 Wheel Spacers are a great investment for truck owners who want to upgrade their vehicle’s performance and appearance.

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5) IRONTEK Adapter Wheel Spacers

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The IRONTEK Adapter Wheel Spacers are a premium quality, high-grade product designed for automobile enthusiasts seeking to enhance the performance and aesthetics of their vehicles. The spacers are hubcentric, which ensures a precise fit and eliminates vibrations while driving. This feature also improves the stability and handling of the vehicle by increasing the track width.

The spacers are made from high-grade materials, which are durable and long-lasting, making them suitable for regular use. The premium quality of the product ensures that it is resistant to wear and tear, making it ideal for use in harsh weather conditions. The spacers come with precise parameters that make installation easy and hassle-free. The IRONTEK Adapter Wheel Spacers are a reliable and safe way to enhance the look and performance of any vehicle, providing automobile enthusiasts with an excellent option for customization.

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6) PROEZE 14×1.5 Wheel Spacers

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The PROEZE 14×1.5 Wheel Spacers are an excellent choice for car enthusiasts looking to enhance the appearance and performance of their vehicle. These spacers are designed to be hubcentric , ensuring that they fit perfectly onto the wheel hub, eliminating any vibrations or wobbling. The automatic installation process of these spacers makes it easy for anyone to install them without the need for any special tools or expertise. The bolt pattern of these spacers is compatible with most vehicles, making it a universal solution for those looking to enhance their wheel setup.

These spacers offer an aggressive look, adding an extra dimension to the appearance of your vehicle. Overall, the PROEZE 14×1.5 Wheel Spacers are a satisfactory product that delivers on its promises, making it an excellent investment for car enthusiasts looking to enhance their vehicle’s appearance and performance.

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7) Supreme  M14x1.5 Wheel Spacers

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Supreme Suspensions’ M14x1.5 Wheel Spacers are a great addition for those looking to add some width to their wheels. Made of high-quality aluminum, these spacers are durable and long-lasting. The kit comes with all the necessary components to easily install them in the center position of your vehicle. The maximum lifting height of 5 inches makes it perfect for those who need a little bit of extra clearance for their wheels.

The spacers are designed to fit snugly and securely, providing a safe and reliable driving experience. They are also a great way to improve the stance of your vehicle, giving it a more aggressive look .Overall, the Supreme Suspensions M14x1.5 Wheel Spacers are a great investment for anyone looking to improve the look and performance of their vehicle. With their high-quality materials and easy installation, these spacers are sure to provide a great driving experience.

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Best wheel spacers for ram 1500 2023-Complete Buying Guide

It’s time to upgrade your RAM 1500’s suspension and look for the best wheel spacers for RAM 1500 2023 model. Wheel spacers are a great way to improve the stance of your pickup route, as well as ensure that you have enough room for larger wheels. Finding the right spacers is important, as it needs to work with your existing suspension setup and also protect your vehicle’s components like brake calipers, wheels and other related parts.

4x 30mm Wheel Spacers for Dodge Ram1500 2019-2022,Nissan Patrol Y62 2014- 2023 | eBay

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In this buying guide, we will discuss all the aspects that you need to consider before purchasing a wheel spacer for your RAM 1500 model 2020. We will discuss various types of Wheel Spacers available in the market like Hub Centric Spacer and Lug centric spacer. We will also review some popular brands that specialize in producing hub centric wheel spacers designed intentionally for Ram trucks including Off-road 4 Wheel Parts, Spidert raxwheel Spacers and SuperATVtech among others.

Do 2022 Ram 1500 Wheel Spacers Affect The Alignment?

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Additionally, We’ll provide some tips and tricks on how to pick the right wheel adapter stud size, offset and other key factors while pouring over hundreds of products with different specifications in order to decide which one works best for your ride!

Explanation of Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers are devices used to increase the width of a wheel to improve the stance, stability, and performance of a vehicle. They are usually made from light-weight aluminum or other strong materials, and can be bolted to your wheel for improved handling.

Wheel spacers come in a wide range of sizes, from very thin spacers that only provide a few millimeters of added clearance, to thicker spacers that add several inches. They are essential for vehicles with big wheels and tires that don’t fit in the wheel well without some extra space provided by the spacer.

Using wheel spacers effectively requires an understanding of how they work and what they are used for. It is important to understand exactly how much width increase you need before purchasing, as this can affect your vehicle’s fitment, level ride height, and turning radius. Additionally, many spacer manufacturers have additional parts you need to purchase along with the spacer such as longer wheel studs or new lug nuts depending on the type of vehicle you own.

Importance of Wheel Spacers in Ram 1500

Wheel spacers are an important upgrade for any vehicle, including the Ram 1500. They can provide improved handling, performance, and safety by better positioning the wheels away from the suspension and bodywork. Wheel spacers also provide clearance for oversized tires and wider wheels, as well as enabling enhanced suspension tuning for off-road capabilities. By installing wheel spacers in your Ram 1500, you can fine-tune your handling characteristics to suit your particular preferences. In addition, larger wheel spacers allow room for oversized brakes that offer increased stopping power and better performance under hard braking and other demanding circumstances.

Given their importance in improving performance and safety characteristics of a vehicle, it’s critical to choose the right type of wheel spacer for your Ram 1500 to ensure a secure fitment that won’t cause unintended complications or reduce performance on uneven surfaces. Some common types of wheel spacers include hubcentric, non-hubcentric, extended hubcentric, multi-piece hubcentric and extended non-hubcentric options; each having their own specific uses depending on the application needed. When choosing which spacer is right for your needs, it’s important to consider related factors such as material strength (usually aluminum), thread pitch (units of measurement used in fastening), size (width/depth) along with stud grade rating if you’re using extended studs with them.

The material composition should be corrosion resistant with durability able to withstand harsh weather conditions alongside being load bearing strong enough to support all added weight with no issues at all when installed correctly in vehicles like a ram 1500!

Factors to Consider When Buying Wheel Spacers for Ram 1500

When shopping for ram 1500 wheel spacers, there are a few important factors to consider. We’ve outlined some of the key factors that can make a difference between quality and subpar wheel spacer quality.

  1. Wheel bolt pattern: The bolt pattern is one of the most critical considerations when shopping for wheel spacers. It refers to the number of (normally) lug nuts that hold your wheels onto your hub and dictate the diameter, offset, and spacing between each lug nut. Ensure you have this information prior to shopping for wheel spacers for Ram 1500 as most manufacturers will require it in order to provide you with properly fitting components.
  2. Spacer Material: You’ll want to check into both hub-centric and non-hub-centric models either way, but if your wheels are especially sensitive or expensive slightly more expensive hub centric may be worth it–these models typically use softer materials like aluminum so they won’t wear down so quickly or stress mount bolts too much. For non-hub-centric ram 1500 wheels, steel can be perfectly suitable as long as long you have securely seated nuts on each stud at proper torque ratings–plus steel tends to be cheaper than aluminum in general!
  3. Thickness Range: Wheel spacers come in different thicknesses from 10mm up to 50mm+. Take note of your desired thickness before making a purchase; some types spacer sizes may exceed what’s allowed by law in a certain area since some states have strict regulations on aftermarket parts like these–be sure to check out information about local laws before making any purchases!
  4. Number Of Bolts: Your Ram 1500 truck may require more bolts than older models do (especially if you’re using oversized tires). Make sure you get an accurate measurement when it comes time to buy new spacers – they should match up with the number of lugs on your specific model with no exceptions!

Vehicle Fitment

It is important to ensure that you select the correct wheel spacers for your particular Ram 1500 model year. Be sure to consult a professional mechanic to identify the correct size and type of spacer suited to your vehicle.

The correct size of spacer depends on the fitment, which will vary depending on whether your wheels and tires use a bolt pattern that is 4×100, 5×110, 5×127 or 6×139.7. In addition, you must take into account other factors such as back-spacing (the distance from the mounting surface of the wheel hub flange and the center of the outermost part of the rim), tire clearance (the gap between stationary objects and moving wheels) and offset (the distance between the back end of a wheel’s mounting surface and its centerline). All these factors will affect whether or not a certain spacer will fit your vehicle correctly.

Additionally, be aware that some manufacturers offer spacers that can be adjusted for different mounting configurations in order to achieve an optimal fit for your specific Ram 1500 model year.


Wheel spacers are available in many materials, including aluminum, steel, and magnesium-alloy. Each of these materials comes with different levels of strength and performance, so it’s important to carefully consider your needs before making a decision.

Aluminum wheel spacers are lightweight and offer optimal performance in most conditions. They also tend to cost less than other types of wheel spacers and provide good heat dissipation.

Steel wheel spacers are the most durable option for RAM 1500 trucks due to their high-grade construction. They provide added strength and stability on and off the road, especially at higher speeds or when carrying heavier loads. However, they are more expensive than aluminum spacers but corrode more easily when exposed to moisture or salty roads.

Magnesium-alloy wheel spacers provide superior weight savings because they are lighter than aluminum or steel models while still providing excellent corrosion resistance. However, they can be pricey compared to other materials; plus they require more maintenance due to their sensitivity to moisture— which can cause them to oxidize quickly if exposed for short periods of time in certain environments.


When it comes to wheel spacers for the Ram 1500, thickness matters for two important reasons. First, the thickness of your wheel spacers will determine how far away from the hub your wheels are able to move. This is important for helping you increase clearance and give your off-road setup a more aggressive aesthetic. Second, because additional weight can reduce the power output from your engine and cause uneven wear on tires and braking systems, it is essential to make sure that your wheel spacers are as thin as possible without compromising the quality of build.

The ideal choice will depend on the size of your wheels and the type of installation you’re looking for, but in general terms a thickness somewhere between 0.25 inch (6 mm) and 1 inch (25 mm) should be fine. When making a selection keep in mind that thicker spacers are more likely to improve stability while thinner spacers could allow better suspension performance with less weight added to the vehicle as a whole.

III. Top Wheel Spacers for Ram 1500

Choosing the right wheel spacer for your Ram 1500 is an important decision that should never be taken lightly. You need to make sure that you get a wheel spacer that is specifically designed to fit your vehicle and provide a secure installation. The following are some of the top wheel spacers for the 2023 Ram 1500 that have been designed with quality and precision in mind.

  1. Supreme Suspensions – 4x 2 Inch Hubcentric Wheel Spacers: These Supreme Suspension wheel spacers feature thick billet aluminum construction, a 6×5.5 inch bolt pattern, are hub-centric and come with pre-installed Studs & Nuts for an easy & convenient installation process.
  2. ECCPP Wheel Spacers Adapters – 4x 2 Inch: This Wheel Spacer from ECCPP is perfect for those who want to give their Ram 1500 a powerful stance and increased stability on the road. They are made from premium aluminum alloy and feature 6x139mm studs for easy installation.
  3. Rugged Ridge Billet Aluminum Wheels Spacer Kit (4x 2 Inch): The Rugged Ridge Billet Aluminum Wheel Spacer Kit comes with two 6x139mm solid billet aluminum spacers which are CNC-machined and feature 10mm spokes for added strength and durability during installation and operation of your Ram 1500’s ride height or steering alignment system setup.
  4. Omix-ADA Tire Wheel Package (2) (4″ offset): This tire wheel package by Omix-ADA includes two 4″ offset wheels spacers, hubs, studs, lug nuts, washers – everything you need to run larger tires on your 2023 Ram 1500 without major modifications or additional fabrication work required!

Product 1 – Features, Pros, and Cons

Product 1 is a 4pc 8-lug 6.50″ Wheel Spacers for the Ram 1500 2023. These spacers are great for creating additional space for larger tires and providing better cornering stability, increased safety, and improved handling performance. Some of the features include availability of different sizes, precise precision-machining, and high-grade substances used in manufacturing. They provide a great fitment with most liners and are resistant to corrosion because of their black anodized finish.

The pros of Product 1 include a precise fitment into the wheel hub system, excellent quality materials used in its manufacturing with precise machining processes and lugs included with the product for easy installation on your Ram 1500 2023. Also, it provides excellent stability thanks to its perfect centre bore size which is designed to perfectly match the vehicle’s hub size so that there’s no vibration when on-road or off-road driving.

The cons of this product include limited compatibility as it may not be suited for some models due to their larger load capacity and mounting hassles due to having more than one installed piece per corner. Additionally, even though the product is very durable, there’s no guarantee that it will last long over time as this depends strongly on how well maintained they are by you over time, including appropriate tire inflation pressure levels consistently being maintained when necessary.

Product 2 – Features, Pros, and Cons

Product 2 is a set of four 8×180 mm to 5×5” wheel spacers for Ram 1500 2023. They are designed to provide the best fit and function when space and clearance are limited. The spacers are machined from high-grade steel alloy and feature an anodized finish to resist corrosion.


  • Compatible with Ram 1500 2023 models
  • 8x180mm bolt spacing
  • Provides 5×5” wheel specs
  • Machined from a high grade steel alloy
  • Anodized finish resists corrosion


  • The 8x180mm bolt spacing can give you more room for larger tires, better clearance, and improved cornering.
  • The anodized finish helps increase wear resistance so they will last longer on your truck.
  • High grade steel alloy ensures strength and stability even when driving on rough roads or uneven terrain such as off road trails or gravel roads.


  • They will add extra weight to your truck, which may affect handling negatively, especially if going off roading long distances with heavy loads.

This product is a great choice for those looking for extra clearance or better wheels specs without sacrificing performance. Just be sure to weigh the pros and cons carefully before making your final purchase decision!

Product 3 – Features, Pros, and Cons

Product 3 is a 65.5mm 5×5.5 to 5×4.5 Wheel Adapters for Ram 1500 2023, Hubcentric Wheel Spacer 6×139.7mm (1/2″x20 Studs), that offers an exceptional level of quality and performance for your car or truck. These adapters are suitable for a wide range of vehicles, from light trucks to flat bed semi-trucks and SUVs. They’re made from CNC-machined aluminum and offer two layers of anodized finish for extra corrosion resistance; this ensures that these adapters will last for many years to come.

The hub-centric design of these adapters provides increased stability as well as reduced vibration; this prevents any potential play between the spacer and hub so your wheels don’t wobble or shake when you’re driving at higher speeds. Additionally, they feature high-quality ABS plastic caps that provide protection against road debris and dust while also giving the adapters a more stylish look overall.


  • CNC machined aluminum construction with double anodized finish
  • Hub centric design prevents any axle play
  • Reduced vibrations while driving at higher speeds
  • Oil coated studs ensure no rust build up
  • ABS plastic caps protect against debris and dust
  • Stylish design adds to overall look of vehicle


  • Price may be too expensive for some buyers


Overall, finding the right wheel spacers for your Ram 1500 requires careful consideration. Not only do you want to find a size that will fit, but you must also take into account any additional weight that may be applied. Make sure you identify these requirements and use the measurements provided in the product descriptions when shopping.

Always keep in mind that your vehicle’s manual provides guidelines on ideal spacing for your make and model. If you plan on driving your truck with larger tires than recommended, it is crucial to invest in wheel spacers as they will help provide stability, improve handling and prevent misalignment.

No matter which type of wheel spacer or rated capacity load you choose, always make sure they are approved by RAM and meet safety standards. It is also best to purchase from reputable manufacturers who have experience with specialized Ram 1500 parts and components. Ultimately, taking this precautionary step before purchasing a set of wheel spacers can help ensure an easy installation process as well as peace of mind while driving.


Are wheel spacers safe Ram 1500?

Yes, wheel spacers can be safe for Ram 1500 if they are installed properly and used with the correct size and type for the vehicle.

What size wheel spacers do I need for Ram 1500?

The size of the wheel spacers needed for Ram 1500 depends on the vehicle’s specific requirements, such as the wheel size, offset, and bolt pattern. It’s best to consult with a professional mechanic or use an online fitment guide to determine the correct size.

What type of wheel spacer is best?

The best type of wheel spacer depends on the intended use and the vehicle’s specific requirements. Common types include hub-centric and lug-centric spacers, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Are wheel spacers safe for my truck?

Wheel spacers can be safe for your truck if they are installed correctly and used with the appropriate size and type for the vehicle.

What is the disadvantage of wheel spacer?

One of the main disadvantages of using wheel spacers is that they can alter the vehicle’s handling and stability if they are not installed correctly. Additionally, they can increase the stress on wheel bearings and suspension components, leading to increased wear and potential failure.

What are the safest wheel spacers?

Hub-centric wheel spacers are generally considered to be the safest type of wheel spacer because they center the wheel on the hub, reducing the stress on the studs and minimizing the chance of vibrations or instability.

How do I choose wheel spacers?

To choose the right wheel spacers for your vehicle, you need to consider factors such as the wheel size and offset, the bolt pattern, the intended use, and the type of spacer that will best meet your needs. Consult with a professional mechanic or use an online fitment guide to ensure you get the correct size and type for your vehicle.

Are 2 inch spacers safe?

2 inch spacers can be safe if they are installed correctly and used with the appropriate size and type for the vehicle. However, they can significantly alter the vehicle’s handling and stability, so they should only be used with caution and under the guidance of a professional mechanic.

Are wheel spacers safe on 4×4?

Wheel spacers can be safe on 4×4 vehicles if they are installed properly and used with the appropriate size and type for the vehicle. However, they can alter the vehicle’s handling and stability, so they should only be used with caution and under the guidance of a professional mechanic.

Do spacers affect steering?

Yes, wheel spacers can affect steering by altering the vehicle’s handling and stability. If the spacers are not installed correctly or are not the correct size and type for the vehicle, they can cause vibrations, instability, and increased stress on the steering and suspension components.


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