4 Inch Lift Kit for Nissan Frontier: Benefits, Types, and Installation Guide -:Complete Guide

Are you looking to enhance the look and performance of your beloved Nissan Frontier? Then a 4 inch lift kit is the perfect addition!

A lift kit will allow you to transform your truck into an off-road beast, giving it improved durability and ground clearance. In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits, types, and installation of a 4 inch lift kit for your Nissan Frontier.

Welcome to our complete guide on the benefits and types of a 4 inch lift kit for your Nissan Frontier. This helpful guide has been divided into three main sections.

In the introduction section we will go over what a 4 inch lift kit is and why you would need one for your Nissan Frontier. We will also discuss the advantages of having such a lift kit installed on your vehicle.

In Section II, we’ll cover the different types of 4 inch lift kits available on the market and their various features to help you determine which one is best for your needs.

Finally, in Section III, we will provide an installation guide that will step through all the steps needed to properly install a 4 inch lift kit onto your Nissan Frontier. By following this guide you can ensure that you get the best performance and reliability from your new kit.

Benefits of 4 Inch Lift Kit for Nissan Frontier

Whether you’re an off-road enthusiast or a casual adventurer, adding a 4-inch lift kit to your Nissan Frontier can bring a whole new level of excitement to your outdoor experiences. Here are some of the top benefits that you’ll enjoy by upgrading your vehicle in this way:

  1. Increased ground clearance: The 4-inch lift kit will raise the ride height of your vehicle considerably, giving you greater freedom to tackle rocky terrain and obstacles without worrying about scraping your underside on the trail.
  2. Easier access: If you routinely use your vehicle for hauling or frequently load up heavy equipment and supplies, then a 4-inch lift kit can be especially useful because it will give you easier access to ramped beds and taller cargo areas where you may otherwise not be able to reach.
  3. Enhanced style: Adding a lift kit will give your Nissan Frontier an overall sportier look and make it stand out from other vehicles on the road, allowing for more individualized expression with custom color schemes and off-road accessories.
  4. Improved performance: A higher ride means increased stability in all terrains including sand, mud and uneven surfaces as well as increased maneuverability when avoiding obstacles on narrow trails or negotiating tight spaces at campgrounds or RV parks.

Improved off-road performance

Adding a 4-inch suspension lift kit to your Nissan Frontier offers several benefits, most prominent being an increase in off-road performance. On the street, you’ll get improved steering response and stoic handling. With the extra ground clearance, you can pass over larger obstacles with more confidence than ever before. Plus, the lifted ride height gives your truck a more aggressive off-roading look that will turn heads when you drive down the street.

The use of high-grade components helps guarantee a lifetime of superior performance and extended durability for off-road trips. Depending on your preference and budget, there are two types of 4-inch suspension lifts kits available for Nissan Frontiers: coil spring lifts and coilover shocks suspensions. Coil spring lifts are one of the most popular choices because they provide superior off-road performance without breaking the bank; meanwhile coilover shocks suspendions are better suited for drivers who want higher performance in exchange for a greater investment.

Installing a 4-inch lift kit can be time consuming if done by yourself; consider hiring a professional to do it right – it’s worth it! To install the lift kit properly you’ll need special tools such as torsion bars, shocks and ball joints as well as basic skills such as drilling and soldering. In some cases modifications may need to be done – e.g replacing control arms or doing body modifications – which could increase labor costs if not done correctly; this is why it’s recommended to hire professional help so that everything will be installed correctly from start to finish. Once complete, you’ll finally have your Nissan Frontier looking like something out of an off-roading magazine!

Enhanced ground clearance

Installing a four-inch lift kit on your Nissan Frontier will significantly provide more ground clearance. This lets your vehicle handle deeper ruts, rocks and other obstacles that are normally out of reach for a standard-height truck. Doing so allows you to take your Frontier offroad exploring places that were previously out of bounds.

Furthermore, the extra ground clearance also improves performance on roads and enables you to get over steep or slippery terrain with ease. Installing the lift kit is usually a straightforward affair and is fully reversible should you decide to go back to the original suspension setup.

Better appearance

Installing a 4-inch lift kit for your Nissan Frontier will dramatically improve the visual appearance of your truck. Many kits come with a range of add-ons that give the truck an aggressive, customized look, including larger shocks, wheels, tires and trim packages.

Your truck will take on a whole new appearance that can stand out from other standard models simply by installing this lift kit. Some kits are adjustable and allow you to change the height level of your truck to best suit personal preference or accommodate more ground clearance when needed.

The possibilties are practically limitless when it comes to completely transforming the look of your vehicle.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a 4 Inch Lift Kit

When considering which 4 inch lift kit to purchase for your Nissan Frontier, there are several factors that must be considered. These include the type of suspension system, the size of the tires, and the level of complexity involved in installing the kit.

The type of suspension system affects which types of lifts will provide optimal performance, as well as the stability they provide while driving. Types of available suspensions include trailing arms and A-arm suspensions. Speak with a professional to determine which type best fits your Frontier’s suspension system.

Your tires size can also play a role in selecting a lift kit. Most kits come with different sizes so you’ll need to measure before purchasing one that suits your needs. Additionally, these kits can come with raised shocks or soft coils, depending on how much lift you need. Know exactly what you want out of your kit before buying one to ensure you get the right fit and functionality for your Nissan Frontier’s needs.

Finally, when it comes to installation complexity, some 4 inch lifts may require additional components such as brackets or springs in order to properly install them because improperly installing a lift can lead to instability or breakage when driving over rough terrain. Be sure to carefully read through any instructions provided with the kit before attempting installation and consult an expert if needed during or after installation is complete for any adjustments or minor fixes that may be required from time to time as well as preventative maintenance procedures after install is complete for optimal performance from your new 4 inch Nissan Frontier Lift Kit!


When considering an aftermarket 4-inch lift kit for your Nissan Frontier, the amount of money you are willing to spend plays a major role in the type of lift kit you choose. The good news is that no matter what budget constraints you may have, there are reliable and cost-effective options available. Depending on whether or not you plan to do the installation yourself, prices may range from around $100-$400.

For those on a tight budget, a body lift is usually the most affordable option and will typically cost less than $100 or so. A body lift simply raises your truck’s existing suspension system by providing support blocks which separate your suspension components from your truck bed. As such, it does not alter any other part of your Frontier’s factory suspension system and does not require a great deal of work for installation. However, be aware that a body lift might reduce ground clearance due to the lack of larger tires and can cause issues with chassis angles when cornering or off-roading at higher speeds.

Meanwhile, more expensive options, such as kits which include adjustable coilovers and extended shocks are better suited for serious off-roading enthusiasts who want all the features expected from an aftermarket 4 inch suspension kit in their Nissan Frontier. These kits tend to be pricier but may end up being a better value because they provide increased versatility through adjustable ride height while providing improved durability when driving over bumps or other tough terrain conditions. Sturdier control arms and sway bar links might also increase performance while off-roading as well as leveling any additional rake caused by items mounted to your truck bed (spare tire carrier, winch etc). Installing one of these kits would almost certainly require professional assistance if you don’t possess adequate mechanical experience.

Purpose of the lift kit

Installing a 4-inch lift kit gives your Nissan Frontier greater height, better terrain driving and improved off-road capability. By installing the lift kit, you will be able to customize the vehicle by replacing the OEM tyres with larger ones to provide more ground clearance. To improve the height and the looks of your vehicle, even more, you can install front and rear bumper guards or tire mount kits for a more aggressive appearance.

This is especially beneficial for navigating rugged terrain as it ensures a safe passage over difficult surfaces as well as preventing damage from occurring to your vehicle from sharp rocks or other obstacles that can scratch or dent its surface. Furthermore, it gives you greater visibility when travelling across bumpy ground so that you can see further and navigate through dangers much easier than if your car was at its factory height setting.

In addition to this increased safety factor, these lift kits often come with adjustable control arms which allow you to adjust the suspension of your car before taking it off road in order to provide smooth ride quality over rough terrain without sacrificing also sacrificing stability when cornering at high speed.

Installation Guide

Installing a 4-inch lift kit on your Nissan Frontier requires some technical knowledge and experience with suspension components. First, you must start by thoroughly cleaning the area where the lift kit will be installed. Once the area is clean, you can begin installing the suspension components. It is important to double-check that each part is securely connected and aligned properly. Make sure to use only high quality parts and follow installation instructions carefully.

When you are ready to install the shocks, it is important to determine which stock shock locations can accommodate the new height of your Nissan Frontier. If necessary, use a floor jack to raise or lower components in order make them fit correctly. Next, attach mounting brackets for upper and lower arms then reattach end links where applicable before connecting springs or coils. Once all of the shocks are in place properly, install bump stops then torque all of your mounting bolts to proper specifications determined by each manufacturer’s instructions.

Finally, check for any shifting or binding of suspension components then test drive your vehicle after another thorough inspection for correctness and safety before driving off-road with a 4-inch lift installed on your Nissan Frontier.

Necessary tools and equipment

When installing a lift kit on your Nissan Frontier, you will need to be prepared with the necessary tools and equipment. Depending on the type of 4” lift kit you are installing, the tools needed may vary. It is important to have basic shop tools such as a socket set and other hand tools like wrenches and screwdrivers. If working with custom components, you will likely need specialty tools like rivet guns and clamps.

You may also need measuring devices like tape measures, levels and tall rulers for accurate measurements when creating modifications or for properly setting up suspension components. Finally, safety gear should also be worn due to the potential of working near or under your vehicle which can be dangerous if precaution is not taken. This includes items such as safety glasses, gloves and hearing protection where applicable.

Once the necessary supplies are gathered, the installation process can safely begin.

Step-by-step installation process

Installing a 4-inch lift kit for a Nissan Frontier is a simple but exciting task! To begin, park the vehicle on a flat level surface and make sure the parking brake is securely engaged. Disconnect the negative battery cable and move it aside. Remove all of the tires, to ensure easy access to each component.

Next, disconnect the shock absorbers from the frame and set them aside before unbolting and removing any other suspension components that are necessary for installation. Now it’s time to install your new lift kit parts; start with the spacers and lifting blocks then progress to more intricate components like sway bar links, coil springs, reset bump stop brackets and caster alignment shims. When everything is secured in place reattach your shock absorbers on each side of your vehicle, making sure to torque all bolts at their correct specifications before moving on.

Once all of these steps are complete refit your tires (make sure you use nuts for long lasting fitment) then connect your negative battery cable at their corresponding terminals. Last but not least when you’re finished enjoy riding around in your new lifted Nissan Frontier!



A 4-inch lift kit for your Nissan Frontier can greatly enhance the look of your vehicle and give you extra ground clearance for off-road fun. Depending on the type of kit you install, it will also improve steering and handling, making your driving experience smoother and more comfortable.

As with any vehicle modification, be sure to carefully consider the cost involved as well as any potential warranty implications. Finally, remember to always have a qualified mechanic install any lift kit to ensure that it’s done properly. With proper installation and maintenance, a 4-inch lift kit can be great addition to your vehicle, adding years of enjoyment.


Are there different types of lift kits?

Yes, there are different types of lift kits.

What are the benefits of installing a lift kit?

The benefits of installing a lift kit include increased ground clearance, improved off-road performance, and a more aggressive look.

How much does it cost to put a lift kit in a Nissan Frontier?

The cost of putting a lift kit in a Nissan Frontier varies depending on the type of lift kit and the installation process. It can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

Can you put a lift on a Nissan Frontier?

Yes, you can put a lift on a Nissan Frontier.

What are the disadvantages of a lift on a car?

The disadvantages of a lift on a car include reduced stability, increased wind resistance, and decreased fuel efficiency.

Does a lift kit affect the ride?

Yes, a lift kit can affect the ride of a vehicle. It can make the ride stiffer and less comfortable.

What are 4 lift types?

The four lift types are body lift, suspension lift, leveling kit, and coilover lift.

Which type of lift is best?

The best type of lift depends on the specific needs and preferences of the vehicle owner. Each type of lift has its own advantages and disadvantages.

What type of lift kit is best?

The best type of lift kit depends on the specific needs and preferences of the vehicle owner. It is important to consider factors such as the intended use of the vehicle and the budget for the lift kit.

What are the disadvantages of lift?

The disadvantages of lift include reduced stability, increased wind resistance, decreased fuel efficiency, and a stiffer ride.

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