Finding the Perfect Running Boards for Your Ram 1500 Complete Guide

Are you looking for the perfect running boards to install on your Ram 1500 truck? You’re in luck!

This guide will help you find the perfect option for your truck, taking into consideration your needs, safety features and style preferences. With this article, you’ll be able to choose the best running boards for your Ram 1500.

When it comes to finding the perfect running boards for your Ram 1500, there are many factors to consider in order to ensure optimal performance and safety. Running boards can add style, function, and clearance while increasing both interior and exterior storage space.

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting running boards is vehicle application. Each model of running board is designed specifically for a certain vehicle, so it is important to select the right running board based on the make, model, and year of your Ram 1500.

Another key factor in choosing the right running board is its functionality. Running boards serve multiple purposes – they provide easier access into vehicles that sit at a higher ground clearance as well as increased storage space. So, when making your decision take note of the type of materials that are used in constructing each product – aluminum or steel tubing provides strength support with an extra layer of protection for added durability; polymer technology construction ensures stability and traction; some models offer step pads for improved grip; while high-clearance options offer extra ground clearance and protection from potential obstacles.

In terms of style, running board design often depends on personal preference; however there are materials such as polished stainless steel or textured powder coatings that can lend an appealing aesthetic to vehicles with more traditional tastes. Additionally many styles offer light bars or molded trim pieces for customization which adds a personal touch.

Finally cost should also be considered when selecting a Ram 1500 running board system – look for quality at a good price – remember: you get what you pay for! Make sure your investment includes installation hardware and installation instructions so that you can complete the job without any issues or damage done to your beloved ride!

Welcome to the Complete Guide to Finding the Right Running Boards for Your Ram 1500! The style and design of the Ram 1500 make it an incredibly popular pickup truck and many drivers love it for its capability, power, and versatility. At the same time, however, running boards can be a great addition to help you get in and out of your vehicle easily, as well as provide convenient places for gear storage or staging.

This guide will outline all of your options so you can make an informed decision when selecting running boards for your Ram 1500. We’ll start with a brief overview of how running boards work and why they’re such a popular choice before diving into the different types available including materials, installation considerations, durability ratings and other factors to take into account when finding the perfect set of running boards. Read on to learn more about this exciting car accessory!

What is a leveling kit?

Leveling kits are an aftermarket product that performs the same job as body lifts, but in a different way. Instead of raising the entire body of your vehicle, leveling kits raise the front end to a higher position than the rear. This gives the illusion that the vehicle is evenly level, even when there is a visible difference in height between the front and rear end.

Leveling kits are usually made from steel or aluminum, and often contain shocks which help to adjust and control how high your vehicle sits. Aside from providing a more attractive look for your Ram 1500, having a leveled stance has certain aerodynamic benefits over having one side low and one side high.

Definition of leveling kit

A leveling kit is a device that is used to level out the front end of a lifted truck or SUV. Although they are designed to allow more aggressive off-roading, they can also be used to just level out the appearance of a truck. Leveling kits are typically made up of spacers that replace the existing wedge joint between the vehicle’s upper and lower arms or from shock absorbers that raise the front end slightly higher than stock suspension packages.

When choosing a leveling kit for your Ram 1500, it’s important to understand what size you need. A standard lift size is usually 3” in height but there are multiple sizes available depending on your needs and preferences. Additionally, there are kits available with small spacers or no spacers as well as adjustable kits where you can customize your ride height. These kits make it easy to put together an aesthetic look you’ll love while adding performance features such as increased handling and braking performance.

Types of leveling kit

While the Ram 1500 already has a great-looking stance, there are a few different ways to improve it further. One of the most popular options is to install a leveling kit. Leveling kits come in two basic types: spacer kits and strut extensions.

Spacer kits install between the existing spring and shock setup, which raises the front end but doesn’t affect suspension travel or dampening properties. The advantage of this type of kit is that they are generally faster and easier to install than strut extensions because there is no disassembly of the suspension components required. The disadvantage is that with this type of setup, ride quality can suffer because the increased ride height will result in more mechanical noise and vibration.

Strut extensions work by extending the length of your existing shocks and struts, which raises both ends of your Ram resulting in an even ride height across all four corners. This type of kit also allows for greater tuneability as you can adjust preload on each shock for improved ride quality, handling or off-road performance if desired. However, strut extensions are generally more difficult to install since you will need to fully disassemble part or all of your suspension components in order to fit them onto your truck.

How does a leveling kit work?

Leveling kits are an inexpensive option to raise the front of the Ram 1500 slightly so that it is even with the back, or to add extra clearance for larger tires. Although they look like a single piece of material, they are typically comprised of two components — spacers and/or coil-spring/strut extension plates.

Spacers are aluminum blocks that come in different sizes and provide an easy, cost-efficient way to level out your ride. Spacers fit between the top and bottom of the coil springs, extending them off the vehicle frame by a designated amount according to your needs. Coil spring/strut extension plates work similarly to spacers, but replace the stock spring setup on some vehicles. Like spacers, their height is adjustable; however, their method for installation is considerably more difficult. The advantage of using this type is that you can still count on good suspension travel with proper setup.

It’s important to note that both spacer and coil spring solutions will affect your ride quality and possibly make it rougher than it would be with unmodified suspension components — especially if you don’t install them correctly!

Explanation of leveling kit mechanics

Leveling kits are designed to raise the front of the vehicle by tightening, or in some cases, loosening suspension components. The most common way to level a vehicle is with a “spacer” style kit, which includes two coil springs and either wheel spacers or control arm drop brackets. A spacer kit will lift the front of your truck by raising the height of the coil spring, allowing for adjustments to be made for improved ground clearance for off-roading adventures. Spacer kits are generally easy to install and can allow for up to 2″ of added height.

Another type of leveling kit is called a “leveling/coilover” system, which replaces the factory shock and coil spring with a custom aftermarket unit. These kits usually come with adjustable springs that allow you to rake or level the vehicle at different heights without compromising ride quality. Coilover kits offer better adjustability than spacer kits and permit height customization up to 3″ without sacrificing ride comfort.

A popular solution for lifting your RAM 1500 is an aftermarket suspension system (ex: Rough Country Lift Kit). These systems provide an extensive list of components that replace factory parts and provide increased elevation while also improving overall ride quality around turns and over bumps. Suspension systems are usually engineered specific to model year applications; often times providing multiple lift heights from minimal 2” – 4” setups to taller 6” + applications depending on application needs and desired performance characteristics.

Benefits of leveling kit for Ram 1500

One of the key advantages of installing a leveling kit on your Ram 1500 is the improved ride quality. This is because the leveling kit will provide some lift on the back end, allowing for more shock dampening and less vibration. As a result, you’ll enjoy a much smoother ride than if you left your stock suspension unchanged.

Also, by increasing the ride height slightly, you can make room for more aggressive tires and wheels. Whether you opt for larger tires for off-roading or simply want to upgrade to performance wheels, raising your Ram 1500’s ground clearance can make it easier to fit your desired set-up. Additionally, the improved stance from a leveled truck helps accentuate its muscular build and commanding presence on the road.

Finally, having a leveled truck also means better performance in terms of handling and traction when out on rugged terrain or difficult driving conditions as compared to non leveled vehicles. This increased control ensures maximum safety while out on journeys with unpredictable weather and roads that are not well maintained, helping give peace of mind when trying terrain with high uncertainties and risk factors involved.

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Potential issues and concerns

Safety is the most important factor when purchasing running boards for your Ram 1500—running boards should be strong enough to bear your weight and that of any passengers. It is also essential to have a secure mounting system, meaning not only running board brackets but also all other necessary hardware such as screws and bolts. The last thing you want is for your running boards to come loose or come off entirely while on the road!

In addition, make sure that you are buying a running board of an appropriate length. Running boards vary in lengths from as small as 52” long to more than 66” long. If you choose one that is too short, it won’t provide enough support when getting into your vehicle; if it’s too long, it may stick out and impair the look of your vehicle while driving. Make sure you measure properly before making any orders!

Factors to consider before buying a leveling kit

When selecting the perfect leveling kit for your Ram 1500, there are several factors to consider. You must assess the components included in the kit, as well as your vehicle’s width and suspension specifications, to ensure that your new leveling kit is compatible with your truck. Additionally, it is important to only purchase a leveling kit from a reputable manufacturer who offers good customer service and quality products.

Once you have researched the various elements of a successful lift installation and determined which leveling kits are most suitable for your vehicle model, it is time to compare cost versus value. Determine which product best suits your budget without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship. Many quality manufacturers offer kits including suspension components such as replacement coils, shocks and control arms that may potentially add stability while providing a comfortable ride.

Finally, obtain the correct installation information before purchasing your leveling kit online or in-store. Ensure you completely understand the instructions; if needed, watch tutorial videos or consult with professionals from reputable shops that specialize in lifting trucks or customizing vehicles – they will be able to offer expert advice on proper installation procedures for each specific product review selected for installation on Ram 1500s.


When looking to buy running boards for your Ram 1500, one of the first considerations should be budget. How much are you willing to spend on quality running boards that will not only look great but last for years? There are many options out there for any budget and it’s important to know what features to look for in order to make the right choice.

It is important to note that the cheaper running board models usually lack in quality construction or finish and may not last as long as more expensive models. If you opt for a cheaper model, try to find one with a good warranty period so that you can have something to fall back on if they don’t perform well. Generally, costlier models tend to last longer and provide better protection against rocks, mud and other debris getting kicked up by your tires. To ensure quality protection and superior stability it is advisable to purchase a board made of durable aluminum or stainless steel frame along with heavy duty rivets. It can also be helpful to look for reviews from previous customers before making a purchase decision.

Type of leveling kit

  1. Type of leveling kit: One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing running boards for your Ram 1500 is the type of leveling kit you want to install. There are various options available including air ride, coil, or strut-based leveling kits.

Air ride kits provide a smooth, comfortable ride and utilize air shocks for suspension that contain adjustable springs. Coil based systems offer support for heavier load carrying and can be adjusted on an as-needed basis. Strut-based kits, commonly found in body lifts, are usually the least expensive option and will lift the truck body away from the frame providing additional clearance.

When selecting a level kit it is important to make sure it will work with your vehicle’s existing components and provide adequate clearance for safe handling of your truck with running boards installed.

Quality of the leveling kit

When looking for a leveling kit, you should make sure to buy one that is of highest quality. Look for the features that contribute to a high-quality product. For instance, choose one made from durable and reliable materials such as steel and aluminum, instead of plastics.

If a manufacturer offers kits with warranties and certifications, then it’s worth considering them as well. Also pay special attention to its installation instruction as you want to make sure that it is easy and straightforward. It’s always better if the kit allows for an easy customization according to your vehicle model and make.

You also must remember not to purchase one that lifts the truck too much— otherwise it may create a bumpy ride or other safety issues on the road.

Compatibility with Ram 1500 model

When looking for running boards for your Ram 1500, it is important to make sure that they are compatible with the model of Ram 1500. Different models of Ram 1500 have different wheelbase measurements, so it is important to choose a running board that is not only designed for the Ram 1500, but also for the specific wheelbase measurement and model of your truck.

Most universal-fit running boards are designed to fit on any wheelbase from 2009-2020, but certain custom-made running boards may be better suited to more specific wheelbase measurements and models of the Ram 1500. It is important to be mindful that some aftermarket running boards may require additional modifications in order to fit securely on your truck.

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In conclusion, when looking for the perfect running boards for your Ram 1500 you need to pay attention to the material and construction quality. Rigorously researching your options before you buy will ensure that you get a product that is durable and visually stunning enough to add to the aesthetics of your vehicle.

Pay close attention to the weight capacity of any running boards you are considering, as well as the operator requirement so you select one that meets appropriate safety standards. Lastly, make sure that whatever choice you make fits perfectly on your Ram 1500 in terms of size and installation type.

By taking all these factors into account, you will be able to find running boards that look amazing and perform better whenever you are hitting the road.


How do I choose the right running board?

Consider the style, material, length, and weight capacity.

Can you add running boards to Ram 1500?

Yes, running boards can be added to Ram 1500.

How much does it cost to install running boards on a Ram 1500?

The cost varies depending on the brand, material, and installation fees.

Do running boards look good on trucks?

It depends on personal preference and the style of the running board.

How many km is a Ram 1500 good for?

A Ram 1500 can last up to 300,000 km with proper maintenance.

Which is better aluminum or stainless steel running boards?

Stainless steel is more durable, but aluminum is lighter and more affordable.

Do running boards affect gas mileage?

Running boards can slightly affect gas mileage due to added weight and wind resistance.

Does AC make gas mileage worse?

Yes, using the AC can decrease gas mileage.

Are running boards worth it?

It depends on the individual’s needs and preferences.

Which is better nerf bars or running boards?

Nerf bars are better for off-roading, while running boards are better for daily use and easier entry/exit.

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